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My husband loves to poke me in the morning. I don’t know why, but I CAN’T STAND IT! Seriously, it makes me crazy, and then he’ll do it again. He’s sure we’re having fun, but I really hate it.  The thing is, he does it almost every morning, and almost every morning it gets to the point where I have to yell at him. He gets so offended that I’m so mad at his stupid poking, so then he does the whole “FINE!” thing and storms away. In in that moment,though, we are both actually quite mad. I don’t understand how he forgets every morning. If he just stopped poking me, I wouldn’t have to yell.


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@bree- lmao. wow.

we get in fights about really really stupid stuff. a lot of it is because we’re just so stubborn, and also bc Fiance has a tendency to exaggerate (which annoys the crap out of me) and then stick to whatever stupid thing he just said. Like one time he said he makes pbj sandwiches with 2 cups of pb. TWO CUPS. so i challenged him. then we got into a fight about it and how the laws of physics prevent 2 pieces of store bought bread from supporting the weight of TWO CUPS of peanut butter.

This is a very typical example of our fights. 🙂

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ugh we fight about the thermostat EVERYDAY.

Our building takes care of the gas so we can crank up the heat as much as we want. Well, great, but Fiance puts it at 92, no joke, everyday. Its winter and i open up the windows and wear shorts and tank tops because its so hot! 

I wake up in the middle of the night because its so uncomfortable HOT in our apartment. Throughout the day, we each turn it up (or down in my case) at least 10x and then bicker about it. yeah, its annoying. Yell

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once we were going somewhere and i didnt want to stick the GPS thinging on the window because i was having one of those “i do EVERYTHING, you do it for a change” days.  so basically we argued the entire way there because all he wanted me to do was stick the gps thingy to the window and i insisted that he do it at our next red light… and wouldnt you know it, not a single red light the entire way there!

so of course we’re not focusing so we missed a few turns (yes, even with a gps thingy) and we arrive slightly late and a friend asks why and we say we got a bit lost and he says you should get a gps and hubby looks at me and says tensely “we do” and the friend looks at both of us like we’re idiots and we started laughing about how STUPID the whole thing was

other than that – when it comes to IT stuff im positve hubby lies to me just to shut me up. im IT challanged and he works with satalites and programming so im sure he just says stuff like “its a server thing, cant do anything about it”  in hopes i will just go away

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My FI’s biggest pet peeve is when he does something for me and I don’t thank him right away. So one time we were arguing about going to the corner store for a snack, and I just told him to get me whatever. He found that annoying, and huffed off saying he wouldn’t get me crap. Then he brought me a hot dog (WITH NO CHILI AND NO CHEESE). I sat down, still a little huffy myself, to eat it, and he smashed it! Apparently because I hadn’t said thank you.

Frankly, I didn’t want the damn thing anyway, without chili on it. He knows good and well that I like my dogs with chili on them. Hrmph.

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But bree that would drive me insane, what is going on in his mind?  I would have a very serious conversation with him in the middle of the day and come to an agreement that he does. not. poke. you in the mornings.  I’m very testy in the mornings if I don’t have a good half an hour to wake up.  I’d probably bite him – hard.

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We never fight, we only ever “discuss” according to FH. Bless him. Usually it’s over things like me disagreeing with how his family treat him or him getting mad that I’m indecisive about my career occasionally. Lately he’s been getting really excited about the paper products we’ve designed for the wedding and he printed off a bunch of tokens for me to cut out in the wrong size! I could’ve killed him cause we had a limited amount of card. We always end up apologizing to each other for about 3 hours after any “discussion”. 🙂

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Fiance was whining the other day because he doesn’t have a tool box and that is why he’s so unorganized and I asked him what he has done to find one, they are like hundreds of dollars for the one he wants, and he tried to say he has looked near and far for a used one. I got annoyed and just told him to “stop whining already!” and he got all pouty. I hate it when anyone isn’t proactive about things then complains about them anyways It’s BOTH our pet peeves so you can see my frustration.

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@Bree – lmao, we’ve had the poking fight before too. He SWEARS he’s asleep and doesn’t know he’s doing it, but I call BS!

We really only ever argue over his lack of taking initiative in things we both should do. I mean, without my having to tell him to do it, or tell him how.

Momma’s – you aren’t doing your men (or their future wives) any favors by spoiling them rotten and not making them be self sufficient!

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Hmmm … we usually argue about stupid stuff.  Last night we got into a pretty big blowout because I didn’t bring the trash cans — because I had a bunch of other stuff in my hands, then forgot when I got home and wanted to let the dog out.  And as these things go, it only escalated from there. 

Most of our fights result from mis-communication and/or stubbornness.  He’ll put his foot down on some random, stupid issue just … because.  He has no concept of “pick your battles.” Ugh. 

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Whoa, we had a big dumb fight last night over American Idol.  I don’t follow the seasons, but I LOVE the season premier/audition shows.  I was also really beat last night and he was on the phone, so I figured I had the perfect opportunity to indulge in some cheesy TV (usually we watch allllll the same, generally gender-neutral stuff). 

If anyone saw it, you remember the hipstery guy who was kind of a jerk, and got Kara and Posh all mad?  FH had returned to the living room by then, and we both found the scene hilarious for opposite reasons.  I couldn’t believe someone had gone on the show and been so totally clueless about what the judges expect.  FH said “Oh man, that was awesome, he put those two b!tches in their place!  They are so mean!”

Now I am not one to go defending AI automatically, as I agree with FH that it totally commodifies the music industry.  But we ended up in a huge fight about AI standards/behavior and authentic music! 

FH: That guy had probably never seen the show.  If I was on there, I would have acted the same way toward the judges.  Why should I kiss @$$?

Me: Would you go to a HUGE primetime TV audition and be d!ckish?  No.  And you would have done your research!

He wouldn’t let it go and we kept fighting about it til I just stopped talking to him.  Literally.  Then he apologized for continuing to argue when he knew I was already getting upset.  I hate when he picks arguments over things I am sort of [email protected]$$ed about, because I feel the need to defend my position, but in reality I don’t CARE!

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Last week we had an argument about the probability that our kids will have blonde hair and blue eyes (like Mr. Kitten).  It involved punnnett squares and everything.  In the end, it was a draw– I think we were both wrong!

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Back when we were planning our wedding, money was tight. We saved every penny, but it was taking a toll on me personally, and not so much him because he comes from a family of savers. He’s not as extreme as they are and does enjoy spending money for frivilous things sometimes, but during wedding planning, we had our moments 🙂

We once fought about pizza.

Yep. Pizza.

I had had a really bad week at work, and I wanted to go out to eat twice in one weekend, even though we were on a strict “once a week” schedule. Knowing we were saving, I decided on ordering a pizza, and the hubs (then FI) flipped out and said no, “You can’t order pizza.” It was the him telling me I couldn’t do something part that got me upset, even though I knew he didn’t mean it that way. I told him I would order pizza if I wanted, and he couldn’t stop me, and he said that he would leave the apartment if I got pizza. It was HILARIOUS looking back and we laugh about it all the time. It goes down in history as one of our top 3 stupidest fights. We didn’t order pizza that night and went to bed angry.

The next morning we woke up and just laughed. He said, “Order pizza! Why do I even care?! It’s 12 dollars!” and I said, “Because we’re saving! Let’s make pizza instead at home.” So we did.

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Dishes!  More dishes!  Dishes again!  That is the only thing we ever fight about it, and we get into REALLY big fights over it every few weeks.

We really need a dishwasher.

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