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cooperlove:  I’ve had people say “If you think you pee a lot now just wait it gets worse”, or “If your tired now just wait it gets worse”, and  “If your uncomfortable now just wait it gets worse”. I gained 7 lbs. by the time I was 9 weeks and lost the 7 lbs. by the time I was 16 weeks and people are saying “Are you eating”, “You’re suppose to gain weight not lose it”. I also get “How far along are you”, and I tell them and they say “Well you don’t look it”. I know in certain things I just look fat. They all want to tell you there horrible stories, that you should get an epidural, that the stuff you drink for your sugar test is absolutely disgusting and you will get sick, that I can’t pick anything up because it will harm the baby, and the list goes on and on. It starts to drive you nuts, but I try my best to ignore people and the stupid crap they say because everyone’s pregnancy and symptoms are different so it’s different for each person.

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That “first babies always come late.” Um, no. 40 weeks is an average. If your cycle is typically shorter than 28 days you are likely to deliver earlier than 40 weeks. Longer? Well, longer. 

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I hate the “just wait…” Comments. I had a friend who was a trimester ahead of me and it seemed like she took all the fun out of everything. Any time I got excited about some new milestone she’d one up me. (Oh you felt him move? Just wait till you can see it) and then she’d make my discomforts seem small compared to hers. (Oh you feel big? Just wait till you’re retaining water like me you’ll be miserable). It’s like it sucked the excitement AND the fun of venting out at the same time!

I hate the “you’re all belly!” Comments too. Uhm, my thighs are touching for the first time in my life and I’ve gained over 30 lbs now sooooo no. I know they’re trying to be nice but I still really hate hearing it.


i also don’t want your crazy labor stories or how having a baby basically ruined your life. I had a client tell me about her two silent labors and how she thought she just really had to poop but it was the baby. And how if I want to get labor going I should “just have sex!” Uhmmmm yeah, thanks for that….


Also, no comments about recovery either! One woman stopped me in Home Depot, told me her labor stories for BOTH kids, and then described in awful detail about how it’s the “heaviest flow of your life.” OMG

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So… what you’re all saying is I have a lot to look forward to?? lol

I’m not pregnant nor are we trying yet.  But I’m told all the time by certain family members that I’m “getting old” and that I “should have kids as soon as possible”.  I’m 29.  Not THAT old, but thanks.

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cooperlove:  LOL that’s awesome, I’ll say that next time, “we’re just having fun practicing”, HAHA! Also yes… I would HATE it if someone asked me if I were pregnant, many are already self conscious, does another woman REALLY need to rub it in another’s stomach is not totally flat? It’s such a downer.

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Oh, I forgot, wine guy also said to me “You’re getting fat; pregnant women are the only people you’re allowed to say that too.” 

1. I’m not getting fat. I’ve gained 10 lbs and have a human the size of a cauliflower head in my belly. 2. You can’t say that to any woman.

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I’m not pregnant, but my best friend was (she just had the baby a month ago!).  She would tell me all the crazy stuff people would say.  Her boss kept saying “you’ll come back in the office the day after you have the baby, right?”  I think her boss meant it as a joke, but *I* started getting frustrated for her when my friend told me she kept saying it! (at the time, that was before her notice to leave the job and be a SAHM).

Or, after she had the baby, she said her neighbors noticed her and her belly (which was a lot smaller than before she gave birth, but still a little noticeable because she is very petite and skinny) and they said “oh, I don’t think she’s had the baby yet.”  Seriously…

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I had twins, and the number of people who randomly told me about someone they knew who lost twins was mind boggling.  Coworkers, family friends, literally random people on the street, it was crazy.  Like I wasn’t worried enough.

As far as I’m concerned, and maybe this is extreme, nobody has any business discussing their own pregnancy to a pregnant woman.  When someone would tell me how sick they were when they were pregnant it felt like they were one-upping me, and if they told me how comfortable they were the entire time I wanted to punch them in the face, so you really can’t win.

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I was sipping ginger ale while suffering from morning sickness, and our accountant comes over and starts scolding me about how all of that sugar is bad for the baby. I wanted to go over to her desk and puke in her waste paper basket. I was good, though. 

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The first bit of unsolicited advice I got was that I was only allowed to drink coconut milk, water, and orange juice. Nothing else for the duration of my pregnancy, otherwise (and I quote) “You won’t make enough blood for the baby.”

About two weeks ago I was reaching for something at the grocery store and I had a woman stop and tell me I can’t lift my arms over my head because it’ll wrap the cord around the baby’s neck and strangle her.

How am I supposed to get it down otherwise? The Force?

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Being pregnant has made me lose my faith in humanity. People are so rude it’s ridiculous. I had one man walk past me, turn around and say shocked as ever “wow, you’ve gained weight since I saw you last!! You must be having a boy. You blow up with boys”  I just smiled and said “I’m 9 months pregnant with a girl, that’s why I’m huge”  he’s a nice guy and didn’t mean anything by it, but ones ignorance is still not an excuse to be rude as hell! 

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Both of these have been said already but the “you think you are tired now” comments. All the time. I got more sleep with my month old baby than I ever did while working! Four month regression is a different story…

And “if you want the baby to come just have lots of sex”. Ummm I did everything in my power from 38 weeks out, I also can read tips on the Internet. She came on her time, 6 days overdue!

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I’m sick of the comments on what I eat. Not the nutritional value, but people say things like “oh baby wants Italian today?” Oh you’re eating two cookies? Is that one for you and one for baby. Shut up. It wasn’t funny the first time you commented on my meal, nor was it funny every time you’ve seen me eat for the last 2 months. OK…this is pretty much just one person saying this to me…

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My mom: Do you have any stretch marks?

Me: No, but they say it’s all down to genetics anyway. Did you get them?

My mom: No, but you’re an old mom.

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When I was pregnant, my mom told me I would have to get rid of my cat. Because my cat would suffocate the baby.

Um … riiiight, Mom.

Needless to say, I did NOT get rid of the cat, in spite of a lot of pressure to do so. That cat was completely in love with my Dear Daughter from the first moment I brought the baby home. My mom stayed with us for a couple of months (only grandchild + slightly unplanned C-section, thanks to previously undiagnosed PCOS), and she made it her “duty” to keep the cat chased out of my DD’s room. But, whenever my mom wasn’t paying attention, the cat would sneak into the room and cuddle up among the stuffed animals under my DD’s crib. My mom never noticed, and I never told.

Sister Kitty and my Dear Daughter were inseperable — the best of friends — for almost 12 years. She passed away about 1 month before my DD’s 12th birthday, and we still miss her to pieces. Sweetest. Cat. Ever.

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