SUV or Minivan?

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Helper bee
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SUV. I don’t think you need a minivan unless you have 3+ kids. Even then, I still don’t think a minivan is necessary. My parents had an Escalade ESV for their 6 kids and it worked great. No dogs, though.

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Busy bee

When you buy a minivan your soul dies…don’t do it! 

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Busy bee

I’ll be in the same boat as you soon. I have a 2006 car that we plan on replacing in the next two years and I REALLY want an SUV but everything I’ve read about minivans makes them the clear choice when kids are young. Even if we only have one, which is likely, we’ll probably get a minivan and then upgrade to an SUV when we change cars (10 years later). If I were you I’d test drive both and just see how they feel 

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Buzzing bee
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I can’t justify the cost of SUVs, they’re so ridiculously overpriced. I’m pregnant with our second and my husband had a truck that we got rid of because putting a child in an infant car seat with a base in and out of that thing was a bitch. We’re going to get a minivan even after I said I never would because it’s going to be SO much easier to get stuff in and out of. We can also fit additional people in the car, and better gas mileage than an SUV and better priced.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I wanted to add, I bought a Jeep Patriot (which I think they discontinued this year, actually) last year after our wedding when I knew we were going to start thinking about kids. It’s like a smaller SUV and easy to get things in and out of.

This could just be the marketing of that movie Daddy’s Home but the Ford Flex also looked very roomy and nice.

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Bumble bee
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I got a new car in June while we were TTC. It’s a slightly used GMC Acadia. Seats 7, with the captain’s chairs in the middle row so you can walk through them to the 3rd row without folding seats down. Even now without a kid it’s great with our 3 dogs to be able to fold down the back row, they have tons of space and I can still seat 4 people if needed. We purchased a new patio dining set, and picked up some boxed furniture since buying this car, and it all fit with the rear seats folded flat – no way any of the boxes we had would’ve made it in my last SUV (Santa Fe) 

I love the navigation system that’s built in, the automatic rear liftgate button, and the little alerts I get on the dash – low tire pressure, and the other day it was freezing outside and had rained over night – when I turned on my car it said “Icy conditions possible, drive carefully”!!! Haven’t had it in the snow yet but I’ve read good reviews. 

I feel like the only thing appealing about a minivan is sliding side doors. But I guess I’m vain because I really don’t like the look of them and would much rather drive an SUV than a minivan. 

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Busy bee

I have a RAV4 that I absolutely love – I’m currently expecting and couldn’t imagine a better car to tote around my LO. When we had visitors, we were able to fit two booster seats and and adult in the back comfortably. We also use it for transporting everything from furniture to appliances, a few weeks ago we put a dishwasher in it without folding the seats down. It also fits in small car spaces. If you’re getting an SUV look at whether or not the back seats can move forward/backward and if they recline both ways. This has been a lifesaver for space. If you want something larger with a third row, I’d consider the Highlander. The larger SUV’s are usually based off the car brand’s comparable truck so if safety is a concern that might be something to look into.  I’ve seen a few crash photos of both and every time it seems the minivan just crumbles.

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Bumble bee

llevinso :  My sister just traded in her 5 year old Acadia for a minivan.  She really didn’t want to go the minivan route, but now that she’s had it a few months, she loves it.

She had the older style Acadia which was bigger than the one out now, but it still had a lot less room than her Odyssey.  She has 2 in carseats and my oldest niece is in a booster in the 3rd row (van has 2nd row captain’s chairs).  She got the van because she had a hell of a time fitting the car seats in the Acadia (and I think it was a well known problem with that SUV).  My sister said the Odyssey drives much more smoothly than the SUV and you can’t beat the room and the convenience of the sliding doors.  The door feature was well worth the ugly image and stigma minivans have.  At my niece’s school, she sees a lot more minivans than SUVs.  She actually gets better gas milage on it too.

While it’s certainly not “cool”, if you’re moving a lot of stuff then the space alone may be worth it.

