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Sugar bee
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The worst that I can remember was when I was pregnant with my son. It was my last day of work (my doctor wrote me out at 36 weeks). I had been working there for 2 years. On my way out the receptionist yelled to me, “hey smoocheepoo, I didn’t know you were pregnant. I just thought you were really, really, really, really, fat.” So sweet.

At 9 months pregnant with my second, we were out to dinner and Fiance was having a few beers. The waitress kept asking me if I wanted a beer. I told her no a few times and then when asked yet again, I finally answered that  I was pregnant. She says, “so what, do you want a beer?” 

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Blushing bee
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When I was pregnant with my daughter it was the week before the big anatomy scan. My coworker proceeded to tell me about a friend who got their anatomy scan and found out their baby would be born without kidneys. They had to decide whether they wanted to terminate or risk it not being true. It was such a horrible situation and I really felt for them but it scared me to death. 

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I have a slender body type and many of the women in my office will say, “Oh, well you just wait until you get pregnant. I was skinny like you and then I had kids blah blah blah.” Whatever makes people feel better I guess…

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Bumble bee
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We aren’t finding out the sex of our baby (I’m 32 weeks, so this has been decided for a long time now) but my husband’s aunt insists that we know and just don’t want to tell. Everytime we talk to her (or she talks to another family member) she asks what we are having, the response is “we/they don’t know” with the follow up question of, “you/they don’t KNOW or just aren’t sharing??”  

Also sick of the “are you sure theres only one?” comment from men (I think *most* woman know better these days). I’ve taken those pretty well so far but one of these days I’ll probably snap back and ask how many they have in their guts. 

Ive heard lots of birth/pregnancy horror stories and often wonder why people think it’s cool to share that, but I’m pretty good at letting those roll off my back.

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Sugar bee

smoocheepoo:  “Well, that confirms why I always thought you were really, really, really stupid.” If only you could go back in time.

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Buzzing bee
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My favorites thus far are “isn’t the sickness supposed to go away?” Don’t you think I want it to go away? I’m 19 weeks at this point and have accepted it may not go away. Another favorite is that basically the only thing I’ve been able to consistently tollerate is tater tots and I hear “Don’t eat to many of those! You need to watch your sodium” ok, well considering I’ve been losing weight my doctors are just happy I’m eating anything. Leave me alone and let me eat my tater tots in peace! Other than that people have been pretty nice, but I’m also not really show much yet and what is showing is easily concealable and could even be considered that I ate to many pieces of cake.

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Sugar bee
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I have a Dear Daughter and I got all sorts of rude comments especially because I was 20 when I got pregnant. I’m 25 now and TTC for baby #2

I think the rudest question ever is to ask someone if they’re pregnant. Even if you see a very obviously pregnant woman, DON’T ASK!!!!!!!!!! Someone at work asked me if I was pregnant the other day, and I just stared at her until she looked uncomfortable and said “Nope, just fat.” She shut up real quick. 

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Helper bee

At 8 weeks with terrible vomiting and morning sickness; “Oh that will stop after the first trimester. The second trimester is amazing, you feel so great” ummmm ok, now at 21 weeks, still vomiting and feeling blah.  Why do woman insist on putting their own pregnancy/labour experiences onto others as if that is how it will be for them! 

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Worker bee
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I’m at 18 weeks and going to the gym regularly now that my morning sickness has passed. I’ve gotten tons comments about this being bad for me and/or the baby from Mother-In-Law, coworkers (mostly male), and total strangers at the gym.  Plus lots and lots of curious and judgemental looks.

In fact, the only two people who don’t seem horrified are my OB, who said that if it I did it before I got pregnant and I feel up to it then exercise is great for both me and bub, subject to a few restrictions; and my aerobics instructor who is actually certified to work with pregnant women.

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Buzzing bee

joyanne77:  “Why do woman insist on putting their own pregnancy/labour experiences onto others as if that is how it will be for them!”

Seriously, I’m still in the first trimester and my Mother-In-Law is doing this to me already and it’s driving me NUTS. As early as the first time we told them over the phone, she was doing this. She asked me if I was worried about anything and I told her that I was worried about morning sickness. She said that I shouldn’t worry because SHE wasn’t sick for either of her pregnancies, so therefore I would be fine.

Well that’s great that YOU weren’t sick, but we don’t share any genes at all and your pregnancies have absolutely nothing to do with my pregnancy. 

Honestly this may be more about my Mother-In-Law specifically than anyone else, but GAH!!! She also keeps telling me that now that I’ve had one ultrasound (an early ultrasound at 5 – 6 weeks because I was in an accident), that I now “know everything’s ok and can stop being worried.” Ummm, no? Having one ultrasound (where it was too early to even hear the heartbeat) in the emergency room doesn’t mean that I’m no longer at risk for a miscarriage and therefore have no need to worry.

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