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I had a really nice weekend, with lots of good food, but I also took over 10.000 steps each day and went for a long, brisk walk througj the woods on Sunday. So I got my exercise in. I remain hovering around 69-70 kg, depending on how much I’ve eaten the day before, but due to my now very long work days I don’t get much gym time in, which makes me sad πŸ™

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The weekend was not great :/  I didn’t get nearly as organized as I had hoped and ended up making some not so great food choices. But it’s a new week, right?  I need to get myself to the gym asap. I am starting to notice that I’m losing what little definition I had gained. I need to stop making excuses, sigh. At least my fitbit is keeping me motivated to move at work!

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MrsBuesleBee: I’m super thankful for Fiance, he has helped encourage me and keep me on track. He’s been pushing me when we work out to keep going. He’s right, its totally mental. I’ve been eating egg whites and grapefruit for breakfast with a cup of coffee and water. I can already tell a difference. I feel so much better since I’ve cut out the Dr. Pepper. I had to cut out alcohol too. lol

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I’m back on my game again. Dropping weight and putting in lots of gym time. Even my ‘oops’ moments aren’t really bugging me anymore. Friday we went to dinner with my parents, I ordered a salad while everyone else ordered bbq goodies. Sunday night we ordered Chinese and it was delicious, I had the chicken (no rice) and an egg roll with a few dumplings. No guilt! It was the first time in a long time I’m not yelling at myself for a weak moment. And guess what, the scale didn’t balloon up like I always used to imagine! 

My Fiance and I also signed up for this meal service from a local company that creates weekly menu’s of healthy meals using local organic ingredients. I’m loving how easy it is to not worry about running to the grocery store every two days. 

I started taking a few supplements and I’m really noticing a difference in the quality of my workouts and the energy I have overall. The fact that my scale is on a downward movement doesn’t hurt either. I’m so ready for that wedding dress to fit like it should (I tried it on when it came in and I couldn’t do up the corset back!)


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MrsBuesleBee:  I totally forgot to update! I did pretty good all last week and this past weekend. I ate really well all week and ate out a couple times this weekend but they weren’t super bad meals. One was sushi for dinner Friday and one was Chick-Fil-A because I was out registering for baby stuff with my friend all afternoon on Saturday. My husband and I did a really good job at cooking/grilling at home throughout the weekend.

I didn’t do much exercise wise. I completely weeded my giant flower bed so that helped get some squats in haha. I had a dance party in my living room last night while my husband cutting the grass which I’m definitely feeling today. Btw, the new Zac Brown Band CD is awesome and will make you dance around your house like a lunatic πŸ™‚

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I think I’m going to start tracking macros instead of just calories! I’ve been looking into “IIFYM” (if it fits your macros). I’ve been seeing a lot about it and I love how you can eat what you love but still fit it in. It basically is just if you can make it fit, you can eat but you have to take into account what else you can eat for the rest of the day. I see alot of people doing this, still eating what they want, but really cutting.

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Weekend actually went okay. I weighed in yesterday with my health coach, I lost .6 pounds this week, which I am fine with. I am spending my next few weekends at the cabin so it will be a miracle if I lose anything. So far, I’ve lost 19.2 pounds and lost 16 inches since the beginning of April though, so I think it is going well considering I only have about 50-60 pounds to lose. πŸ™‚

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Ugh. My weekend update. 

Saturday was basically a write off. I was frustrated about my stupid measurements, and I skipped my workout and ate like garbage. (FI and I had pizza, wings and fries for supper. Along with getting Day drunk and playing crokinole and cribbage)

I’ve decided to make some changes to how I am logging my food and exercise, as well as my exercise in general. 

New plan: my baseline calories according to the 21 day fix Is now my mfp calorie goal (body weight in lbs times 11). I will add in my exercise and my goal at the end of the day is to have at least 500 calories ‘left’. (But no more than 1000)

I’m adding in more cardio. You know all those cardio vs squats pictures? I need that cardio butt. At least until end of September. 

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I’m going to participate to help keep myself accountable πŸ™‚


1. Goals: My goal weight is 126lbs, I’m about 133 right now. I’d like to lose 1-2lbs per week, but ultimately my goal is to be 126lbs for my wedding at the end of August. I started at 137lbs about 10 days ago, so my progress has been really great so far!

