(Closed) Surprise! Kitty cost you $500!

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Busy bee
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$500 isn’t too bad… I paid $300 just for a set of x-rays. But I still know how you feel. This might make you feel better: my kitty decided he was going to eat the stuffing of his toy… well it didn’t make it through and he ended up having it surgically removed. $2,000 later…. About a year later he decided he was going to chew off and eat the tie of my satin robe (you know the one that is on the inside, it wasn’t that thick but it was long). Luckily he was able to pass it through but we still had to pay for x-rays to make sure that it didn’t do any damage. After that we got pet insurance. =)

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Honey bee
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… this is why we are NOT getting a pet anytime soon. We just don’t have the extra money in the bank to say “oh sure, we can shell out $3000 on a surgery to reset your leg”…as terrible as it sounds, we’d have to say “down like a racehorse you go!”

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Bee Keeper
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awwwe 🙁 that isn’t a fun cost but hopefully your babies will be okay.

I agree that is weird you can’t smell it…are you bothered more/less by other smells right now?

And no worries…I google everything too!!!

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Hmm, sounds to me like your vet is milking you a little. I mean, I am obviously not a vet myself but Future Sister-In-Law & Future Brother-In-Law run a cat rescue, so I have lots of kitty medical experience. One of our girls had the peeing problem last year, and our vet did a test on her urine, asked us about the behavior, and recommended adding another litterbox to the house and keeping it extra clean, as well as putting up the Feli-Way scent things around the house before doing anymore medical tests. Maybe those things could help you guys?

Of course, you can’t change the litter if you’re preggers! So it’s all on your Darling Husband. 🙂

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Busy bee
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@lilyfaith-  Did that Feli-way thing help? 

My cat has had issues peeing on the carpet.  She is doing A LOT better now, but every now and then I’ll catch her about to pee in one of her “spots” and I’ll have to take her to one of her litter boxes.

We’ve done absolutely everything else.  We have two litter boxes, in two separate areas. They are not near her food, they are easily accessible. We’ve had her checked to make sure she’s healthy. Her litter hasn’t changed (she went in the box for four months before she decided she liked the carpet). We’ve tried cover the spots she likes, spraying boundry spray, everything.

As I said she’s much better recently but if Feli-Way would help with the random times she thinks about it, I might try it. Although it does seem expensive.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I thnk I’m buying the Banfield vet insurance plan.  It’s not that bad, and I’m putting 2 of my 3 dogs onto this year.  My mastiff is sadly too old I think, but if they’ll take him I’ll gladly add him!

It’s hard to find an avian vet for my blue guy, but I’m on the lookout for a new one when we move over to T’s house this summer.

(((((Mighty Sapphire and the kitties))))


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Bee Keeper
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Lilyfaith-that’s what my vet did last year as well. It was about $300…

So maybe it was the x-rays, Sapphire? Still, that stinks!

2Helstrong-Feliway ended up making my cat worse! He was such a spaz, and it gave Fiance a headache. I hope it works for you, if you try it!

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Sugar bee
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I pretty much drop a minimum of $250 every time I walk into the vet … Having a 140 lb dog means that it takes a lot more of medication to clear things up, and then it costs more. They must love to see me coming … 

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Bumble bee
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Last year our beloved Bailey kitty was crying/howling around the house and looked like he was in a lot of pain.  We live on an island, so we had to fly him off for an emergency vet visit ($100 flight x 3 times x 2 people = $600).

After several x-rays and urine tests we found out he had bladder stones (inital appt: $200).

The prognosis was that he had to have them surgically removed. So we did – because we adore him.  ($700).

He now has to eat ONLY special, prescription medicated food and distilled water for the rest of his life to avoid these stones re-forming. (= expensive as$ food!)

Total Bill: 4 kajilion dollars

Having our Beloved Bailey: Priceless

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Buzzing bee
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Aww, we actually just had to rush our kitty to the Pet ER on Sunday because I went to clean her littlebox and there was blood!

They thought it might have been stones, so told us to bring her in right away. We had to wait 6 hours for her to be seen (apparently we need “pet health care reform” in addition to people health care reform).

They ended up putting her under (she is NOT friendly to anyone but FH or I, to put it mildly!), tested her urine, determined it was a UTI and not stones (so she didn’t need xrays), gave her an anti-biodic shot, and gave us 10 days worth of anti-inflamatory pills, and it was about $250 in total, which was much less than I thought it would be.

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Helper bee
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This is why I tell everyone who will listen to get pet insurance.  My siamese purebred seems to get sick at least 4 times a year, and the insurance is a life saver at making it just a little more affordable.

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Bumble bee
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@Aprilbride: Does pet insurance have stipulations for “pre-existing conditions”  like human insurance does?

Just wondering if its too late to get my kitties covered since they both have a history…

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Honey bee
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That’s crazy.

My dog got sick and had to get some test down. It was like a simple pee test and fecal test. I had to shell out $80.  Plus shots are like $30-50 each. She had an eye infection and that came to another $80.

I’m considering pet insurance.  Anyone use VBI?

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