(Closed) Sweet tooth & pickey eater bees… how do/did you lose weight?

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I take the FAT FIGHTER pills that have the Carb inhibitor in them! Some kind of way Ive went from 173 to 142.6 since Valentines Day lol. The supplements ROCK!!!!!! I ate some pizza yesterday (3 pieces lol) and then took a pill. I eat junk and dont feel bad because of them!!!! Feel free to PM me if you wanna know more detail about them 🙂

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Eating things in smaller portions.

In middle school I was pretty thin, but ate junk like crazy thinking I would never gain weight. I jumped up to 120 lbs. Dosn’t sound like much, but  I am short. I saw some pictures and was thinking, “Oh my, I need to stop eating a whole box of girl scout cookies in one seating…”

Limited myself to one cookie each time and dropped down to 97 lbs by senior year. Of course, with age I gained weight but never over 109 lbs. I will never underestimate a cookie again!

When we go out and get dessert, I split it with the husband.

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@galloway111:  Sorry hun, I re read my post and it was a bit of a lecture, sorry, its no excuse but I am a little hormonal at the moment (38 weeks pregnant) and I can be a little um grumpy, sorry! Your right my post was a little condecending, unfort being someone who has lost a lot of weight before who also had poor eating habits, i know their is no easy way its hard and you have to completely change or you wont see results, but well done on taking the first step!

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 Maybe my improvement doesn’t look like much to you, but I’m going to go ahread and guess that cereal and a banana is way better than french toast and syrup, or no breakfast at all. I’m also going to guess that soup is better than Easy Mac. If I jump right to perfectly healthy all at once, it’s not going to last… the point of this post was that I don’t LIKE healthy foods, generally, and I’d like to know how to change that. I already know it needs to be changed.

OK, I did not mean to belittle your improvement plan, and that’s great you’re taking steps. My point was though, I was concerned you would make these changes, not see results, get frustrated, and go back to old eating habits. The cereal you listed and a banana are probably better choices than french toast and syrup, but honestly, not much, and you’re not going to see results from it. That’s still a very carb/calorie/sugar heavy breakfast, with little in the way of nutrients. Instead of a banana, could you eat strawberries or blackberries? Or grapefruit? You would get much less calories and sugar and much more vitamins. Instead of the cereal you picked (which is delicious, I’ll admit, I’ve downed a few bowls myself) could you pick something like Kashi Go Lean, or All Bran? Or even just Cheerios? (Plain, of course). Cheerios don’t have much in the way of fiber or protein, but they are low calorie.

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So I mostly just wanted to say— I totally feel you. I struggle with so many of the same issues you do. I looooooove sweets. I feel like I *have* to get dessert every night. I am a hugely picky eater (I don’t like much meat, I hate almost all cooked vegetables, I don’t like most sauces so I can’t *fancy up* healthy food, I don’t eat fish, I don’t eat pork, and on and on and on), I am totally with you on the “if I don’t buy it at the grocery store I WILL go get it later if I’m craving it” and I really really despise exercise. 

Also, I’m overweight. (obviously— see above). 

So I totally get where you’re coming from. Also, for me— I’m kind of stubborn. Like to be honest, I resent the fact that I have to try SO hard to lose weight. That my “natural state” has me doing almost everything wrong. It doesn’t seem fair that a lot of people *like* working out and *like* vegetables and don’t crave terrible stuff every day. So I think for me a big mental hurdle is accepting that life isn’t fair. I can’t argue my way out of having to be healthy. I can’t appeal to a higher power that it isn’t fair that to lose weight I have to do 4700 I don’t want to do. It doesn’t work like that and really… IT SUCKS. Which is why I still haven’t really started losing weight… I’m not quite “there” yet and ready to just suck it up and do all the stuff I don’t want to do. Because the bottom line is that I have to want to lose weight more than I want to be comfortable and happy with my eating. 

I will say that what has worked for me in the past is mostly portion control/calorie counting (I use an app on my phone called Lose It! but in the past I’ve used both ww and sparkpeople.com), and focusing on more produce. If I focus MOSTLY on the calorie counting I still get to eat a lot of what I like, but in smaller portions (and yes for the first few weeks you do feel hungry and it SUCKS but you get used to it) and then secondarily I focus on trying to eat more produce because it is both good for you and fills you up more… then I lose weight. 

And for me, the eating is more important than the working out. Doing both is ideal, but the eating alone without working out will probably allow you to lose some weight (at least at first). 

