(Closed) Sun damage/IPL…your thoughts?

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Blushing bee
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IPL does work great if:

-You go to a reputable office with a medical provider on site.  If you have never been checked by a dermatologist, I recommend doing this prior to your procedure to check for precancerous or cancerous lesions.

-You are willing to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen everyday during (and after if you want your results to last) your treatments.

-You realize that it does take multiple treatments for you to get your expected results.  You didnt get the sun damage overnight, so it will not go away overnight. 

-You may notice some new spots after your first few treatments.  The treatments will bring deep sun damage to the surface, which can be treated at later appointments.

-Spots will darken a few hours to days after your treatments.  This “coffee grounds” appearance of your spots is expected and they will eventually break up and disappear days to weeks after your treatment. 


Check with your dermatologist if you want other options as there are other procedures and products that can work on your sun damage as well!

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I just got a photofacial and so far so good. The sun damage turned red, then brown and then scabbed off. However, I think I need to go back for one more treatment. I am really happy with the results. She used a Jag laser.

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Bumble bee
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@Jones:  I’ve done 3 IPL treatments in the last month and will probably do one more.  Some of the age spots disappeared almost immediately…like she used an eraser!  Some are still visible, but all of them are at least fading.  I have a lot of telangectasia (little red capillaries).  Those seem harder to cook, but are slowly but surely fading too.  I think I am getting a modest improvement on a couple of fine lines.  

If it’s right for you, expect to spend quite a bit of money on a whole series of treatments and be happy with a subtle result.  With fresh makeup, I could cover up most of what is gone, but I feel a lot better without makeup and look fresher longer when I am wearing it.  

I have incredibly sensitive skin that turns red for any and every reason, and it has not appeared obviously irritated after the treatments.  I’ve been comfortable to go do errands immediately after a treatment without covering up the areas.  I can see where it’s a bit irritated, but a stranger would never think something had happened to me, and my partner hasn’t let on that he knows that I’ve done something.  The last bit was important to me.  Unless you are erasing major patches of pigmentation that have become a really noticeable part of your “look”, it’s the sort of procedure that will make you look better to others without looking like you’ve had work done.

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Worker bee
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I had sun spots. I used Clinque even better spot remover and I noticed a difference right away. i received a lot of compliments after i started using it. I stoped using after i had an allergic reaction to a food and my face broke out in hives ( not linked to clinque) I didn’t want to put anything on my face for awhile. so I ended up giving it away. so i still have some sun spots.

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Helper bee
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I have had laser treatment to remove broken blood vessels, and would definitely have this treatment for sun spots from a respected dermatologist. My aunt had this done and looks amazing. It has taken years off her face.

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Obagi also helps with sun spots and aging.  But there’s a lot of redness and peeling involved in the first stage.

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Be very cautious.  I bought a series of 5 IPLs to get rid of sunspots before my wedding.  I decided on a place where I had laser hair removal for my underarms and they seemed very reputable.  The first 3 IPLs went really well and I definitely got rid of a lot of my freckles and sunspots, but the 4th was a nightmare!  I was left with a huge burnt patch on one of my cheeks and on my forehead.  People turn to IPL because they think of it as something with zero downtime, be forewarned – it doesn’t always have zero downtime.  I definitely couldn’t come to work with the current state of my face.  I went back to the office and they assured me that it will be fine and flake off just like the more superficial “coffee grounds” that you normally get when sunspots darken after IPL and I sure hope they are right. 

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Worker bee
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I also have one that i would love to remove before the wedding, but 5 treatments would be way to expensive for me. 



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@Jones:  I know it’s a bit late after your post, but, if you don’t want to do the IPL, I would highly recommend a skin care solution called the OBAGI system.  This is a “bleaching system” skin care.  It may take a few weeks to see the results, but they are remarkable!

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I wouldn’t do it if you have melasma!!!

I had my 3rd ipl a week ago and while the treatments have lifted some of the damage, unfortunately my melasma is worse around my eyes now 🙁 I should have stopped after the first treatment. I noticed it was darker after the 2nd and mentioned it to the owner of the medspa who was doing the treatment, but she dismissed it. After she had finished, she happily told me I’d be able to fit in 2 more sessions before the wedding…

I’ve only NOW done internet research and many reputable sources are saying to STAY AWAY from ipl for melasma.

I worry about the Obaji system and lightening creams, too. Many of them use Hydroquinone, which is actually BANNED in Europe (super toxic and can lead to disease). We will be TTC shortly after the wedding and I don’t want this stuff in my system.

I’m totally bummed out and am kicking myself for trusting this stupid medspa. I had gone to a super high-end dermatology clinic (charged a $100 consultation fee) last year and their rec was a series of lightening facials at $250 a pop. Probably because she was a DOCTOR who knew that IPL could very well make my melasma worse 🙁

Other sources suggest microdermabrasion and peels to help lift the dark spots. I will go this route.

So ladies, make sure you do your research before messing with your skin!!!



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