Taking a pay and title cut for happiness

posted 4 months ago in Career
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    I would start going on interviews. In my opinion it’s not healthy having all of this stress after only two months in the job.

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    I would probably look for an option C, which is to find another job.  

    If you are desperate to get out right now and don’t have time to find another job, then you should take the pay cut temporarily while looking for anther job that will better suit your needs.

    I definitely think that happiness is more important than money, but you aren’t pigeon holed into one or the other forever.  

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    I’ve been happy and broke and making bank and unhappy. 

    Let me tell you, after a while, I got tired of being broke.

    Find something else but I wouldn’t take a giant pay cut.

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    I”m in exact same position. Been in my current job for 2.5 years, but it cost me my health and emotional well-being. The stress has been so bad and the environment is very cut-throat. It was not worth it at all. Take the new job and then after a year you can start applying to better paying positions. I am currently looking to change companies, can’t wait to get the heck out of here. The worst company I’ve ever worked for. 

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    Definitely the third option, which is to start actively looking for a job where you make about what you do now. I took a fairly hefty paycut to leave an industry I disliked. I’m mostly happy with the decision, because there’s the potential to go in some interesting (and better paying) directions. That being said, if those directions don’t pan out in the next year or so, I’m definitely going to be planning to move on…as much as you may love a job, money DOES impact happiness pretty substantially. 

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    The job at your fi’s company – are there other perks that make it a better fit? Could you car pool and get rid of an extra car to save $? 

    I don’t think being stressed out is great, but if you go from working 55 hours @ $19 to 40h @ $15 youre almost cutting your pay cheque in half. That’s huge. So I don’t think that’s really a great option either. 

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      I am a firm believer in not settling for a shit job bad working environment . You won’t always gave a great job, but often you can find a happy one even if it’s a pay cut. Quality of life is super important. 

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    To be honest you’re a bit too young and early in your career to be taking huge cuts for happiness. I don’t advocate staying in toxic environments, but understand that it’s really not a good look at all to be taking a cut in job title 2 months out of college. It’s not just the immediate pay cut — you hurt the trajectory of your career. 

    Go for option C – stick it out until you find a lateral move to a position with the same job title.

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    Another vote for option C – look for another job equal to pay and title you currently have. I stuck out an awful job for 2 years with similar conditions but add in a sadistic and incompetent boss before I left and I got a promotion and a raise going to the new company. Looking back, yes, those 2 years sucked, but they also set me up SO much better for the future. Had I left and took a cut and a demotion, I wouldn’t be making what I am today and I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. We have the option of my husband taking time off work or quitting all together to stay home with the kids if we wanted to. I know it sucks, and I have been there and there were so many days that I wanted to quit. In the end, I personally was glad I stuck it out. Not only did it help me recognize what a good company does look like, see the warning signs in interviews, but my professional career was so much better off for it. 

    I will say that while I was in that environment, I did develop some good coping skills. I did a lot of yoga and I took up boxing. I learned to leave work at work after a couple of arguments with my SO at the time and to not let work stress out other areas of my life. It was a hard lesson to learn, but again, I am better off for it. I leave work at work, talk to my husband about my accomplishments, and if I have a bad day, I may bitch about it over text while it is happening, but after I leave I refuse to say anything negative about work. I leave it in the building. 

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    emvee :  GTFO. You were not born to work, pay bills, and die. Yes you need to work and want to grow your career but NO job is worth this kind of BS

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    I’ve been in a job like that and it’s not fun. Chest pains and crying at work is the worst. Honestly, if you don’t think things will change I would take another job. Even if you take $15/hour for awhile it won’t be forever.  You’ll get experience and then you can use it to open up more opportunities in the future.

    I don’t think sacrificing your health is worth it.

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    I’ve been in this exact situation and really sympathise with how you’re feeling.
    Like you, i would feel anxious and dread going to work – id often sit in my car trying to build up the courage just to walk in the door! I actually liked the job- but my boss was a bully and it made me hate going in.

    I stuck with it for THREE years because i liked the actual job, but every weekend was spent dreading the next Monday morning, and i suffered terribly with panic attacks and insomnia. I felt like i couldnt enjoy life to the full because in the back of my mind  i was always worrying about being at work…even when i was on holiday id worry about what my boss had in store for me when i got back!

    Its only when i realised if i carried on id make myself seriously ill i decided to make a change and go elsewhere. It was nervewracking – as i was letting go of my old title, benefits and pay check. My new job offer was for less – granted only slightly less but enough for me to know about it and have to make a few cuts here and there. I knew if i’d stayed at my current job i could have gotten a payrise shortly after, and I really liked my ‘status’ there – its amazing how much i debated staying purely because i liked my job title and how it sounded when people asked ‘so what do you do’.

    But honestly, it was the BEST decision ive made and i instantly felt relief flood through me the minute i decided to go for this new job. Im having to work my way up again, and im having to earn benefits and some of that status i had in my old job back – which will take time – but my OH and family have all said how much of a change they see in me. It’s like the light has been switched on in me again and it feels like im free again! I cant believe all this time i thought the higher salary and job title was worth staying for.

    I no longer dread work all weekend. I sleep like a baby and i barely think about the money now.
    It really was worth the pay cut and i wish id realised sooner. You cant put a price on your health and happiness 🙂

    My advice would be to take the leap and go for the lower paid job. You can always work back up to where you were or try and ‘side-hustle’ to earn a bit of extra pocket money (im a designer so i sell prints on the side just to top me up sometimes!) It makes so much difference being in a nice, relaxed work environment.   You can always keep looking for something else and use it as a stepping stone, but staying in such a toxic work environment no matter how much you’re paid is just not woth it.  

    Good luck bee, i know how difficult this situation is x



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    I would try to stick it out where you are for a year. It’s a good experience to learn to deal with difficult bosses and tough environments with no hand holding. Especially being your first job out of college. Learn coping techniques, learn to manage your stress levels. 


    I would not take a 40% pay cut (or 25% hourly rate cut). You are literally right out of college so it’s not the time in your career to take a pay cut for sanity’s sake. 


    In anout 7 more months start putting your resume out there and make a goal to be gone by the 1 year mark. That’s a respectable amount of time for your first big girl job.  But I would absolutely not hop to your FI’s company just because they have openings. You’ll need to conduct a real job search and try to get an increase from where you’re currently at, pay-wise, just with better hours and environment. 

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    There’s better out there bee!  Start aggressively looking for another entry level position in your field. Don’t take a dead end job and job hop.  Wait for the right thing in your career path.  My dad worked 40 years at a family owned business, he was so stressed out by the drama he had a heart attack before he was 50.  Eventually he got laid off and now he’s working at Apple and while he makes far less money, I’ve never seen him happier!  He was so afraid of making a change he wishes he’d done it 20 years ago!

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