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Busy bee
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I hate people.  Ugh.  I’m so sorry you have to deal with this.  I would bring it to their attention – in a nice way – for example: (after the backyard incident) “Hi, sorry to bother you, but can you please make sure that your dogs stay inside when I am outside with my dog. They are a lot bigger than her and she doesn’t get  along with other dogs really well.  I’m afraid of a fight.”  (Ignore them if they say there is no trouble) just smile and say.  “I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out by keeping them inside just when my dog is outside. Oh, and there has been a few times when your dogs bark for extended period of time late at night and I we have to get up early, so it’s sort of a problem.  Thank you SO much.” 

If it still happens, tell the landlord…in writing.  Keep logs of the activity so you have a lot to show him/her.  Ask him/her what their plan of attack is for this issue because you are afraid for your dog’s safety and if affects your “quiet enjoyment of the property.”

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You should tell your landlord about it and ask if there’s anything he/she can do. If not, then you should report your neighbor to a local government/law enforcement agency and file a formal complaint about the untrained dogs. I know in my city there is a phone number to call and report any disturbance, that it what I would do.

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Busy bee
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Yes, and if all else fails, call local law enforcement and report them.

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Sugar bee
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It kind of depends. Are the people living upstairs your landlords, or do they just rent the rest of the house from a landlord who lives off-site?

If they’re your landlords then you might want to move. In my experience people are sensitive to others criticizing their choices as pet-owners. You can complain to them, and ask them to have more control over their animals…but it might not go down so well with them. They might give in and do what you ask, but still bear a grudge over it. Or they might completely ignore you. They might be really nice, friendly people open to a little criticism/suggestion, but I’d say that rare.

If they are not your landlords you can do a couple of things. A note left in a common area (do you share laundry?) could work if you are non-confrontational. A quick word asking them nicely to please pay a little more attention when they let the dogs out. Or you can go directly to the person you rent from and launch a formal complaint. I’d maybe complain to the landlord last, if your pleas fall on deaf ears.

Alternately, you could deal with the dogs directly. Keep a spray-bottle full of water handy, and spray the dogs in the face if they get too close for comfort to you or your pet. Teach the dogs to avoid you. For the barking you could get one of those anti-bark machines that emits a high-pitched noise when it senses barking, but you have to be relatively close to the dog for that to work.

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Sugar bee
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It’s unfortunate that people decided not to train their dogs, of any size, but even more so when they are large dogs.

I agree with the other Bees, talk to the tenants, if that doesn’t work, report it to the landlord, and if that doesn’t work, report it to the authorities. And keep doing it until the behavior stops. Eventually, the landlord will have to step in because they won’t be able to get future tenants if the authorities are constantly being called to the property.

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Is it a mutual back yard, or do you have seperate? If its seperate, you could call animal control that these large dogs are trespassing on your yard.

Also if talking to the neighboors does no good, talking to the landlord is a good idea. They should be very interested to know there are destructive pets in their house, most likely doing damage to both properties.

I would take pictures of all damage the dogs do that could be put on you. Like the screen;  they could try to charge you since it is your residence, and you have a dog. Try to take pictures while they are doing it. If they are digging, or chewing on any property outside, do the same.

I live in a duplex. My neighboor has a friendly outdoor cat, but it uses my garden bed as a litter box. (and its not pretty when its sick) I talked to the neighboor, but since she has a little on living with her, she doesnt want to handle the fecies!! I told her I have 2 little ones, and its not my cat. I finally explained if she wont, I will talk to the landlord about what he thinks we should do. Well, it got cleaned up. She I think realized I know there is a no pet policy (indoor or out) and its a $300 fine, and possible no deposit back if they find out you have one.

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Sugar Beekeeper

@believe: As a responsible dog owner of two well behaved dogs this INFURIATES me! This is why we pet owners have a hard time finding nice places to rent.

That said I am almost hesistant to have you talk to the owners. Pet owners I have noticed can become quite defensive when you try to discuss their pooches mishaps (similar to parents and their children). Based on personal experience I would recommend speaking to the landlord and mentioning the issues you have. You could even throw in the fact that should something happen to your dog on his/her property that the landlord could in fact be held liable as these dogs are roaming around.

Best of luck with this tricky issue!

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Wait…so you’ve been put in situations where you have to try and separate your dog from a Doberman and a Dogo (I assume Dogo Argentino).  That is SO dangerous.  Even the best dog can be really dangerous in a fight situation, and it doesn’t sound like the owners have put much training into these two.  You need to talk to the neighbors ASAP about making sure that this situation NEVER happens again.  If nothing is done, you need to keep records of EVERY incident that happens from there on out.  You should also make the landlord (if the neighbors aren’t the landlords) aware of eveything that happens so that you are not held liable in the event that the dogs actually have a serious fight.  I’m overly cautious, but I would also get physical incidents on record with animal control.  It sounds like the dogs are usually friendly, but that can change if something happens to frighten them or stress them out.

On a side note…are the neighbors allowed to have a Dogo in an apartment building?  I know that my complex does not allow them, no matter how sweet and well-trained.  If the landlord does not have specific insurance, the dog might not even be there legally.

I have to respectfully disagree with the idea of using tactics that create aversions (like spraying water).  If these dogs are not controlled by their owners, it might not be the best idea to have them associating you and your dog with something aversive.  Especially since you might be surprised by each other at any time in what sounds like a confined space.

I’m really sorry you have to deal with this 🙁

Good luck!

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Sugar Beekeeper

@believe: I understand the tattle-tale feeling but consider this…do you think those owners honestly care that you have a problem with their dog’s bad behaviours if they themselves don’t seem to mind?? The dogs are peeing, barking and destroying things and they don’t react, I highly doubt your words however forceful will make any difference.

In My Humble Opinion.

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Honey bee
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@believe: if the dogs are attacking your dog, report them.  I hate saying that, I realllly do, but for everyone’s safety, it’s the only choice if the owners aren’t going to do anything about it.

Dobermans CAN be sweet creatures, IF they are trained and treated right.  They can also be vicious.  

Like everything, they’re a product of their environment.  

Sorry you’ve gotta deal with this 🙁

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