(Closed) Suggestions on purchasing an SUV

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I love love love my CR-V

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We have a Nissan X-Trail and love it, especially because it has a really large boot space great for my new Mountain Buggy terrain!

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@likelimeade:  Haha true. Still, I drive an Escalade Hybrid and I wouldn’t say that the gas mileage is “out of this world” or anything. I love SUVs though!!

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@Ms Flamenco:  +1!

I love my rav4 and I’ve had it four two years now. It’s very roomy, drives like a car instead of a big rig, gets decent gas mileage at about 25mpg highway I believe. It also has great safety ratings, and has excellent resale value which was a must for me. I text drove all the small SUVs around and found it to be a lot roomier than the crv and better priced. I did a lot of comparison shoppingand read endless reviews of all of the small suv models and the other one I almost chose was the mazda cx7. The cx9 has three rows and is a tad bigger. 

I will say that what I specifically disliked about the crv was the way the seats foldeddown in back. It exposes the rails underneath, and takes up a good 10 inches of cargo space compared to those that lay flat. And with the rails of the seats exposed I couldn’t see being able to Put something in the back of the car and pushing it forward across the floor


I bought my 06 rav4 in 09 for 20k. It’s a sport model with a v6 engine and 4wd. 

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I am definitely biased, but given the amount of time I spent doing this, I thought I would share my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean no offense to any vehicles I don’t like, we all have our preferences ๐Ÿ™‚ I know nothing about cars actually, this is the car stupid women’s interpretation! We are in Canada too, so pricing here is different than in US and can change budget a little bit!

In the Fall my lease was up on my little car, and I purchased a Hyundai Elantra touring, thought I wasn’t ready and couldn’t afford to step up to small SUV, even though I really wanted one! One week with the Hyundai and I hated it, and fortunately got lucky, and only paying a little penalty got to take it back.

What I learned about Hyundai’s? The Elantra Touring and Santa Fe are “older technology” compared to other Hyundai’s. I should have stayed away from the ET from the get-go and the Santa Fe wasn’t appealing because it was also due for an update. Older body style, engine type, etc. The Tuscon (their smaller SUV) didn’t have space that I liked in the back-back (hatch area), we have a dog and it just seemed too tight.

The Ford Escape….I have friends and family that have them, neighbours, know lots of people that drive them, and love them! I just don’t like the exterior body style, that’s a personal preference thing though.

The Ford Edge, love….however I could not afford one.

Anything Mazda….for a variety of reasons, I would never own one, the local dealership near me being an unprofessional dive being the main one, and anyone I know that purchased one used got a rust bucket and a lemon boat of problems, people that own some newer ones I know have early rust issues, ew.

Kia…didn’t look

Nissan….didn’t look

Subaru….didn’t look, out of budget.

Toyota….I wanted the new Prius V something desperate, if I had more money to spend on this vehicle, that is what I would be driving today, I love everything about it. I didn’t look at the Rav-4 as it was Prius or bust. I have a lot of Toyota’s in my family and would never question purchasing one in the future if the vehicle was the right fit.

Dodge/Jeep, honestly the long term reliability and cost to maintain over 5, 10 years are the worst for these two brands, neighbours of ours have the Journey and love it, I have been in it and it’s fully loaded for less than what our base model cost, I just didn’t bother, local dealership to me is not convenient location-wise and as someone who gets any work done at dealership, this was a deterrent for me.

Volkswagen, I was looking at their Passat or Golf (I think?) wagon models. By the time I got what I wanted in a VW, I might as well get my Prius V and not have the scary reliability/maintainence/repair costs that come with owning a VW.

Honda CR-V it was probably next after Toyota for small SUV options (and of course 3rd after what we purchased) and I know this sounds silly, but the interior is crap compared to what we got. Looks old (again, I only would have been purchasing base model, not sure what spiffies can go in it) and just out of date. The back seat? Yah sure it can fold flat, but it was SO uncomfortable to sit in, and even the sales guy said to get the fold flat capability that people get hung up on, you sacrifice seat comfiness, which depending on what you want the vehicle for (for us, it was a pretty event split of usage fold flat vs. people sitting there) Fuel econ was comparable, price “hurt” a little more even at base model (up there with Toyota) it’s just very basic on the inside, and even though I don’t need anything fancy, I do need to love it.

