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Busy bee
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I grew up in the suburbs, but we lived extremely close to the city and spent a fair amount of time there.  I love love love cities.  I moved into a city (not the same one near which I grew up) for college and still live there now, and I am not ready to move too far into the ‘burbs anytime soon.

My Fiance, on the other hand, has lived in this city all his life and is a little sick of it.  He doesn’t seem to understand why some people think this city is so great.  He’s ready to move away from it whenever I am…which won’t be a few years.  I’m sure he would prefer the burbs, for the quiet, the cleaniness, the space.

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Busy bee
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My fiancee eventually wants to settle down in the suburbs (eventually being in 5 or so years when we’re around our early thirties), but I’d rather stay in the city. I grew up in a small town, and he grew up on an island about an hour away from Orlando, FL.  

To him, driving an hour to be in a city is no big deal, since he did it all the time growing up, but I’d rather be IN the city while we’re still young enough to enjoy everything it has to offer. He wants the big suburban house and yard. We’ll make it work, though. 🙂 

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Blushing bee

I grew up and lived in the city my whole life, in Europe no less. I lived briefly ( 5 months) in the burbs when I was exchange student at high school in New Husband. I wanted to die. After that experience I didn’t want to live in the US and/or burbs. Fast forward 5 years I met my fiance, who is American,at my university in Prague and moved to the USA to be with him. Thankfully he lived in NYC at the time, so as much as I had to get used to life in the USA it wasn’t bad at all and now I love love love NYC. ( Fiance also things I am have americanized a lot since I moved – 7 yrs ago, haha). If everything wasn’t so expensive ( schools, real estate), I would never leave NYC. I think it would be wonderful to raise children here with all the diversity and things to do – museums, galleries, foreign languages etc.

Fiance grew up in burbs in Southern Virginia ( Virginia Beach area) and surprisingly isn’t into burbs either.

I think our next step is either CA – San Francisco or Europe.

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Blushing bee
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So far, that’s true for me.  I grew up in the burbs and now live in a city and enjoy it.  However, unlike my Darling Husband, I would love to raise our children in a suburb.  I had a really good experience growing up.  Yards, neighbors, sledding, good schools, etc.

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Busy bee
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For now, I am a city girl. I love working downtown and having so many options at hand. I live in Boston and I love the culture. I have lived in Boston my entire life and when I have kids, I want to live in the suburbs. Not too far from the city though.

 I want a big back yard and a close knit neighborhood. I was lucky enough to grow up in a great neighborhood within the city, sort of like what you call a burrough in NYC. We have a great bakyard, but it seems houses get knocked down and move closer together. I want space.

 My fiance grew up in various towns in Jersey. Their year round locations changed a couple times, but they always had a home on the shore. It is his dream to live by the water, which I would love, but don’t see happening in too soon. He has always been a suburbs kind of guy and wants to keep it that way.

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Bumble bee
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You are in your theory, at least for me!  I grew up in the burbs, and would rather live in a small space with no yard for the rest of my life.  Keeping up with a yard is hard work!  Ultimately I don’t want my kids to grow up in the city.  I like the suburban sheltered life.  Sad but true.  Homogeny probably doesn’t breed very interesting people but I see the kids playing outside around where I live right now (city) and feel very sad for them.  I feel like there are a lot of dangers in the city… you hardly have room to run and play without someone taking you to a park.  I want my kids to be able to run around in the front yard or in a cul-de-sac.

I will sacrifice city for family if/when we decide to start one.  I loved my little suburban upbringing!  I won’t ever want to live too far away from a major metro though.  Maybe 20 miles is my limit.

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Worker bee

We are both city folk. I grew up mostly in a suburb, but that all changed when I lived in Tokyo for almost 3 years. I love the hustle and bustle and always having something to do.

We currently live in Chicago, but will be moving to Washington DC in a few months. His job requires that we move every 2-3 years and we will always be living in a major city somewhere in the world. I can’t wait!

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Fiance and I both grew up in the suburbs.  Wewould love to spend a year or two living in the city but don’t really have the money.  He’s not really into suburbs, and we both want lots of space so we’re going the opposite direction and moving to a rural area after the wedding.

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Worker bee
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Is it cheating to say I love "close-in suburbs"??  DC has several areas where there are single family homes with yards but the neighborhoods are still either within the District limits or close enough that they still offer diversity of both people and businesses….

 As Penguin mentioned, having children tends to change your viewpoint a LOT, even if you never thought it would.  Mr T loves Capitol Hill, has lived here for many years, and always said he wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.  But now that we’re expecting and school systems are starting to become an issue, he’s actually more gung-ho than I am in thinking about a move to the suburbs.

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Sugar bee

Grew up in the burbs, and love living in the burbs.  Sometimes I think I might actual like rural, but then I change my mind.

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Busy bee
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I grew up in the suburbs, and always thought I wanted to be a city person…. then I did my internship in NYC, and while it was a great experience and I LOVE visiting New York, living there just wasn’t for me.  After college I lived in an area of Philadelphia, but the public transportation isn’t nearly what it is in some cities and I had no choice but to drive to work.  Even though my work was just a few minutes drive away, it was SO stressful and I would feel myself tense up every day when I left work, knowing that I’d have to search for parking at home once I got there!  During that time is when Mr. Cupcake and I met, and after a while we both got sick of the parking situation (he would drive down to visit almost every weekend), and we weren’t taking very much advantage of the city aspect of where I lived because we got serious with each other and just didn’t care for going out as much anymore. 

I moved back to the ‘burbs, and it’s much more my speed.  Our town has a little "downtown" area that is just enough for us, and we’re still only a 20 minute drive from Philly if we want to go into the city.  I like being able to get in my car and go whenever I want, running errands without having to worry about how much I can carry, and not being outside for too long when it’s really super cold out 🙂

Mr. Cupcake grew up in a MUCH more rural area, so his family thinks we live in "the city" now even though it’s the suburbs to me!  I think he’d be up for living in a city for a year or so if we had better public transportation options, but he’s definitely more of a suburb/country person in the long-term.

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Helper bee
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I grew up in a suburb of a middle-sized city, and now we live in the suburban area of a small city. He grew up everywhere from Chicago to rural Pennsylvania and Iowa, and I think he would really love to move back out into the country. Me, I like suburbs, because I hate the thought of having to drive an hour to get to anywhere more sophisticated than Wal-Mart. I kind of like the idea of having a cute city apartment, but Darling Husband would get claustrophobic for sure.

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Helper bee
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We are suburbs kind of people…. but Mr.F is up north type of thing… where there are mountains and small towns. Thats too far for me, so house hunting will be fun – im dreading it

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I’m kind of in the middle – I grew up in the suburbs and it was fine.  Lived in the city for a while and loved it, but dreamed of a house and a yard.  Now I have the house and the yard and miss being able to walk to restaurants and stores.  The 2 hour one-way commute that I have also doesn’t help.  So I guess I want the best of both worlds, although I think that with a job and a decent Vietnamese restaurant in the suburbs I’d be perfectly happy. 

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