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Honestly weight loss or even just healthy eating is a battle within yourself. The only way you will do better is the stop making excuses and just do it, nobody but you can make it happen.  I did a 30 day no carb low sugar diet about two months ago with good success. Was it hard, hell yes but not impossible, I found the first week to be the worst. The sweet-tooth was the hardest part but after the first week my cravings for sweets died off and I found myself actually turning down treats. I lived on eggs/veggies for breakfast, salad and yogurt for lunch and veggies and meat for dinner with nuts and chopped veggies/fruits for snacks during the day.  I know you are a picky eater but honestly if you are hungry you will eat it weather you like it or not, but try to find stuff you like and work with it as best you can. Being healthy is not easy.

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@galloway111:  I’m going to let you in on a secret: eating vegetables over donuts is pretty damn hard for almost all people. Lol. Very few people prefer to eat vegetables, fruit, etc over really delicious things, at least initially. It’s a choice, and has to come from you. It is hard for everyone! So don’t tell yourself you’re some unlucky lady who doesn’t like making the healthy choices. It’s just difficult to force yourself to do, and you have to be willing to do it. 

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I WAS IN YOUR SAME SHOES!!!!! I finally learned and figured out that not every diet works for everyone and that some diets make you lose weight fast but also make you gain weight back fast! I am so tired of stupid pills that claim to do miracles on our body! The truth is that I found alot of useful information in a health video/ infomercial..http://thedietsolutionprogramrebate4.weebly.com/… I know silly right, but it was just what i needed!!Our body types are all different..some are protein types, some are carb types, and others a mixed. I know this doesnt make much sense now, but if you watch the video I watched this will all make sense! I have lost 25 pounds in 1 month!!! I have one more month to go for my wedding and I am very excited!! This is the real deal!

I have learned so much! example:

1. It takes good fat to burn fat!

2. Wheat bread and other “health products” are whats causing you to retain fat!

3. And by not eating, your metabolism rate decreases! Its doing it right that matters!

I did end up purchasing a memebership to the site, but only because i wanted t track my success and also get recepies to the #1 belly fat burners! Ex: Kale is the #1 fat burning vegggie out there!

Geez, I am starting to sound like the infomorcial, but I just want to share this with everyone I meet because it works! It is not a diet, it is a healthy life style!

I wish you the best and if you have any questions email me! Hang in there and be strong…!!

Here is the link btw:) Best of wishes to you!


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@galloway111:  It seriously sounds like you’re just making excuses for yourself and not really commited to healthier eating.

Unfortunately I WILL go buy junk food 

If you go get a snack, how about carrots?  Snap peas? (they’re pretty sweet and very crunchy)  Saltines?  What type of junk food or snack do you usually find yourself going for?

There is no way I could do anything that extreme....

But you CAN.  Believe that you can and do it.  I know it’s hard to do something you dont want to do or like to do.  I feel the same way about going to the gym and running.  To be honest, I havent gone in years, but when I *truely* wanted to, I’d kick every excuse out the window and just force myself to do it no matter how hard it was to go, no matter how hungry I was, no matter how late I’d worked (I went after work at the gym there), or how sleepy I was, or anything. 

And if there’s nothing I want, I probably would go without eating before eating eggs! lol. I honestly don’t like any of the stuff you listed for breakfast and dinner

No eggs of any kind??  There are about 50 ways to cook eggs.. there must be one you like?   Saying you dont like any of that – egg/veggies, veggies and meat, nuts, – for breakfast and dinner,  you just basically dimissed the entire healthy food options out there.  What do you normally eat for dinner or lunch?  Maybe we can start there and massage that toward a healthier option, instead of starting at the healthy end.

I know exactly what I need to do, but I am looking for advice on how to do it… I don’t need someone to tell me I’m unhealthy, I’m looking for someone to suggest how an unmotivated person like me can do better.

Only you can movtivate youself to make the change.  You say you know what to do, but you say you just dislike healthier food options and will get up and go buy junk instead of buy a good snack.  We can make all the suggestion in the world, but if you keep coming back with, I dont like any of those foods for 95% of the healthier food choices out there, there’s not much left to suggest.

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@galloway111:  If you don’t like traditional breakfast foods (other than cereal), you can eat meat & vegetables for breakfast. There’s no rule saying you have to eat “breakfast foods” in the morning!

Honestly, yeah, most of us don’t want to give up carbs. Trust me, I know. I grew up in an Italian family, and that’s all I’ve ever known. However, carbs beget desire for more carbs. Give them up for a week, and you’ll hardly miss them. Replace them with vegetables on sale, and you won’t spend more money (especially because you’ll be less hungry, so you’ll eat less). 

Sorry, the breakfast you switched to is *not* healthier than French toast with syrup…just look up the GI, and you’ll find they’re spiking your insulin just the same (insulin drives hunger drives fat).

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