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Honey Beekeeper
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Aww so cute!

One of our cats likes to jump up the walls in the hallway.  She also plays fetch and throws her toys in the air and catches them.

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Busy bee
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Norman, what a cute name!! Ha our family cat, Merlin, runs into the wall, too, but sometimes, he gets a running start and leaps into it! We can hear him hit it and then slid down haha.

I have 2 small dogs and sometimes, I have to convince them that yes, they like the food I am giving them. They look at me like I’m the stupid one and then once I get them to eat it, they wolf it down. Ehh not really stupid, more annoying ha.

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Blushing bee
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my cat loves to catch flies and put her paw on them and then let them go and chase them again. If she kills it she just sits there looking at it and prodding it like “quit sleeping, play time!”

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Busy bee
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We do not have a pet at the moment. However, the FIL’s dog eats fabric and their lawn is covered in fabric poo. ew. Our dog (that we had to rehome when I was about to have our baby) used to open the oven door, turn on the gas on the stove, and he pulled out all the doorstops in our house. We got him at 6 mos. old (& 50 lbs) and had no human contact before. We potty trained him, trained him to sit and lay down and walk on a leash but then he started peeing all over the baby stuff. It still breaks my heart but we had to look out for our child first.

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Helper bee
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i had the best dog ever when i was growing up.  he had this quirk where he wouldn’t eat unless we were in the kitchen eating with him (we had a dine in kitchen and his bowl was next to the table.  he was totally part of the family).  Every night before we started eating, someone had to get down on all fours and stick theri face in his food dish and act like they were eating it.  he’d come up and push his nose on your face and you’d growl and he’d growl (playing of course, his tail’ed be waggin and he’d do a little dance until you did it) and he’d try to push you out of his bowl. it was like you had to convince him if he didn’t eat it you would before he’d eat it.

it’s a good thing we didn’t have many friends with dogs growing up cuz i feel like with any dog but him, sticking your face in his food bowl is a bad idea.  he was perfect though. he just wanted to play with his dinner.

oh i miss him…

I have two cats now. one of them LOOOVES to play with water. if i take a bath he’s on the edge of the tub watching (it’s kinda creepy) and if i throw a toy in the water, he’ll actually go in (cautiously) after it.  the other one just likes to open our drawers and cabinets all the time.  we were at the vet last week and she was trying to crawl into the drawers in the exam room. 

i love my furbabies.

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Sugar bee

Ah stupid pet tricks. 😉  One of our cats has recently become obsessed with climbing into the pantry.  I think he knows that’s where their food is kept (although I’m not sure how he thinks he’s going to open the cans), so he spends hours a day trying to open the door.  He lays down on the tile floor and claws at the bottom of the door.  And if I make the mistake of leaving it open even a crack, he climbs into the bottom and wiggles his way back behind the boxes of small appliances we have in there.  I basically had to empty the entire thing to get him out yesterday.  Ugh.

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Honey bee
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One of my dogs has officially figured out how to take the other dog’s collar off! It’s leather, so he loves to chew on it, and we find it laying around on the floor of the apartment at least three or four times a week! I have no idea how he takes it off, but it’s hilarious!

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Bumble bee
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My cat Cosmo does this crazy thing when ever he hasn’t seen me for a while. He comes over and puts his head of my foot, then sort of rolls over and nips my ankle! He also has to walk half a step in front of me all the time, so I’m constantly tripping over him.

His sister Cleo is just as weird. After using the litter tray, intead of scratching the litter, she scratches the side of the washing machine. She also sleeps on my head every night in bed, she keeps me warm, lol.

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Busy bee

My cat, Oliver does a couple things but this is the weirdest.  He likes to take a dip in the toilet.  He actually taught himself how to lift the lid (I know, it’s cute and gross at the same time).  I walked in on him on more than a few occasions, just sitting in it, blagh.  Now we keep the lid down and the door closed.  And so he sits by the bathroom door and paws at the handle (smart kitty, but that’s a no-go without thumbs). 

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Bee Keeper
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I love threads like these. Your kitty sounds adorable! 

Holly is a total wuss when it comes to other cats. She gets along with Zoey, our other cat, but when she wants to play attack Zoey, she’ll crouch somewhere for about five minutes, run up to Zoey, tap her with her paw, and run away. Zoey’s this big cat who can put Holly in her place in about a second flat! 

Also, when Holly gets trapped by our roommates’ cats (both boys) she gets so scared that she makes a hairball noise until we come get her. 

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Bumble bee
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MissAsB, our cat fetches and tosses his toys in the air too. I like to watch him play on the couch, because he’ll inevitably roll off of it, playing with his mouse.

Yoshi also likes to play soccer with his mouse. Our bathroom door has a wide gap under it, so if I take a mouse in there and shut the door, and toss it at the gap, Yoshi’s paws will kick it back and forth with me under the gap. The funniest is when he grabs the mouse with both his paws and pulls it back under the gap.

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