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we had a sunday wedding.  ceremony was at 3 pm, all guests had to be off the grounds by 10 pm, and all breakdown had to be done by 11 pm, per the city’s regulations (it’s a city-owned property).

also, our venue was central to all our guests in the greater los angeles area, but that "area" spans about 40-50 miles in each direction.  the closest people were about a 20 minute drive away, but the average drive was probably 30-45 minutes.

because of these factors, we were prepared for people to cut out early.  the only people that really left early were families with young children.  many others’ stayed until around 9ish, and a good crowd of friends, family, and even our parents’ friends stuck around until 10 because they were having so much fun.  this was truly an unforeseen blessing and not something we could have planned.  all of our guests mingled GREAT and had a blast with each other.  we were afraid people would stick to the circle of friends they kenw, but for some reason everyone was uber extroverted and friendly that night, apparently.  we also later found out that random people who didn’t know they knew us found each other at the wedding (i.e. wedding planner’s best friend from HS was a guest, my friend knew his friend from a long time ago, etc.).

oh, and in anticipation of people leaving early, we did all of our photos before the ceremony and mingled with our guests during the cocktail hour.  it was really fun, and we got to taste our hors d’oeuvres, too!  yum.

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I just attended a Sunday wedding this past weekend. My advice to you is to leave the loud bump and grind music out of it. It’s the weirdest thing when a DJ tries to get people to dance and it’s bright out. Spinning disco lights don’t work in this case either.

Sunday afternoon weddings should reflect as such, and the atmosphere is a lot more laid back than evening ones. As a guest I felt a bit uncomfortable when the couple’s friends tried to pull people to the dancefloor in broad daylight. 

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I’m actually having a Sunday wedding this coming May. I relocated to NC two years ago and meet my fiancée.  He had just relocated from CA, so neither of us have many family or friends in NC. We chose a location (Hilton Head) that would offer a beach atmosphere, cheap flights, driving options, and a variety of hotel prices for our guest.  We chose to have a Sunday wedding for three reasons…either way our guest were going to have to take Friday or Monday off to travel….We don’t get to see our family or friends much, so we wanted Friday night to be a free night  for us with no worries, no bedtime, and lots of fun…having it on Sunday will weed out the people that we feel we "have" to invite. We know that the most important people in our life will be able to attend (half the invites). Most all of our friends and family are excited about the Sunday wedding,  and plan to make a 3-4 day trip out of it. Hope this helps!

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Just a note – I haven’t been to or had a Sunday wedding, but I did set off to the side hotel blocks for my guests and this does not caost you anything. You might be required to set off to the side 10-15, but it’s no big deal because how is the hotel supposed to know how many poeople you intened to need a room?

They hold these rooms until about a mont before the wedding, when they then enter them back into the open public, you just make sure you let the people know which one and how long the rooms are held. My wedding web site has been great for this!

And just a questiona bout the sunday thing, are you so in love with this place that you wouldn’t even look anywhere else? You don’t really thrilled to be having a Sunday wedding, and I know that not all places have the Saturday minimum, my venue just hosted a wedding for 80 people on a saturday. 




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I just found out a wedding I’m in is going to be at 4PM on a Sunday.  As an out of towner, I was disappointed when I heard it was going to be on a Sunday, and shocked to just learn it would be that late in the day.  I didn’t even realize that was possible. 

Hosting a Sunday wedding when you have few/no out of town guests it’s not a big deal, however those inviting out of town guests/wedding party members should try to consider how extremely inconvenient it is, especially for those in the wedding who are forced to take the day off, stay an extra night in the hotel, etc.

It’s important to consider that those you invite and have in your wedding party may not have the ability and/or financial means to take Monday off. I’m just suggesting that you try to put yourself in the shoes of those who will be affected by this decision. 

That being said, would you host any other event on a Sunday evening? No, you typically select a date/time that is feasible for your guests.  I don’t understand why this rule goes out the window when you are hosting an even bigger event like a wedding.

How much money do you typically save by having the wedding at such an inopportune time? I’m just trying to put myself in the shoes of the bride so I can understand this decision.

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For <font size=”2″ color=”#81a026″>cerequio99</font> :

I am having a Sunday wedding for two reasons 1: the date has meaning to my family and 2: it is much cheaper.  Sunday weddings are about 1/2 the price of a Saturday wedding and usually the venue is more flexiable with time and space.  All my of guests are coming from out of town.  I go with the understanding that if they cannot attend due to the travel or Sunday timing that I will be ok with that.  I do not expect everyone else’s life to revolve around me. 

As for my wedding party, if they agree to be in the wedding they should not complain about the day or time.  It is a once in a lifetime event that you most special people will accomodate to be part of.

Just my opinions.

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I’m having a Sunday wedding in June.  It’s actually Father’s Day, too, and I really hated to move it, but had to because of our venue.  When we moved it to Sunday, we decided to have a 2:00 ceremony and reception from 3-6.  That way, people will be able to leave and get dinner or catch a late flight.  Over half of our guests are out-of-towners, so the flight option was super important to me. 

 We’ve gotten about a quarter of our responses back, and so far we’ve gotten hardly any no’s, for which I’m really grateful.

I’ve also talked to lots of people who have either been to Sunday weddings or had their weddings on Sundays, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses.  People like it because it doesn’t consume their whole weekend, or, if they’re closer to you, they have more time to spend Friday night and Saturday with you.

 For us, we’re having a dinner on Friday night and a brunch on Saturday morning for our closer friends and family.  I can’t wait!

And since our reception will be over earlier, Fiance and I will have plenty of time to relax in our hotel room, and we’ll get more sleep before leaving early the next morning for the honeymoon.

That’s my take.  I think it’s tacky to be so upset with a bride and groom for choosing a date and time that’s inconvenient.  They obviously had reasons for it, and it’s not like they want everyone to leave early or not even come at all.

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I’m having a Sunday wedding this month, the day before Memorial Day (the 24th). I had wanted a day in May, and the venue had two weekends open, one at the beginning and one at the end. The first date seemed a bit too early, so I chose the other, without realizing it was Memorial Day weekend which actually works out GREAT because I have a lot of young family members still in school so they will have the day off, plus it made it easier for our out of towners to travel. I only chose Sunday because if I had selected Saturday I would have had to book the entire venue (a bed and breakfast), which was much more than I could afford. I’m hoping it works out!

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Thanks for the responses.   I understand that bride and groom have their reasons, $ often being the main one, and I respect that.  I agree complaining in any way would be rude, especially since I’m in the wedding party (but it’s not rude for me to think it’s inconvenient and inconsiderate).

 The wedding ended up going along just fine, although I will note that a handful of people mentioned the inconvenience of the wedding date and time (unsolicited by me).  I thought I’d share that as people are likely being polite when you give tell them you’re having a Sunday wedding–if you’re in the wedding party you can’t say anything and if you’re a guest you have the option of not attending (unless you’re close and/or a family member in which case you’ve really got no choice).

Good luck to all you girls with your weddings!

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