(Closed) Suggestions for Team Building Activities Please! :)

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@PinkStripes:  Trust fall 😉 

Just kidding, I actually think something like the activity I did in HS would be effective. You have everyone split in half and then line up in two lines that face each other. Everyone holds out their hands, palms up. The person across from you puts their hands on top of yours (still with palms up) and then you are supposed to just look into each others eyes for a a minute or two. Encourage everyone to not laugh or smile and tell them to just look. 

This is oddly intense! I remember EVERYBODY (boys and girls) starting to tear up. I suggest doing this after doing a lot of other team building activities so everyone knows a little more about each other and has gotten a chance to work together. 

They say you can learn a LOT about a person when you look into their eyes and not many people maintain a couple minutes of eye contact. The longer you ask everyone to look at each person the better! 

EDIT TO ADD: Have one line stand still and the other line move. 

  • Person A1 and A2 (A1 moves to B2 after time is up)
  • Person B1 and B2 (B1 moves to C2 after time is up) 
  • Person C1 and C2 (C1 moves to A2 after time is up) 


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Ugh, I hate team building.  My office tries to do it a lot – I try to be out of the office for those meetings.

The one that went over best was “Cukcake Wars” where the office was divided up into teams of 3 or 4 (you were randomly assigned a team to split up friends), and you were given cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, and candy to decorate a set of cupcakes with a certain theme.

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@PinkStripes:  That is true…It was a great experience though! 

The cup cake war idea sounds awesome! 

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 Something I’ve run in the past that has worked well is a strengths board. Put up a whiteboard with everyone’s name on it, and randomly  distribute the names. Each person goes up to the board and writes a strength of the person they were assigned. And no BS “Jane is a nice  person”, out has to be a legitimate work related strength. So something like “Jane is very patient with clients, and can talk down any upset client”. The idea is to recognize what your teammates can do for you, and what you can do for them. So if Bob is having trouble with an obnoxious client, he can approach Jane and say “hey, I’m having difficulty with ABC company, how would you handle this?”

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The only teambuilding activity I’ve done that wasn’t really stupid was this:

Split people into small teams, 8-10 people, then in half again.  Have everyone write 3 professional and three personal strengths on a different post-it (or better have one person on each team write them all).  Then paste them all on the wall in a random group, divided by personal/professional and have the other half of the group try to stick them up by the person who wrote them. 

It’s interesting to see what other people think you think of yourself.  If you have time you have have people correct them and let the rest of the group know what they actually think of themselves.

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@PinkStripes:  We were given two sheets of regular printer paper and a piece of tissue paper and had to work in small teams to see who could keep it from touching the ground for the longest amount of time. The only rule is that once you let go of it and the time started, you couldn’t touch it. It was actually pretty funny to see us all running around blowing/ waving at/ chasing tissue paper. By the way, the team that won ripped off a tiny piece of the tissue paper (since there was no rule about ripping/folding the tissue paper) and it floated around for like 10 minutes.

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Every year, when new students come in, we do an icebreaker using obscure facts.  Everyone sends the organizer 2 weird facts about themselves and he/she makes a big grid with a weird fact in each box.  People then have to walk around and try to figure out/ask people which is theirs and try to figure out the whole sheet.  You can guess or fill in what you already know, but then the organizer tells all the answers and the person who got the most right wins.

My facts are usually: had a hamster named Hamlet and has flipped two trucks over (so far) since getting a license

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