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Busy bee
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you can try decaf!!


my MUST list was:


cranberry juice



lots of fiber

strig chesse



low sugar ice cream

LOW SODIUM!!! everything i could!


good  luck!




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Buzzing bee
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You can have up to 300mg of caffeine per day while pregnant, so even caffinated coffee is ok in moderation.  I would substitute decaf if you want to keep drinking the coffee, but tea is also a good choice.

I’m not pregnant yet, but I really like ham and cheese sandwiches and know that deli meat is supposed to get heated prior to being eaten.  So, I plan on getting a panini maker when I am expecting.  I think that would almost be better anyway!

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I get overwhelmed and stressed by all the things pregnant women, or those planning to become pregnant should not take- like using facial creams with retinol and salicylic acid.  (I just found out about those two.)  I just wonder how many more I don’t know about!

I have been having a smoothie in the morning for quick energy instead of coffee and I make my own ginger ale!  So easy, cheap, healthy, and so good.  Italian soda water, boiled ginger, and honey.  I also love drinking herbal and decaf teas.  Every once in awhile a decaf late!

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So far I really miss a nice cold can of Coke. I drink a decaf coffee every few days. I had spicy tuna roll sushi with the tuna cooked, eel roll and crab stick sushi and it was wonderful. It really curbed the intense sushi craving I’ve been dealing with.

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Bumble bee
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@KatyElle: My sister in law drank small cans of Coke when she was pregnant with my niece.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Meh. I’m kind of of the mind that as long as you do things in moderation, you are generally fine. Now, I’m not talking like just smoking one joint instead of two, I mean… having a cup of regular tea a few times a week instead of 3 cups of coffee/sodas a day.

I’m still eating sushi, I’m just going for the seafood varieties because the meat is cooked. I drink tea instead of coffee or soda (which I didn’t drink before pregnancy, so that really wasn’t a change).

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Bumble bee
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FYI on the decaf (coffee or tea), make sure it’s naturally decaffinated, or swiss water method.  Otherwise they use a load of horrible chemicals.  I was treated for ulcers years ago and my doctor said even though I was onto decaf, the cemicals were still casuing me grief.

Also, on teas, go organic as much as possible, non-organic is treated with chemicals also to preserve the flavours (and enhance them).

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Not pregnant, but I definitely plan on eating veggie and cooked sushi because it is by far my favorite food and I can’t go 9 months without it. I also plan on making mocktails and drinking odouls every once in a while so I don’t feel like I’m missing out so much on my after work martini.

I preemptively switched from coffee to tea with no issues whatsoever, once I start TTC I will switch again to herbal tea instead of caffenated green tea. And of course on weekends I might have decaf coffee.

Those are the main things for me!

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Buzzing bee
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My biggest I miss it (besides Coke which I have allowed myself 1.5 cans in the 18 weeks + TWW) are sandwiches.

My supplement is we roast a turkey and use the breast meat for turkey clubs.

Ham sandwiches we can do ham on the bone and slice for sandwiches.

Soon we will be curing our own salami and prosciutto because man do I miss a Italian sandwich!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@brox: I know, but it’s just better for me to not drink it because then I want it all the time. If I don’t have it for a week or so the craving goes away.

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Buzzing bee
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@cbee: My OB told me the OTC salicylic acid treatments (like Clean and Clear) are okay because they mainly just peel off the top layer of skin and recommended I use that for my baby-related acne.

I’m in the “everything in moderation” camp, but have made a few tweaks:

1. I love Subway turkey sandwiches – I just get them toasted now. But I also don’t flip out if I have a quick turkey sandwich at home because I figure the odds of that slide of turkey having listeria is super small.

2. Sushi rolls – no more raw fish, now I just go with the cooked ones or the California rolls to get my fix.

3. Diet Coke – down to 1-2 cans per week. It’s my special treat.

4. Alcohol – mocktails (white cranberry-peach juice with a splash of 7-up is close enough to a Riesling to give me a wine fix), virgin marys, and a small sip of DH’s beer when I really just want a taste.

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Busy bee
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I gave up caffeine first tri because of risks of miscarriage, but after that I started to go back gradually – first with decaf, then half cafs, now 1 small cup of coffee per day. My doctor says it’s fine. She also hasn’t really said anything about most things really, besides the risks for listeria (eat only pasteurized soft cheeses, which I’ve been doing and haven’t really  had to eliminate my feta; don’t eat undercooked meat, and I’ve also been eating lunch meat just only after heating it to steaming).

Otherwise I’ve been using real sugar as a sub for splenda, have been having root beer when really I want diet coke (i hate the taste of regular coke), if I really wanted sushi I’d have the cooked variety (though that’s all i eat anyway), and I have hard ice cream/yogurt instead of soft serve.

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I have to admit that I like vegetarian sushi way more than regular sushi, anyway.  🙂

Fwiw, I don’t do most of the pregnancy food rules.  The only one I stick by is completely giving up alcohol, and that’s mostly because my husband requested it.  My doctor is part of the “everything in moderation” camp, and so am I.

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