Gosh….I think that’s it for what we tried/drove…

We purchased a Chevrolet Equinox. We got a base model and added a few extra things in before picking it up from dealer, so it’s a base model, but I got my heated seats and remote start. Space is perfect for our dog, soon to be baby and DH and I. Fuel economy (as far as SUV’s go!) IS fantastic. DH gets about 600km/tank highway and drives over the limit, accelerates a little quick (aka ways to screw up mileage, lol) I can do about 700km/tank non-highway (I have a short commute and don’t do the highway like he does and I drive this thing like an old person, LOL, I know if I did highway km’s I could do even better. I still love it even after not having it for a month after a major factory defect and the transmission has already been replaced (before it hit 10000km!!!). Back to my back seat issues, seats do not fold flat, but my Grandparents and Great Grandparents have been in the back and love how roomy and comfy it was back there, I love that! Something silly and little, but that any seat in the vehicle can work for my family is great, especially when some of our driving is long, long driving. Coming down to esthetics and price, the Equinox was an easy choice for us, and I don’t regret the decision one bit….unlike my Hyundai “miss”.

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I <3 my rav4 a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

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@noopnoop:  Dang, where do you live that Escapes are $23,000?!!!

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We just bought a 2012 CRV last month and absolutely love it.  There is so much room in it and it is so comfortable.  We had 4 adults in it this weekend on a 2.5 hour drive and there was no need to adjust where the frount seats were or any thing.  We get about 25 mpg which is great coming from a sports car that got 18 and you had to put premium gas in it.  We haven’t found anything that we don’t like about it. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I had a Nissan Pathfinder for six years (1997) and was in two pretty bad accidents (hit head on and T-boned) and walked away with a bump. While I can’t account for their current safety specs I know that I would certainly consider one again based on my experiences. Plus it was incredibly roomy and got okay gas mileage.

I now drive a 2007 Dodge Durango SLT and love it! When I was first shopping for SUV’s I too was looking for something smaller like a CR-V or equivalent and thought the Durango was ridiculously huge. After realizing the actual storage space and room within the compact models I realized for what I wanted and what I was going to do with it a Durango would be perfect. I get 18 MPG which isn’t great, but you don’t buy large SUV’s for the gas mileage. I haven’t had any issues (knock on wood) and it hasn’t cost me any more than other cars to maintain (gas changes, flushes, tires etc).


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We had an Acura MDX for a long time and loved it. Mine needed a new transmisison at 130,00 miles, so we got something different. I really miss my Acura though.

 We ended up getting a fully loaded GMC Acadia, which my family absolutely loves. I think the Terrains look really nice if you are looking for a smaller SUV.

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We have a 2008 Mercruy Mariner which is exactly the same as the Ford Escape. Love it! Only $16k. 

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We are looking into a SUV oursleves. I am leaning towards the Chevrolet Equinox or Ford Escape.  Though my husband is a chevy man so no way in his words are we buying a Ford… I roll my eyes. I used to be that way, my family was a huge chevy family but now my parents own a Ford Escape and a Ford F350 pick up truck.  LOL so they went Ford…

We are sorta looking at the Chevy Traverse also

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Take a car seat with you and make sure that it will fit in the second row with an adult in the front.  I know of taller friends who can’t have the car seat behind the driver seat and then for it to fit behind the passenger seat you have to move up really close.  Which can be dangerous with airbags.  

Also, I’ve noticed some SUVs don’t have rear AC vents.  So if you live somewhere that it gets hot you might keep that in mind.  It will take it longer to cool off with just the few vents on the dash.

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I have a Rav-4 and I love it! Out of all the compact SUV’s I looked at, including kia, hyundai, honda, and nissan it was my favorite. Good luck.

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I work for Hyundai-Kia, so of course I’m biased because I like my paycheck.  ๐Ÿ™‚  But…

Both the Sportage and Tucson are great in the compact SUV class.  My boss drives a Sportage and loves it (and he’s a “car guy”).  My cousin and aunt both bought new Tucsons and love them.  He hauls his friends and gear to Tahoe snowboarding all the time and she just goes to the horse barn and gets it all dirty. 

If you want to go bigger the Sorento and Santa Fe are both great.  There’s nothing old tech about the current Santa Fe – the chassis was new in 2007 and the powertrain is new since 2010.  There is a new Santa Fe going on sale in a few months that will share a chassis with the slightly updated Sorento. 

Which engine you want depends what kind of driving you do.  If it’s a lot of city, the 4-cyl base is great, you’ll get high 20’s/maybe 30.  If you go on the highway a lot or have a heavy foot you’ll want the turbo or the V6.  I see customers who HATE the 4 cyl because they don’t get the sticker MPG.  Well.. it’s still a big vehicle… if you’re to the floor all the time and at 80 on the highway, your mileage may vary (that engine is working really hard!).  My dad has a 2012 V6 Sorento and said he got 29mpg on a recent trip (highway).  The whole tank he said was 26-27mpg – they love it.  Now they drive a lot on the highway and he drives like an old man, so… your mileage may vary.  ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re thinking about kids so I’m thinking about a car with more than 2 doors.  I have a MINI and he has an M3.  I’m not a SUV person, I’d go right to a minivan when we have a 2nd kid.  But for #1 I’m sticking with a small 4-door.  Probably a Mazda3 or a bigger MINI.  I like the Veloster but it’s a little small, still. 

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