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@chercee:  eh, we definitely aren’t the poster children for clean mouths. Darling Husband is way worse than I am, and I don’t particularly cuss unless there’s just a reason for me to be emphatic. I have never asked anyone not to cuss in our home, and it has never been an issue with any of our friends/family. Most people know the “rules” when it comes to what is appropriate and what is taking things too far. 

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Fiance and I swear profusely. All the time. I don’t think it’s a big deal, really, it’s just the manner in which we express ourselves.

We reel ourselves in around those that are older or children, but if someone is a guest in my home I’ll do what I like. I don’t expect anyone to ‘clean up’ their speak for me, only that they act like a good guest: i.e. don’t make a mess and use a coaster. 

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@chercee:  We have no filter when it comes to f**k, s**t, *g**damn, omg.. meh.

However I will not stand for the following:

“thats/you’re retarded”.. “gay/fag/faggot” the n word, the c word, any type of racism or bigotry

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There is an appropriate time and place for cursing. Burning yourself or running face-first into the corner of the wall, for example. We also tend to curse more in spats (though it’s not so much ‘fuck’ as just ‘damn’ and ‘hell’), but it’s when we’re really trying to drive the point home. Not in anger, but usually in a “do you get where I’m coming from?”. It’s more a “please understand this is damn important” as opposed to “what a damn beautiful day”.

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Neither of us swear very often… But we both yell at sports.

We’re trying to calm it down with the sports stuff before the baby gets here!

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We both grew up in and around sports, so unfortunately swearing is pretty natural to us in the home. On the other hand, I also grew up in a pretty conservative Catholic environment, so it’s also pretty easy for me to “turn off” swearing when I want/need to. I don’t mind it at all in the house, unless we have guests over who don’t speak the way we do…and definitely no swearing around my niece and nephew. 

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I grew up on a house with no swearing. Ever. It was a big deal when my mom or dad would curse.

Fast forward a few years and I have picked up a few choice words. I had probably said “the f word” maybe 5 or 6 times in my life. After getting a job in a male dominated field(law enforcement),it just comes out. Maybe its BC it can be stressful but I can control it. I don’t curse around my parents or niece and basically only use it when emphasizing.

I don’t have(or really want) kids and would try my best to never curse around them…my fiance and I will curse in conversation(he grew up saying whayer basically) but we do not cuss at eachother.

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All the time.  Usually it’s just silly, or because I dropped something, twisted a knee etc.  If someone is over I don’t.  I do want to get out of the habit to an extent though, as I don’t want to be swearing when kids can overhear, and our neighbours have young kids.  It’s not like I would purposely say something directly in front of them, but I don’t want to be in the yard and swearing when talking to Darling Husband when they are out there too.

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I swear whenever I feel like it. Doesn’t phase me one bit when other people swear, and most words are fair game (anything racial doesn’t fly). I tone it down around children or people who I know don’t like it. 

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Um… we swear a LOT. It’s usually in a joking/funny way though. We’re going to need to work on this before we have kids… haha

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Husband and I swear like sailors (Which is great since he is a sailor.)

We don’t swear around children and tone it down a lot when we’re in the homes of others.

ETA: We have no house rules, any word is free game but there are a particular very few that I don’t like and I’ll tell you to shut the fuck up.

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I love swearing, and have no house rules about what someone can or cannot say. But I generally hate racist/bigoted bullshit, and will call someone out on it, regardless of where I am.

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@chercee:  Perfectly acceptable in our home. Then again, we don’t hace children and are not really religious. We were also both exposed to cursing growing up so it’s not unusual for us. I try not to do it if my niece and nephew are around but it does slip out now and then. The kids themselves never swear. 

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I never swear. I didn’t grow up around swearing and I have always worked with children, so I never got into the habit of swearing. Darling Husband works in a shop where swearing is the norm. He used to swear a lot when we first met. I never said naything to him about it, but his swearing has been fading since he has been with me. When i got my BFP, I did say something to him about cutting it out. I do not want him to swear in front of our children and he agrees that he doesn’t want to be that father that swears all the time. He has done really well catching himself now that I am showing because he is afraid the baby will hear him.

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