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@cobalt21:  Ah life can be sweet sometimes. Congratulations for becoming a strong, confident beautiful woman – and with holding your tongue. I am sure I would have been tempted to say far far more.

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OP please realize that she was in the gym, so while you are being smug that she is now overweight, she is in the gym trying to take it off. While I don’t agree with your reaction, I understand- just don’t let those feelings overcome you and make you more nastier than she was.

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@BothCoasts:  +1

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OP I get where you are coming from. I wasn’t bullied in school but was teased a lot because I was and still am overweight.  I also get why you did what you did. I do see it a bit childish though. As a PP did point out she was also in the gym.  I think you should have just said hi and left it at that instead acting childish and doing the up and down thing. 

We all get smug by the fact that people from our past have gotten fat, bald, ugly etc. Should we say something outloud. NO! that is just childish and mean.  Those thoughts should just remain private thoughts. 

I have my 20 year class reunion this summer and it will be fun to see everyone and not because to see how much they have changed physically wise. It will be fun because we all are older and wiser

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@eeniebeans:  agreed.

I was bullied in high school, and yeah, I get a good laugh at some of their expense now. Call me whatever you want, but no one is above judging others. If you tell me you don’t, I’ll call you a liar. NO ONE can say they don’t judge people, it just doesn’t happen. You may not show it outwardly, but you sure as hell are judgmental on the inside. 

OP, I’m glad you have some confidence. I actually feel sorry for chicks like that, and have become friends with people who bullied me in school. I try to see their misfortune as karma getting them back, and think how happy I am that I have what I do in life

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It’s kind of sad when people get pleasure out of other peope’s misfortune. Maybe I am missing something as I was never picked on, but this seems kind of odd. Someone’s candle going out doesn’t make your burn any brighter and all that. 

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I was bullied by a popular girl in high school too – and it seemed like everyone knew she was a Mean Girl and yet the NICE popular girls were still friends with her! I never got it.

I was annoyed when I found out she was one of only a handful of people in my graduating class going to the same college as me, and I dreaded seeing her around campus – probably with a passel of snooty sorority sisters to look down on me again.

Well, I found my confidence in college! I made lots of friends and a fair number of them were cute boys :o) One day I was in the cafeteria eating with a tableful of those hotties, and I saw her in there eating all alone and looking a hot mess. Looked like she finally got the acne that was plaguing me through high school! I wish I had caught her eye… oooohhh, I STILL do! I don’t wish breakouts or alone-ness on anyone, and I wouldn’t have snarked on her about it but oh, I wish she could have seen me being completely and utterly OVER it while she got a taste of what it was like! 

Good on you for getting your confidence, OP – and good on you for NOT calling her out on her past behavior. You had a moment there with the up-and-down, but there you are. Venting it a little on the Bee is fine. I’m glad you feel better and you know this is all behind you now. 

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Oh good grief people! I’ve read through some of these comments and to those who are saying what OP did was “bitchy or that she was nasty or a bully” need to get off your soap box! What happened to OP in high school was probably the root of her lack of self confidence in her younger years.  Those of you who are saying this was the wrong move, I question if any of you have ever been truly bullied?  She wasn’t nasty about what she said, she simply acknowledged her painful past and handled it with grace. She didn’t engage in negative conversation, she just said “Yes I do” and walked off. What’s wrong with that? It’s neither childish nor bitchy! It’s the mere fact that she’s over her high school past but will NOT forget it! OP-you could have said a lot worse! If I were in your shoes, I would have probably said something worse so good for you!

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OP, good for you! I understand where you are coming from and think I would have done way worse if it were me!

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weight-shaming others is NOT a demonstration of self confidence, its actually usually the opposite.

“And add to that the fact that she doesn’t have a job, has 3 kids out of the wedlock, drives a beat up car…”

and now you’re judging her for the fact that she has children out of wedlock and doesn’t drive a nice car.  Maybe she left an abusive ex and is trying to start her life over on her own, would you take joy in that too?? Congratulations, her life might suck. Why does that make you happy?

Rephrase it any way you want, you are taking PLEASURE in your perception of her misfortune. Thats mean spirited and nasty.

I don’t get this at all.

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I think its natural to want the people who mistreated you to live miserably. Believe me, I was bullied throughout middleschool and highschool. I can’t say with certainty that the girls are now uglier, fatter, poorer, or whatever than I am. I have run into a couple, and they look good. But it didn’t make me feel bad. And I’m pretty sure if they looked terrible, or seemed to be in a tough spot in their life, I wouldn’t be happier for that either.

I do understand where you are coming from OP. I just hope you can get over it enough to forgive, so that you can truly be a better person than she was, not just by your outwardly appearance and situation at the moment.

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This post is filled with a lot of people on soap boxes…

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@imalittlebirdie:  + the biggest number ever, lol.  I love it!  

Well done, OP 😉

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