Super Skinny – But not happy about it

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As someone who has to work hard to be fit, I want to tell you to just enjoy it! Maybe that’s not what you’re looking for, but so many people would love to be naturally thin. I guess the grass isn’t always greener!

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@MissKit:  Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

I was just like you until about 2 years ago. Changed jobs, put on 10 lbs. Changed my whole outlook on all of that. It was literally the first time I’d ever gained weight in my life, apart from when I was growing up as a kid. 

I know it sucks when people ask you annoying questions like that (I used to get it all the time) because it IS a blow to your self esteem. I had to make a conscious choice not to surround myself with people who would make me feel bad about being thinner than them. Instead, I focused on being happy with what I had. It’s hard to do, and you may need to talk to someone about it if it ends up getting really bad, but until then, try to ignore those people and realize that they’re just jealous, and there’s nothing wrong with you. 

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When I’m not on birth control, I’m effortlessly slender.  Birth control just packs on 15 lbs no matter what.  Ugh.  I hate it.

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Hey sweetie – I know just what you mean. I think it’s easy for people to assume that being skinny is always great but putting on weight and gaining curves can be a real fight for someone with a super fast metabolism. Until this year that was me – I even had to defend myself to people who thought I was anorexic! Anyway, then I went on the pill and had to take prednisolone for a severe condition and *boosh!* 6 months and three dress sizes later here I am… I would not condone this method!! It’s horrid! But I have to say the pill by itself did just round my curves out nicely. Just a thought. But do it for the right reasons for sure.

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I am on the other side of the spectrum.  If I do NOT count calories, watch what I eat, etc I am quick to gain weight, and gain it fast.  And so, there have been months at a time where I get complacent, and then ‘hate’ myself for being so lazy!

I look at people, much like yourself, and often wonder how I did not get THOSE types of genes 🙂  But then, your post reminds me that we no matter how we are built, everyone has, or can have insecurities.

So I think, for the sake of all women everywhere, we need to stop asking each other questions, such as ‘how do you stay so thin?!’, and start asking ‘what is it you love about yourself?!’  Because, no matter how you are built, there is something beautiful in each one of us. For me, I have curves, and although that is not appealing to some, it appeals to others. My SO loves them…especially the chestal area 🙂

Furthermore, no matter how we are built, promoting health in general is so important!  Being ‘large’ or ‘small’ does not give anyone an excuse to NOT exercise, or NOT eat healthy, or NOT be the healthiest we can be!!  And the end result does not have to be weight loss, but rather, in your case to gain muscle, or a longer life!!

So yes, to answer your question, although I am not in the same position, I understand your frustrations.  Just find the things you love about yourself, and try to find a way to remain motivated to hit the gym 🙂

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I understand where you’re coming from. My best friend is thin, not too thin in my opinion, but she gets very annoyed when people comment on how she’s skinny (although she still has a nice shape I think!) Her biggest problem is people assume because she’s thin she has no issues with her body & is happy as can be, but she’s not. She wishes she was a little curvier and didn’t look “like a 12 yr old boy.” (her words) I guess the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I have no advice.. just know you’re not the only one out there! Everyone has body issues, whether they think they’re too tall, too pale, too fat, too skinny.. I think I’m too freckle-y! lol But I guess you just try your best to deal with it & live your life.

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My SO is exactly like you. She’s about 112 lbs and can’t gain weight to save her life. If she does happen to gain a pound from stuffing her face one day, it’s gone the next day she eats normally. She’s also SUPER self conscious about it so I know exactly what you’re feeling. You just have to remember that 90% of the “skinny” comments are made out of jealousy. I would KILL to have my SO’s problem, I am so much bigger than her & know that even when I get down to my goal weight, I will always be a good amount bigger than her. Everyone has insecurities, you just have to ignore other people.

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I have been really skinny my whole life, and was teased that I’m anorexic. I don’t think kids in school understood the magnitude of saying things like that, but it was tough being picked on because I’m so thin. I’m on birth control, switched jobs where I’m not as active as my previous job, and havent gained a pound. 

It’s just my body type, though I’m 24 and it has plenty of time to change, though it hasn’t changed my whole life. 

I’ve tried gaining weight but it doesn’t work either. I don’t think it’s gonna last forever, and while others might think it’s a blessing, when I see my back bones in my wedding dress, it’s not so hot :/

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i’m the exact opposite of you. i look at food and gain 10 pounds. -_____- but anyway.

i had a friend in high school who was super duper skinny. she’s super tall, and super skinny, with NO curves at all. i know it was hard for her. she was always accused of having an eating disorder, and the school nurse sent home letters in “concern for her health”. no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t gain weight. we’re 28 now, and she still can’t gain weight. her father is a chef, her husband is a chef, and she eats more than most people. i think she just has a super high metabolism.

i agree with OUgal0004. don’t focus on the things you don’t like, focus on what you do like. i’m sure you’re absolutely gorgeous. embrace the good things, and let the things you don’t like slide off your back (:

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That used to be me. In high school I went on a date with a guy who tried to force me to eat a giant burger from Wendy’s instead of the chicken nuggets I had ordered. When I refused, he said he was worried about me and thought I had an eating disorder. This was the first time we ate together, so his assumptions were so out of line. The thing is…at any other fast food joint, I would’ve happily eaten a giant burger. It just so happens that I dislike Wendy’s beef and refuse to eat burgers there. He didn’t believe me, but that was our first and last date, so oh well.

I actually used to drink Boost nutritional drinks because I thought they’d help me put on weight. It didn’t work. I didn’t hit 100lbs until my mid twenties. Now I’m 30 and about 108-110lbs. Oddly enough, I ended up with type 2 diabetes…a condition most people associate with obesity. I was like really??? My whole life I’m told that I’m too skinny and yet I have a condition that mostly overweight people develop.

The diabetes makes me insulin resistant so I’m very sensitive to carbs and easily put weight on if I don’t limit them. I’d easily be under 100lbs if I was super strict about eating low-carb. People would never look at me and guess I’d have type 2 diabetes. It just goes to show that just because someone is thin, it doesn’t mean they have it easy.

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I was never the person who was naturally small and always wished I was. I lost a bunch of weight both before getting engaged and since and I can definitely see both sides. When I was larger I was self-conscious constantly and I seriously hated myself. Now that I’m thinner, I’m much more comfortable in my clothes and in photos and overall I’m much happier (a lot of that is due to exercuse endorphins). With that being said, when I was heavy no one ever said anything to me about it- but now that I’ve lost a bunch of weight I get, “you need to eat a sandwich” or “from the side you disappear”. I’m happy at the weight I am now, but but awhile there I had wished I could just put 10 lbs. back on to not get the hateful comments.

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