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  • poll: If you were waiting for IVF what would you do for the next 6 months?
    Do nothing, wait it out and save $$ : (31 votes)
    44 %
    Do one more injectable IUI : (6 votes)
    9 %
    Do 2+ more injectable IUIs : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Plan a trip, even though it would cost $ : (30 votes)
    43 %
    Other : (2 votes)
    3 %
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    Have you thought about adopting? 

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    countingstars:  Were you intending to be rude? What an insensitive thing to say.

    JLBB-brooklyn:  I skipped IUIs and went straight to IVF, but can you do cheapo treatments while you wait? Orals and TI? And I would definitely plan a trip, even if it’s just something inexpensive like a road trip or camping. Good luck!

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    I don’t have personal experience,  so take my comment with a grain of salt – but I voted for other: take a break, take a trip, and save for ivf in 2017. I have a friend who conceived naturally on a break, so you just never know, and if you don’t, then you still have a game plan in place.

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    I vote save $ and wait, no more treatment. The trip could be a fun distraction and I wouldn’t feel guilty about that at all. We took a 6 month break between our 3 failed IUIs and IVF and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I felt so good seeing how much money we were saving each month toward our goal. Since you are unexplained and presumably ovulating on your own, I wouldn’t waste anymore money on low success rate treatments personally, because I feel like you have a chance at conceiving naturally still. Good luck!

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    I would take a break from trying (emotionally/IUI  speaking) but keep having sex regularly, take your trip, and save. Good luck, I hope you get your BFP soon. Never know, you could concieve on your break. I hope that’s how it goes for you Xx

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    JLBB-brooklyn: I honestly didn’t know it was rude. I asked where you stand regarding adoption so myself and other members would have that information while giving advice.

    Since adoption isn’t on the table at the moment, I would suggest you and your husband save for IVF and go on the trip you want to go on. Sure, you could use the money you spend on the trip for saving for IVF, but you need to live and enjoy your life, too.

    Since your infertility is unexplained, you may still get pregnant on your own. I’m sure we all know at least one “infertile” person that either got pregnant or got someone else pregnant.

    Good luck,

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    countingstars:  Are you really that ignorant? Do you think it’s just so easy for couples fighting infertility to throw in the towel and give up their dream of having a baby of their own? Please, educate yourself on the subject before you speak on this topic again.

    JLBB-brooklyn:  I vote save and trip! Avoiding zika areas, of course ๐Ÿ™‚ Some time away from TTC will do you some good I think, especially if you take a nice vaca to reconnect with your Darling Husband. Wishing you the best! 

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    After 4 IUIs and if his tests have come back fine, I’d personally opt to just save the mony and put it toward IVF if needed… and just try naturally (or with inexpensive oral meds) until the next year.  If feels like a long time to wait, so what about a few months naturally, then another med/IUI in sept or oct.. then, by then Jan will be right around the corner after the holidays.

     When you asked them their price, is that 13k the cash price? Or insurance rate?  What I found is that the negotiated rate with insurnace ended up quite a bit lower than the cash rate.  Hopefully you don’t need it, but 12.5k lifetime max, might end up covering more than 1 round too if that factors into your savings plan.

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    JLBB-brooklyn:  Hi, friend ๐Ÿ™‚ I know that there is really no “right” answer to your question, but I will take a moment to chime in and let you know our experience – as we are about to start our first IVF cycle after 4 months of a TTC break to prepare/save money.

    Darling Husband and I have been battling infertility for 2+ years now. We have had 2 miscarriages, 6 IUI’s and a few medicated/TI cycles. In February after our last failed treatment, I approached our RE with the question of pursuing IUI + injectables or IVF. Which is better in terms of success? How much will it cost to do an additional IUI cycle? Would we stop after one, or continue to feel the “hope” that if you try enough (even when odds are against you), it may stick this time? In the most direct manner possible, she told me “there is no higher success for back to back IUI after 3 failed, only an increase in your costs.” Because of my DOR and MFI – she also told us that if we “caught” an egg on injectable IUI, we would have a 5% chance of success vs over double success with any eggs retrieved from IVF. We opted to pursue IVF as financially it seemed like a better decision to put money towards something with a higher chance of success.