ETA – my sister and Brother-In-Law also strongly considered the Honda Pilot.  My Brother-In-Law thought it was the Odyssey when he first saw it as when it was redesigned a couple of years ago they made it look more like a minivan.  It had a lot of room but the top trim line was $50,000 and change.  They thought the Odyssey had more room, was cheaper and cheaper to insure so that’s why the ultimately went with it over the Pilot.

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Busy bee

My identity and self worth isn’t tied to the look of my vehicle. I had the choice between a 2018 Yukon or a 2018 Honda Odyssey. The minivan won, and by a land slide. My life is so much easier with a minivan than it was with the SUV I drove previously (another GMC). It’s easier to load, drive, park. My toddler can get into his seat on his own. I don’t have to move a car seat to get into the 3rd row. Is it the coolest car on the road? That’s subjective of course but it’s not like it’s offensive to look at or makes people cry and shriek in terror. I not embarassed to drive through the valet line. After my first child I swore I would never drive the dreaded minivan but I was just ignorant. I have now seen the light and there is no shame in my mom car, my soul is very much alive and at peace with driving one. I don’t own any mom jeans either.

I have 2 kids for what it’s worth. 

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Busy bee
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Team SUV. Also team almost TTC and currently own a mustang lol. Ya two door car life blows.

Honestly I think it depends on what you want. I know we’re not having more than 2 kids and if we do get a dog it’ll be on the smaller side. Our kids will probably outgrow car seats pretty fast as we both come from family of giants(DH is 6’7) so a few years of figuring it will be fine. Our plan is a Kia Soul for husband and either a Jeep Renagade or Subaru Crosstrek for me. We don’t do camping or outdoorsy stuff besides the beach so we don’t need tons of room. I use to have a 08 RAV4 and I could of made that easily work with a kid. We also don’t drive a ton so gas mileage never really plays a role although what we’ve chosen actually gets great has mileage. Price definitely plays a role though.

I love cars and I just couldn’t do a minivan. My husband drove the Pacifica and loved it though but Jesus that’s a pricey minivan lol. My cousin had one for one kid only and dogs and it seemed roomy but eh I just can’t nor need it.

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Bee Keeper
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Minivans…you either love them or hate them. There’s no denying most people who drive a minivan love them simply based on the functionality when having kids and how they drive. I personally would not go the minivan route. I just won’t do it. I think they look hideous.

I currently drive a Toyota Highlander and am pregnant with my 1st. I generally keep my second row as captains chairs w/ the 3rd row folded down for cargo space. Generally speaking anytime I need the 3rd row up for seating it’s not for long distances where cargo space is needed. That being said, when it’s time for a new car we’ll likely go the Suburban route because I want 3 rows AND trunk space when all rows are in use. I grew up with a mom who drove a Suburban before it was “cool” to have one. We had no issues getting in and out, and none of those new minivan features were even a thing back them – all the moms I know managed without them. Pretty much ALL my friends with kids drive either a Tahoe or Suburban. I have only one mom friend who drives a van.

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Helper bee

I’m that cool AF mom so no, I am so not ready for the Minivan phase (and I have two lil ones). I know, I know they make minivans so much more different now but I just can’t get the stereotype out of my

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Buzzing bee
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THIRD OPTION: Station wagon.

I prefer them and have driven them for years, even though I only have one kid.

SUVs and MVs both handle like crap. They get worse MPG, they’re harder to park.

A wagon is more nimble, has better visibility, carries just as much cargo, and unless you’re going to be regularly carrying more than 2 children, you don’t need more seating than that. 

The Golf Alltrack has good ground clearance and all wheel drive. They’re very nice inside and still more affordable than a minivan OR an SUV.

Just something to think about. 

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Sugar bee

We always talk about this. We currently have a Toyota Highlander, and while it holds a lot, it doesn’t hold a lot when you put car seats, kid crap, and dogs in it. We had several dogs, so we definitely need room.

My SIL just got a minivan, and she loves it. 

I hate how they look, but I’m very practical and it’s probably the best as far as money spent for features gained. Besides, we already have an SUV, so we don’t necessarily need another. 

We’ll probably end up getting a minivan when the second baby is on the way. For our first, the vehicles we have are just fine. 

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