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It’s often said on Pricescope that there are 4 things that affect how a diamond looks.


Cut, lighting, lighting, and lighting.


Even the best diamond in the world won’t shoot off fire under many lighting conditions.


Same goes for moissanite.


I find my stones sparkle most in stores like Walmart and Target due to the type of lighting they have. Otherwise, outside and under spotlighting are guaranteed hits. Certain lighting conditions only produce white light, no fire (the colored light sparkles).


By the way, I recommend cleaning your ring as often as possible. I clean all my gemstone rings after almost every wear. Seems extreme but think about it. Imagine you had a tiny mirror where the moissanite is. Wouldn’t it get smudged up after an entire day of wearing it? Same happens to your gemstones.

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Forever Brilliant is the way to go for super fire. H&A doesn’t sparkle as much.

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My asscher moissanite isn’t super sparkly to me. It usually only looks really sparkly when lit from above (in bathrooms, supermarkets, on trains etc). Sometimes if the sunlight is at the right angle it sparkles a lot too. But generally day to day in normal home and office lighting and when I’m out and about, I’d say it flashes more than sparkles. It’s not glittery or anything. I love it because it’s quite a big stone and the fact it isn’t permanently sparkling like crazy makes me feel like it’s not going to constantly draw a ton of attention.

I also have to clean mine a lot because the top of the stone is very flat, so it shows fingerprints/dirt very easily. But a quick wipe with a tissue helps. I use an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner to clean the exposed underside of the stone when it needs it.

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Blushing bee
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I think I let the idea of a super sparkly ring disappoint me when I first ordered moissanites, too. I was so underwhelmed when I first saw them, in my house on a cloudy day. I thought I got ripped off! Ha. 

But the reality is, nothing is going to have a lot of fire unless you have the right lighting. 

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runningmama :  This is spot on. H&A cut works wonderfully for diamonds but not for moissanite. This cut dulls moissanite’s performance even in comparison to diamonds. I have a super ideal cut lab diamond and it sparkles more than my FB moissanite and def more than H&A cut moissy.

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hissoon :  My understanding is that they refer to it when it sparkles under the lighting conditions PPs described. My wedding band is diamond but my engagement ring is moissanite and it sparkles way more than the diamonds do but part of the reason could also be that the diamonds are smaller as well as lower quality because I got it from a chain store. They just look like regular white stones to me and only sparkle in sunlight but not the same way as my moissanite does. 

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I have several moissies and several diamonds of all kinds and levels of quality. In my experience, as PPs have said, to sparkle they need: 1) the right lighting; and 2) to be clean – and they all get dirty pretty darn quickly and easily. That’s why on Pricescope they emphasize cut and lighting, AND daily cleaning.

As far as comparison between stones in terms of sparkle and other aspects of visual performance, I’ve found each to have their advantages and disadvantages. In direct sunlight, spotlighting, and retail places/restaurants, every decently cut moissy I have beats every diamond I have – even my super ideal diamond – in terms of colorful fire. The H&A cuts are not as fiery, and come closer to looking like the super ideal H&A diamond. The regular round brilliant Forever Ones and my Forever One oval have more fire than the H&A moissy. My Forever Brilliant round brilliant is a sparkle bomb of a magnitude I’d never thought possible, and in those lighting settings, although the facet pattern is more splintery-looking than H&A, it has a lovely creaminess and it has depth and crispness of faceting that is more diamond-like than any other moissy I’ve ever seen. When I wear it out and about, I’ve actually had other women gasp when they saw it under spotlighting! 😉

In indirect daylight and office lighting, it’s a whole different ballgame. All of them lack the more colorful fire in that lighting, although you might catch the slightest tinge more in the moissy, but just barely. The all look their worst in office lighting – fairly dull, returning mostly white light, with a hint of haziness in the moissy (and in diamonds that aren’t cut well). In indirect or cloudy daylight or softer artificial ambient light, like a table lamp, diamonds really have their moment, with a lovely crispness, depth, and “hall of mirrors” effect that moissies, no matter how well-cut, just can’t quite capture. The facets that are “off” in any given moment are utterly black in a diamond, but are more of a dark gray in moissy – due to the double refractive nature of the material, I’m guessing – so that adds to the contrasting crispness and mirror quality of the diamond over the moissy. Also, although I have difficulty seeing this myself, many folks have noticed that light doesn’t travel through the moissy quite as quickly, so the speed of the “on/off” scintillation in the facets is slower. Additionally, the non-H&A cuts of moissy will show the shallowness of the cut as a bit of a “nail-head” in that lighting, and the older material of the Forever Brilliant will show more of the odd yellow-with-a-hint-of-green coloring.

So there you have my (rather obsessive) observations on the differences. They are definitely different animals. In terms of visual characteristics, good-quality, well-cut CZ is actually a closer mimic of diamonds to my eye. Which is the best choice for an individual probably comes down to what qualities they prize the most, and perhaps what kind of lighting they spend the most time in. I myself tend to change my rings out on the basis of what kind of lighting I’m going to be in – I pick the one whose performance I prefer to look at in that particular lighting. But then, I’m also kind of a jewelry (especially ring) fanatic, so….YMMV.

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