    Since February, we stopped all things TTC. No temping, OPK, timed sex. We have regained intimacy in our relationship and our respect for this process. I always knew my husband was my biggest support, but we speak out infertility in a different light now. It’s not just “me” feeling sad, disappointed, etc. as he is much more open about how it affects him. 

    I struggled a great deal with the “waiting” and feeling like we weren’t being proactive. But you know what? I took this path to IVF head on and channeled my “waiting” anxiety the best I could figure out. I worked my butt off and picked up an additional job (we were able to save for IVF much faster than anticipated). I took extra babysitting jobs so that I could save cash for 8 weeks of acupuncture prior to beginning meds. We have booked two massages and started a mind/body program that our clinic offers in a private setting that teaches you to meditate and reorganize thoughts. I feel the strongest, most at peace with our journey to date. Although we haven’t started the cycle, I feel like the change in my perception can only help in this situation. I’ve learned patience and the ability to give myself time to grieve during the hard parts of the past few months.

    A year ago, I probably would have scoffed at my future self for wanting to “stop” trying for a baby. Today, I find that I look at myself as a courageous, strong woman who has decided (with my husband) to take on something big, and feel proud of our accomplishments. Ironically, today I paid the first 1/2 of our IVF bill. A $5000+ purchase would have sent me into a panic prior, but I took myself out for a mocktail to celebrate. ๐Ÿ™‚ We anticipated the cost, have money in a special “IVF” savings account, and the financial pressure is gone.

    I can’t tell you what is right for you, but I hope that you know I’m always around if you would like to chat or just have someone listen to your thought process on what the best decision is for you and your Darling Husband. I’m totally biased now that I have been through both the “try try try” and “waiting to save” phases, but that is my vote. Additionally, your plan of switching insurance and using the lifetime max is a great idea – if you also save for the next few months, you may be able to do a second retrieval/freeze all so that you have embryos on hold for anything that may go wrong (God forbid) or future children.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, and for the first time on our infertility journey, I don’t regret a thing about our break.

    Also, FWIW, we are planning to travel internationally to visit my sister who will be out of the country for the next 3 years. We signed up for a new CC that gives us tons of bonus miles and plan to use those/the points earned with our IVF package to travel. Just another way to think about saving. 


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    JLBB-brooklyn:  move to a state that requires insurance companies to cover fertility treatments! Ok not practical, but seriously that cost is absurd and I’m sorry that you have to deal with that. In your shoes I would plan a cheaper trip and save up for the IVF and skip anymore IUI. 

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    JLBB-brooklyn:  umm, I’m pretty sure there is something fishy about that.  If they bill say $125, and the insurnace contracted rate says it shoud be $75… then they should be writing off the last $50, not billing you for it.  That’s kind of the point of having that negotiated rate I thought.  My blood work is billed about the same 105-135, but insurnace always knocks it down to like 50-70, then pays their 80% per my plan, and I end up paying 5-13 out of pocket.  Can they do that?  Can you get your blood done outside then at like Quest Diagnostics?  They definitely write off the difference and don’t chase after me for it. In fact when I get a bills for say $42.49 for the round of blood work, they round down and just bill me $40.

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    HaaaveYouMetTed:  I apologized and then gave genuine advice. I wasn’t asking if they have thought about adoption to be rude. I was thinking of my cousins with an adopted child. They can’t have a child of their own because they are married men.

    Their daughter was taken from parents that abused heroin. She was four when they brought her home and is ten now. Despite the years she spent in the system and her rough beginning, she is a great child and doesn’t show any trauma from her early life. She is 100% their daughter even though she does not share their genes. 

    Also, acting like adoption is such an offensive and subpar option may be hurtful to people who have been adopted or are up for adoption. 

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