(Closed) Surviving the 1st Trimester at Work?

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That kind of thinking is very outdated. You are pregnant and it IS a medical condition in its own way because it is making you sick. You shouldn’t need to prove you can still handle work. You can’t. It’s the same as someone going through cancer treatments feeling like they need to prove that they still excel at work. I sure hope that your work environment isn’t like this.

Just take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing right now. I think my tiredness was the absolute worst around 6-7 weeks (i.e. I could barely get out of bed and often didn’t because I was on holidays) but it did get better pretty soon. Be prepared though, 12 weeks is no magic point so don’t overwork now because “it’s only five weeks”; you might feel much better in a week, five weeks or only after the baby turns 2 (some women have horrible morning sickness throughout the whole pregnancy).

What time do you take your prenatal vitamins? They can make you feel nauseous so if you’re taking them in the morning, try taking them in the evening instead.

Hang in there and keep in mind all the changes your body is going through and give it the rest it needs! It will be so worth it!

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Nothing other than have a lot of snacks on hand.  Sorry, it sucks.   Go home and sleep after work.  You can ask for some meds if it is really getting in the way of work.  I took some meds about 10x during the first trimester because I had constant nausea, it helped make the day more bearable.  Not everyday, just when I was having a really rough day.

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I think there were a constant stream of goldfish crackers going into my mouth during the first trimester. It was the only thing that helped me not feel nauseous. There are also ginger candies and such that can help. If it’s really bad, ask your doctor for Zofran or similar.

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lady lightning:  Can you confide in your boss or are you not wanting to as it is too soon etc? Having someone who understands what you are going through may help to take the pressure off.

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Seriously, screw work. You are growing a human and you shouldn’t have to prove that you are a valuable employee. I am sure you are a great worker!

At my office, once we find out someone is pregnant, we go easy on them! Health for mama and baby is super important so we do what we can to make them comfortable! If you employer holds it against you that you are pregnant, it is time to start looking for another job! 🙂

You got this! Maybe it is a good thing you are scaling back on your hours! Less work and more play!

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lady lightning:  Tell your immediate supervisior immediately. I had to do the same. I was gone from my desk multiple times a day for lengthy periods of time. I was still getting my work done but I was just absent. I didn’t want him to think I was slacking so I told him what was going on but asked that he keep it between him and myself. I felt it was the right thing to do since he was the one monitioring my work and projects, nobody else needed to know yet. It actually ended up being a good thing, he was very supportive and if I was having an off day he knew why. 

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lady lightning:  I am not pregnant, I’m waiting to be engaged, but I’m interested in the responses on this post. I have always wondered what women do to cope with pregnancy at work and the tiredness, throwing up etc. I’m a banker and I’m public facing so I have to be happy and gracious and jovial all the time. I imagine that once pregnant, this will be very difficult being in the public eye all day while at work feeling less than great. I reduced my hours already to 30 and plan on reducing them further to three days a week only as I have other priorities now, but love to hear the responses!


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I’m only 4-5 weeks but I haven’t told anyone at work yet. If I start getting sick I’ll need to tell my immediate supervisor, but I would ask them to keep it between us two until I was farther along. My immediate supervisor is a parent and I believe she would fully/totally understand. When I do tell her, I anticipate she will be excited for us! Also…I am a heavy water drinker so seeing me use the restroom a lot is nothing new haha 🙂 

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lady lightning:  I told my supervisor and the 3 – 4 people I work closely with immediately. They were going to notice that I was feeling sick and away from my desk more often, not to mention doctor’s visits, ultrasounds, etc. which you have before the end of the first trimester. 

As for actually surviving the first trimester, I’ve made sure I’ve kept snacks at my desk to munch on (saltines and fruit primarily), and have made sure to get a really good night’s sleep each night (I take half a unisom every night – it’s pregnancy safe and knocks me out), and have kept things like ginger ale and apple juice in the fridge at work, so that I could stay hydrated with something other than water (personally I tend to forget to drink water, but I’ll drink ginger ale before it goes too flat, or juice before it gets warm).

Good luck! 

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Snacking all day on crackers, fruit and preggie pops. Mine was the worst at 6-8 weeks and then tapered from there, so hopefully you will start to feel better soon!  Good luck!

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OMG I so relate- I’ve been feeling like crap at work (mornings are when I feel the most nauseous and I start work super early).  I have a break scheduled starting on Friday and that’s the only thing getting me through right now.  I told a few key people for the same reason that others did, I don’t want anyone to think that I am being irresponsible as an employee. 

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Congrats on your pregnancy! I’m not pregnant, but one of my close friends is and she had a conversation with her direct supervisor at 8 weeks. Her supervisor was very understanding and is actually letting her work from home during the mornings, which is when she tends to be sick. I don’t know if everyone is as lucky as my friend, but talking to your supervisor could be a very good thing!

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lady lightning:  You poor thing, I know it’s hard. That first trimester for me was terrible. I told my boss I had the flu for weeks. I work in IT so luckily I was able to work from home but I did eventually tell her I was pregnant in my 10th week. In my case I was so sick there was nothing I could do at work other than sit still and since that doesn’t bode well for work I was able to work from home. Once home the only thing that helped me feel normal was eating a lemon. The lemon kept the nausea at bay and allowed my appetite to temporarily return. People say snack on small things throughout the day but that never worked for me. Anyhow I hope some part of this helped. Good luck at your scan tomorrow.

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