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I hate the fake nerd glasses when they are just regular glass or lens-less!  I had this look in 1984 and I was NOT cool then!

Tackiest fad? :  wedding Celebrity Nerd Glasses31


I also hate the hipster doofus Indie look where kids wear ski hats when it’s 90 degrees out, but place them ever so far back on their head – like Papa Smurf or something. 

papa smurf!

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@JennaWade:  I’ve seen those! They are funny though, even if they are tacky..

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Those family stick figures on the back of cars, cause your 8 seater mini van sent off the impression that you’re a wild, childless party animal.


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I agree with the Leggings… They are really cute when they are plain, and worn with a dress or a long tunic, but as trousers in their own right? No. I’ve seen girls where you can just see their underwear through the leggings because the material is so thin. Why don’t their friends TELL THEM?

Also not a fan of patterned leggings. I pass a girl a few times a week in Stars-and-Stripes ones, one leg is blue with white stars, the other is red and white stripes. She looks like she’s wearing a circus tent. And the black-and-white striped ones make you look like Beetlejuice.

Tiny tiny butt-exposing shorts are awful, and also not loving the sudden trend for cutting bits out of the side of fitted dresses/tops, like here:


It ruins the lines of an (occasionally) otherwise nice dress/top, and you’ve put the holes right where my back-flaps are. Thanks. Peek-a-boo back-fat is not the look I’m after.

Ugg boots I’m not a fan of (lack of foot support leading to fallen arches, and increased chance of foot fungus due to increased amount of foot sweat in them are not sexy), but I particularly hate the knock-off imitation ones that are even worse for your feet, because the soles just slide out from under the foot. I see so many people basically walking on the side of their feet because their boots just aren’t made for walking in. And it bothers me when I see kids in them – it’s so damaging to their bodies!

Same with seeing little girls (and I’m talking younger than 9) tottering around in high heels. They can barely walk in them half the time, and it’s so damaging to their ankles, knees, hips and back at that age, never mind their self-esteem.

Also sports shoes that aren’t sports shoes being worn for sports. Converse are NOT suitable for running in, but I see so many people out and about doing sports in them, and I just wince.

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So now that the holidays are amongst us, I must say that the “Ugly Sweater” fad is starting to bug me.  After about 4 seasons of it being cool to find the ugliest holiday sweater possible, it’s just annoying.

I was at a local consignment store dropping off old clothes recently and there was a pack of kids ravaging through the racks looking for them, making fun of each and every one obnoxiously…I felt so bad for the people who were actually in there looking for warm clothes because they couldn’t afford to shop anywhere else.

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@theone99:  I hate those! I don’t care how many kids you have and why announce it on the back of your car?

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For guys the chin strap especially when its pencil thin and not properly lined up to the jawline:

Looks much cuter on this penguin though:

For women: the painting the ring nail differently thing.  Sorry to the girls who do this I really just don’t get it.  I get celebs do it but I still don’t think it looks good on them.  Sometimes I think celebs  do things like this just to mess with people and see if it will catch on.

Here’s one that doesn’t bug me though.  It’s not as offputting and almost just looks like a trick fo the light:

It’s really distracting when someone paints their ring nail a different color.  All I can stare at is the nail polish and I forget about the ring.  Just like when a guy forgets where his chin is when growng that chin strap, all I can stare at is the bad beard and forget about the rest of them.

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