(Closed) Super weird baby story today!

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Helper bee
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Haha I’m watching the same episode I think! I agree that that is just totally weird! Not something I want my future kids to see lol

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Honey Beekeeper
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HAHA oh man, those kids will be scarred forever and NEVER want to see another one! Maybe that is the woman’s ploy as a form of birth control? hahaha. I remember being LITTLE and my mom had to go to the OBGYN for her check up. She made brother and I stand at her head and told us specifically not to look. I was too young to even have a clue what was going on. When I went in for my first check up, the light went on.

At 10 and 12….(especially 10), kids don’t need to see their mom’s whatnot. Then again, maybe it was vajazzled…? Wink

I don’t know that at age 12/grade 5 I could’ve comprehended “giving birth” very well. I probably would have found the entire experience scary (possibly scarring!) and overwhelming. Heck, I barely knew how babies were made at that age! Let alone that they aren’t delivered by the stork.

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Buzzing bee
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Ha ha!  I dunno.  That might be the ultimate don’t-have-sex-before-you’re-ready arguement!  I sure as heck wouldn’t have touched boys!  lol

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Hmmmmm…. i don’t know what to think about this. On one hand… I have told Fiance about 49 times that if I ever have a kid he best stay north of the waist in the delivery room bc I am SO not cool with my family and friends hanging out getting a full shot of my bizness. 

On the other hand… there might be something said for raising your kids in such a way that they aren’t so shy about their sexuality and their bits n’ parts. I mean really… everyone has parts. And child birth is natural. I guess it would be kind of nice to raise your kids so that they would appreciate it as a part of life and not be ew’d out by it. 

So I guess I can see both sides. But I still want everyone north of the equator if I’m doing it 🙂

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Busy bee
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Oh no way. Nope.  When I was that age I probably would have had nightmares or something.  Hell, in 6th grade, our Sex Ed class took us on a tour of a museum that was about reproduction and all the parts of males and females.  The only thing I remember is them making us watch a video and a full on view of the hoo-ha while the baby was coming—-I think one girl got sick.  ::shudder::

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Honey bee
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Maybe its a good form of birth control! I’m sure no boy who saw that would want to risk getting a girl pregnant!!!!!


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Bumble bee
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Eww those kids are going ot be sooo traumatized!

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Sugar bee
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I see both sides of this one, like corgi’s post. but personally, i wouldn’t want to have my kids in there. I feel like if they’re anything like my Darling Husband and I it’d just scar them for life, haha. But it is all perfectly natural, so hmmm. I’d like a follow up when these kids are in their 20s. Did it cause them to be more understanding about sex and nature? or did it frighten them and cause them to run in fear from hoohas?

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Bee Keeper
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Wow, am I the only one from a crunchy family?  🙂  My mom had all of us in the delivery room at every birth.  We’re each only 2 years apart, so my oldest sister saw four births before she was 8.  I only saw my little sister’s birth (I was 2), but I honestly don’t remember it, so it must not of been that traumatizing.  Also, all of my sisters were in the delivery room when my nephew was born (although I was 20 at that point).  It was actually very moving and incredible; not gross at all!  I didn’t even think, “Look at my sister’s vagina,” lol.  I was thinking, “I have a nephew!!!!”

I think it just boils down to personal preference; it’s pretty normal in my family.  Actually, when I deliver in June, my husband will be the only non-medical person there, so we’re going against family normalcy.  The only reason we decided to exclude everyone else is because I want to deliver med-free, and I think a lot of people would be a distraction.  Maybe for the next baby we would let my sisters into the delivery room…

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Bee Keeper

My nephew will be watching my SIL’s birth through the window.  He’s only 4, but he has been told what will be going on and is very matter-of-fact about it.  Personally I don’t want ANYONE in that room but Darling Husband, but I guess the docs are necessary.  But my neice was there for my nephew’s birth and now he’ll be there for his little brother.  Neither of them are grossed out by birth, it’s more of an amazing moment.  Like watching it on the Discovery Channel.  You’re not thinking “Ew, elephant vagina!”  You’re thinking “Aww!  Baby elephant!”

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t think it’s weird or gross at all, and I don’t think anyone who witnesses a birth is going to be “traumatized” or “scarred for life.” It’s just a birth, sheesh! There are lots of birth videos on youtube where siblings are present.

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Helper bee
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Yeah it’s not something I’d do but I don’t think it is that weird. It’s pretty cool to be able to witness your siblings birth. Just as long as the kids aren’t seeing the moms ya know, woo-woo. lol

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Buzzing bee

I personally wouldnt want my future kids to see it. I don’t want my husband to see it. I don’t want ME to see it lol I think I can appreciate the miracle without a full visual 😉 I don’t have anything against anyone who is open to this, but it’s definitely not for me.

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