Taking a pay and title cut for happiness

posted 6 months ago in Career
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    Busy bee

    Without question- go with what makes you happy. Good things can and will come of it. 

    To stick with something that has you miserable is not a recipe for future well being. 

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    Blushing bee
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    I would not take he first dead end job that presented itself, but I would start looking for something better ASAP.

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    Sugar bee

    Definitely don’t stay at the current position. (Unless that job is a key stepping stone to a specific position that will offer more flexibility)

    But I wouldn’t take the job at your fiance’s work. Taking it might put a halt to your career progress – and you don’t want to use your fiance’s company as a quick stop gap until you find something better.  

    Look for a job that makes use of your degree and can get you on a path to where you want to end up. 

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    Sugar bee
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    You’re fresh out of college – you really do NOT need to be sticking it out at a job that makes you miserable right now… you should absolutely be shopping around for other opportunities, and even willing to take other opportunities that are lower pay but may be able to offer a better growth and development trajectory or just more interesting work.

    I’d caution against taking the job with your fiance’s company if it is one that is intended to be long term but you don’t have any interest in staying in long term. Don’t let him stick his neck out to get you an opportunity that you are only taking as a way to get out of your current job. If you want to take that job because the work and the company appeal to you, and you see a future there, then absolutely, go for it. 

    But you’re probably better off seeking other opportunities in the field you just spend years and thousands of dollars getting a degree in. 

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    Honey bee
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    A few thoughts:

    – You’re fresh out of school and only 2 months in – I think a certain level of stress and confusion can be expected as you have no experience yet and there are big adjustments to be made. Things like bosses being rude may just be the kind of thing you have to learn to get along with. And with the lack of guidance maybe they want you to just do your best and then they will teach you by correcting what you come up with? I’m in my first ‘real’ job too and there were certainly times I wanted to quit because it all felt so terrifying and horrible. But as I get more confident those feelings do fade. Try to really think about whether some of this is just a learning curve. 

    – On the other hand, if this really is a bad situation that you can’t stand (and if you’re literally getting yelled at it doesn’t sound great) then start aggressively job searching. You don’t want to be seen as a ‘job hopper’ but as long as you put in a decent tenure at your next job a single 2 month stint won’t be too worrying to future employers. 

    – Think about your career. You have a degree so I would think you have at least a vague idea of the direction you want to go in? Is the job at your fiance’s work related to that or is it just a totally random way to get out of your current job? Would you be prepared to stay there for at least a year (to avoid the job hopper thing I mentioned?)

    – At your current level I think the important thing isn’t salary (as long as you can live) but rather setting up your employment history for the future. 

    – If the new job is one that you actually want and makes sense for the future and isn’t just a stop-gap, then take it (if you get offered it!) if it’s not, I would say stick it out and look for something better unless you literally can’t stand to stay. 

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    Helper bee
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    2 months into my first job out of college I always felt like I was drowning and used to cry on the way home sometimes. After 3 years there, we had to relocate for my fiance’s career and I cried to leave my job!  Going from college to working full time is a huge adjustment that takes more than 2 months. I would say it was at least a year before I felt truly comfortable in my position.  That being said, if this job is affecting your mental health that much, it’s not worth it. You need to decide if you can stick it out another 10 months (maybe having a deadline makes it more bearable?) or if you need to leave now. It sounds like finances aren’t a terribly big concern right now, which is nice.

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    Helper bee
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    emvee :  I have been in a similar position as you. I was a store manager for a company that was a disaster. I had zero support from head office, my emails went unanswered,  they couldn’t deliver client orders on time or correctly, when I emailed my superior he never responded, but he somehow wanted me to magically know things. Our contractors went unpaid and came to me looking for answers, and I had none.

    The pay was nice for that time of my life, I was only 21. But   I worked 6 days a week, my stress levels were through the roof, and I too would find myself crying.

    After I left that job behind, I realized I would never put my paycheck before my happiness again.

    I would much rather make less money and be happier and stress-free. To me, it’s just not worth it! Time cannot be replaced, but money can. Your health (mental and physical) is also more important, stress wreaks havoc on your body. 

    Obviously the choice is yours.

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    Helper bee
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    I agree with other bees that you can keep looking for other options 🙂 but I wouldn’t stay in a position where I find myself crying before work for much longer…

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    Busy bee
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    Take the other job right now. Finding an option C will take too long. Get out now into a job you can stand and then look at your options from there.

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    Bumble bee

    This was me two months after my first degree! BUT I stuck it out for another month and found a better job with greats conditions and better pay. Keep looking and don’t settle for this other job if it’s not related to your chosen career at all. Yes it sucks but the time for working hard is now when you’re young. 

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