Suffering from vertigo for weeks – scared

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Busy bee
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I’m sorry bee, I also have vertigo, it only happens at night or when I’ve been staring at a screen for too long.

There are some exercises you can do to help, if you google them I’m sure you can find them. 

It will be okay bee, idk why your doctor would just throw that out there. 

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Buzzing bee

I had vertigo a couple of years ago so I went to the chiropracter and it went away. Have you had any head or neck trauma recently?

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Busy bee

I have had this before, maybe not as bad as yours sounds, but to the point where I would be grocery shopping and feel like I was going to fall because I was so dizzy. I had an MRI done, was referred to a hearing specialist who ran tests, checked my hearing and shot water in my ears and had me recite the states backwards. Anyhow, the MRI came out fine and although nothing was ever definite as a diagnosis, I honestly think it was stress. I was going through my divorce at the time and things were really bad. When I finally relieved myself of some of the stress it actually went away and I have not experienced anything as bad since. Occasionally I may have a slight dizzy spell, and again it is when I am low on sleep and work is high stress. Sorry I can’t help more.

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My husband suffers from vertigo during allergy seasons and normally nasacort and allergy medicine seems to help him to where he isn’t dizzy. We think it has to do with the fact that allergies can cause a swelling of your sinuses and ear canals which can disrupt your vestibular system which causes you to be dizzy. 

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soontobenoone :   I have benign positional vertigo, and also Meniere’s disease.   When I saw an ENT (glad you are going to a specialist!! ) he ordered an MRI and I was terrified.  Thank goodness there was no tumor – although that type of tumor is usually benign, it still would have had to be removed.  

After much trial and error with medications, I manage my vertigo with exercises for the BPN, and a low sodium diet for the Meniere’s (below 400 mg per day of sodium). 

Best of luck to you, and please update us!   *HUGS*

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Busy bee
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soontobenoone :  It could be labyrinthitis (it’s to do with your ears) I developed it after having nasty virus. Or it could be benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

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Sugar bee
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Sorry you are going through this! I suffered from vertigo three times in my life. I know how scary it can be.

Look up the Epley maneuver on YouTube and follow the directions. That’s the best way to get the crystals out of your inner ear. 

Also, try to eat a low salt diet, drink as much water as you can stand, and go on daily walks around the block. Sleep on your back propped up on pillows with a breeze or a fan on you. Do your best to manage any stress or anxiety in your life… guided imagery helped me a lot. 

Oh, and check with your doctor but I used Dramamine to control the dizzy feeling.

Get well soon! 

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Sugar bee
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soontobenoone :  I’m sorry you are going through this. I don’t have personal experience with vertigo, but I know several people who have experienced it. (For a variety of reasons)

Your doctor sounds pretty dismissive. If possible, I’d look for a new one. Good luck with the ENT. I hope you are feeling better soon. 

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Bumble bee
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I had vertigo for over a year.  It sucked.  I saw several ear/nose/throat doctors and my doctor.  The only thing my doctor could do was prescribe meclizine.  The ear/nose/throat ran a bunch of tests and tried the Epply manuver.  Nothing worked.  It was awful.  They did MRIs, CAT scans, and some other tests that I don’t remember.  I had to wear a neck brace for a month.  That didn’t help either.  

The chiropractor helped some, but what finally got rid of it was testing myself for B12 deficiency.  I had low iron and was absorbing B12.  I started taking B12, iron, and folate every day.  

Tumors can cause vertigo, but so can B12 deficieny, ear infections, allergies, pregnancy, along with migraines.   I know it’s no fun to experience but try not to stress about a tumor unless they actually find one.  I do agree with your husband, contact an ENT.  But, I’d also have your primary doctor run blood work.  

ETA:  Until they figure it out, go buy some over the counter meclizine.  That will help calm it down some.  It’s the sea sickness medicine.  WalMart has it or any other drug store.

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I have suffered from bouts of vertigo since I was very young (11 or so). It would be a one time thing and go away. So I never treated it or went to a doctor. Then a few years ago I started feeling off. I also had pressure in my ears. It got worse and I was so dizzy. I couldn’t walk in a straight line and that’s when I decided to go to the ER. I found out I had an ear infection in both of my ears! The dizziness did not go away until literally the LAST day (day 10) of my course of antibiotics. But after that it was gone. 

Hopefully it is something as simple as that. I truly wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s a horrible feeling. 🙁 Now I always keep a bottle of meclizine and if I have an “episode” I take one and just try to take it easy that day. I also try to keep my eyes closed. I know it’s all easier said than done when you have to get things done during the day. HUGS! Hope you feel better ASAP! 

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Bumble bee

I suffered migrainous vertigo/vestibular infection a few years ago, caused by a random nasty infection. Honestly I thought I was having a stroke and my husband rushed me to A&E when I kept vomitting, collapsing and losing control of my body (ataxia), it was crazy. My face was droopy and my speech came out wrong. It lasted about one week but I was on medication from day one, the doctor told me it could re-occur but I have been lucky and never experienced it since. I really thought it would be something much worse. The ENT doctor did tests (not MRI though) and found that I lost hearing in one ear from the infection and that was a huge contributor to my dizziness so its definitely possible that an infection in your ear is causing all this. The best advice to get better that I had from my doctor was no driving, no work, try to stay at home with low lighting and sleep as much as possible. Movement and bright lights made my vertigo worse so limit that until your ENT appointment and MRI. 

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