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We have our favorite restaurant in the French Quarter (we live like 5 miles away) and before he left for military training we went out for a nice romantic date.  We were talking about the restaurant we were eating at that night and he mentioned he wanted to bring his mom to the restaurant.  i was confused and, sad to say, a little upset.  I was thinking – that is OUR restaurant.  Why does he want to share it with everyone?  I know it may sound selfish, but it was something we shared.  Then he came out with “How about having our ENGAGEMENT party there?”  WAIT, WHAT?!  Did he just say what I thought he did?   I looked at him with the most confused look.  He said, “You should see your face.”  I have to admit, my heart fluttered.   

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‘Waiting’ moments are the cutest πŸ™‚ I’ll miss them! hehe

It had been months and months since we’d had one, but one just happened the other day! It made me giddy like a schoolgirl πŸ˜‰

He had a nice paycheck last week and when I saw it in our account, I told him thank you for putting in the hours..  He said “yeah, and $150 of it went somewhere else” … me: “huh?”…. him: “at my parents house”…. me: “ohhhhh” (that’s where he’s stashing the ring $)… then he says, “it’s the last week I’ll have to put any out there”

Does that mean he’s done saving?! who knows πŸ™‚


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Mr. FS has been talking a ton about engagement parties, my bridal shower (lol what?) and even what he wants his groom cake to be! iTs so cute!!

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My SO will call me by my first and his last name sometimes.  He knows whenever he says it that i light up like a Christmas tree.  It’s so sweet

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My Boyfriend or Best Friend is adorable with these waiting moments. We had just been through a two hour very stressful ordeal, but were sweet as pie with eachother, and kissing occasionally, and cheering eachother up when one was down… at the end of the ordeal he laughed “dude, we were awesome! I don’t think couples who have been married 40 years could handle that as well as we just did! We HAVE to get married!” then we stayed up talking for 4 hours by a camp fire and as I got up he held me and put his forehead on mine and whispered “I can’t wait to make you my wife” and then repeated “my wife”. It was very sweet…

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I had a really sweet one yesterday… I have been having issues with my bank (ie, havent been able to access my money for a month now due to their stuff up) and yesterday I found it was going to be another week’s wait before I could get any money (!!!) and so I was really upset and stressed out and while I was on the phone with the bank, he cleaned the whole kitchen for me, then came and sat beside me afterwards and told me that I should go get in my PJs and relax the rest of the night. It is such a little thing – but knowing that he is behind me 100% on this issue, is able to support me financially for this short time and that he instinctively knows when I am about to break down is what makes me love him so much.

Sometimes I do get caught up in there not being many “grand gestures” (such as big dates planned and flowers) but at the end of the day, if your partner is there for you in the tough times, then that is what matters most.

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My group of friends including SO and myself are big fans of Singstar and everytime Mr Brookie sings he always directs romantic, the woman I love, the woman I am going to marry line in songs to me, in front of all of our friends. This really says something to me, because normally he is so so shy and I am the loud one, but when he does stuff like that still after almost 9 years together, my lil heart still flutters!!Kiss

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I’m sure everyone remembers their very first conversation about getting engaged… I still get flutters when I think back to it. I had waited SO LONG for him to bring it up and he told me that this year was the year.

I’m a little nervous about the wedding part (not the marriage part though) and so he’s constantly watching wedding movies. After the wedding is over in the movie, he’ll pat my hand and say “see, that wasn’t so hard.” lol

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Awww! These stories warm my heart πŸ™‚

I’m holding onto this one: we had a talk about our future, he said sometimes he can see our future together and sometimes not. and it upset him to think of me not being in his life. not exactly the most ideal conversation, right? but somewhat promising and we really needed to talk about it.

Then later that day he invited me to come by his roomie’s bday party (I was on my way to another party) just to have a drink. And he said his roommate was moving out in a few months and he was thinking of not replacing him (due to the “conversations we’d been having”) and started talking about re-decorating, setting up an office for me etc. He was a bit drunk but I think it was a sweet moment and I’m glad to know he’s thinking about it. 


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These stories are adorable. Even if it’s not time yet, some guys are just as excited to marry us as we are to marry them. πŸ™‚

Last night we were watching the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler get married. During one scene, in the background there was this elderly couple slow-dancing and looking happy. I didn’t even notice them, but he pointed at them on the screen and said ‘Can that be us?’ It made me melt a little (okay a lot).

Another time (a long time ago, in our first 6 months of dating), we were talking about something future related and he said he didn’t want to date me for 10 years. I started to freak out and then he cut me off by saying ‘I’d rather be able to say this is my wife than this is my girlfriend’. It was especially cute because it was so unexpected (and not what I thought he had been saying).

Lately we’ve been talking about our future so much that I’ve gotten more used to these comments – it’s nice to remember how special these moments are!


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Aw! That is so adorable!!

I think it’s funny that once you get a bit of alcohol in them, they start talking lol.

When my b/f and I first started dating we were laying in bed, and he held me really tight and told me that he’d probably propose infront of my family. Then about 4 months ago while out with friends one night (we all had maybe one too many drinks) we got on the subject of weddings (the couple we were with are already married). Well, suddenly my SO says (about a proposal): “I already know who, what, when, where, and how it’s going to happen”. It didn’t sink in right away for me, but I caught on about an hour later and I couldn’t believe it! The fact that he has thought about it THAT much really impressed me and made me so happy. The fact that he really wants it to be special means a lot to me, considering what I’ve been through in the past.

Ahhh… They’re so sweet πŸ™‚


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