(Closed) Subchorionic bleed – anyone else?

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I had very large SCH with my second. Starting bewtween 6-7 weeks I would gush blood (like filling a pad). I twent in thinking I was having a miscarriage and they found the hemorrhage. I was put on pelvic rest, not lifting/straining. I bled at least once a week, each time bleeding less and less until it healed on its own. I had an US every couple of weeks to make sure it was getting smaller.

I know JHoller had one to and hers also resolved itself (it only took hers about 2 weeks though).

Try not to Dr. Google too much, it is fully of relly bad information regarding SCH. I would go for the US if I were you, just for peace of mind.  I had bleeding with this pregnancy as well and they couldn’t fond the cause but said sometimes people just bleed. I had a healthy little girl with my SCH and am 13w3d with this pregnancy. Good luck!



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I had a massive (scary, awful) bleed at 12w. Minimal cramping or other symptoms, weekend of “fun” at the hospital though. Obviously when it happened it was assuming with that much blood lost it was all over, I had only just had an u/s two days prior and everything looked great, so it came as a real shock. It was one massive “whoosh” of blood, some spotting/light bleeding 3-4 hours after the whoosh, and that was it, no spotting after that, but it was probably 3-4 pads at least of blood (aka all down my legs, ruined pants) awful, awfulness.

I am just about 24w now(time is flying!) and everything is ok to-date! My doctor has two guesses about the cause (one being a twin lost early, early on and the bleed was the live baby making space) but we’ll never know. All I do know is everything turned out ok from that, and I really hope the same for you 🙂

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First off, congratulations on your pregnancy!

I actually still have a subchorionic hematoma. My midwife told me to take it easy, but that the chances were overwhelming that there’d be either some light bleeding as it left my body on it’s own, or my body would reabsorb it. It’s actually done neither, it’s still there, still the same size it was at 8 weeks and 12 weeks and 20 weeks. I’m 33 weeks pregnant with a very healthy, active baby. The difference being that I never bled from it….it’s just been hanging out between my placenta and uterine wall, threatening.

A lot of women get them, they’re generally harmless, and they usually resolve on their own. I know a couple of girls on here that had bleeding from one in the first trimester and are now in their second and third trimesters, and they seem to have resolved themselves by the start of the second tri. 

The important thing is that you’re not cramping, and I assume the bleeding is just spotting and isn’t increasing in volume? I had a miscarriage that started with spotting but very quickly (within hours) had increased dramatically, and came with bad cramping. 

Take it easy, put your feet up if you can, don’t have sex, and for the love of all that’s good in the world don’t Google anything. Seriously. 

Good luck!

PS-I understand how nerve-wracking it can be. I can’t empathize with the bleeding, because to everyone’s surprise I never did, but as I said, I do have an annoying little SCH still, so if you want to talk or vent feel free to PM me. 


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@BabyEtobe:  I had red bleeding at 8 weeks and thought that was it (miscarriage), but everything was just fine. I’m now over 24 w pregnant! The ultrasound tech told me that your uterus is filled with lots more blood during pregnancy and is sensitive. She said many women can have bleeding for no “real” or alarming reason and go on to have a normal pregnancy. And I can say for me that is true! I’d go get the 2nd ultrasound if I were you, just for peace of mind, as a previous poster mentioned. But that is your choice! 🙂

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Omg, how scary!  I don’t have any advice, but my thoughts are with you.  I hope things turn out ok.  Keep us updated!

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@BabyEtobe:  I remember your post and I’m so relieved that it was not a miscarriage, good luck and I will make sure I check back again! I am sure your scan on the 9th will be fine and by then you will almost be 12 weeks.

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