2. Plan:

  • I’m logging calories using myfitnesspal with a set goal to lose 1.5lbs/week. My fiance and I are doing this together which helps tremendously, it’s really hard to diet alone when you live with someone!
  • I’m also wearing my fitbit religiously, with a goal of 10,000 steps per day and at least 30 active minutes per day. This has given me some extra calories to eat if needed (about 200-300) which has helped me stay on track and not feel like I’m starving on my 1,200 calorie per day goal.
  • Daily weigh-ins to stay accountable. I have found in the past that this is what works best for me and helps me stay motivated!

3. Pitfalls: I work night shift, which makes dieting very hard.  When I’m working I’m awake for more hours than normal, which means that I want to eat more. Another pitfall is wine and socializing! My friends love to drink and eat out, so we are having to find other ways to spend our time together. I’m also a huge carb addict, which I’m keeping under control by not keeping any tasty carbs in the house πŸ™‚

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Eh, my eating has been fine (~1200 or fewer calories per day),  but I still can’t run (knee problems), which is depressing. 

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Goal: Get down to 115 from 130.  I’m 5’2 and fairly slender, so the weight really shows on me.  My heaviest was 138, and I’ve been dropping weight pretty steadily. 

Plan:  I started gluten free/dairy free as an elimination diet for possible allergies/senitivity.  I had stopped going to the gym as much since I was feeling so off, but just by cutting those out I lost about 5lbs.  I’m going to continue the diet until I figure out my issues, but keep adding back in more exercise so I can maintain the lower weight once I can hopefully start eating one of the two again. 

Pitfalls:  I love food.  I eat because I enjoy the taste, and I often eat too far past being full.  I’m also super busy, and it’s harder to eat on the run and be healthy.  Currently it’s impossible to find fast food that doesn’t have gluten or dairy, so I’ve been eating almost exclusively at home.

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This weekend sucked. I rewrote a new workout plan so that went well, but I didn’t do any of the running that I wanted to. My motivatiion has taken a hit for some reason.
Oh well!
Planning on killing the guilt with a five mile run after work and going to the gym and running tomorrow.

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Weekend 6/27 – 6/28 = Down 2.8 pounds since the last time I updated this site (so now 157.2).  For two weeks I’ve been just figuring out HOW to increase my macros, what food works, shockingly realizing that the stuff I thought was low carb WAS NOT low carb at all.  Hard to stop eating my fave fruits.

With regards to exercise, I have started walking–but not regularly.  This weekend has been more active as I promised myself one DAY away from the home, and I’ve enacted this rule that I will NOT continuously sit down the couch for more than 1 hour.  Kind of forced me to clean the house, wash my car, and hopped on the treadmill 3x last week because I ran out of things to do that does not include the couch (this is a big realization for me, I’m still amazed at what I can do OFF the couch LOL). 

As always, the biggest enemy is myself.  Will increase water intake (still got lots of work in this area), will continue my progress on cooking 90% of our weekly meals at home (this was a HUGE improvement), and start amping up the workout routine. 

Lifestyle changes rarely happen overnight, so cheers to all of us ladies changing our routines for a healthier lifestyle!

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Well I have been excersizing everyday, but not doing so great with what I am eating. I could be eating way worse, but I have a little self control. I really want to get to prebaby weight by november. I took a picture of myself today and will every week tp track my progress. Good job everyone, keep it up! 

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MrsBuesleBee – wont let me reply to you πŸ™

I had a good weekend, bar Friday AFL game and dinner with friends, couple of drinks Saturday, kept within my daily allowance and was conscious. (very unusual for me I almost never drink) Stuck to exercising and upped my cardio workout on Saturday and sunday and a long walk around Sydney Harbour.

Anyone else find once they have achieved a good weight loss the motivation dips? Craving cake and not as focused at the gym. I was planning on weighing myself in 3 weeks, (monthly weigh ins so as not to obsess) but I think I’m going to have to do it weekly to keep me on track. Gave into haribo gold bears last night and was soo annoyed at the myself and the empty calories!!

I have 3 weeks until I leave for home and Maid/Matron of Honor in a wedding in 5 weeks. Biggest body hate is arms – strapless dress .. must remember the dress which I haven’t even tried on yet!

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