Taking BC pills 'late'

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Well, you’re supposed to take them at the same time every day, so I don’t think it’s scientifically sound to reassure you that you’re not pregnant.  If you take one half a day late, that’s basically missing it.  The advice is to use backup birth control for a week if you take one 12 or more hours late.  Definitely do that from now on. 

Good luck, hopefully nothing will come of it.  The odds of getting pregnant each month are fairly low even if people have unprotected sex right in the fertile window, and you were *mostly* protected, so hopefully chance is on your side 🙂

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lioness21 :  What kind of birth control pill are on you? (Be specific with the name.) None of us bees can help you without knowing that. Some pills are fine to take anytime within the same day, others have to be more precise. (I only know about the one I’m on… so can’t necessarily answer your question!)

That being said, I think that if you are having physical symptons, you should be able to get a positive pregnancy test if you are pregnant. 

You still haven’t been on the pill for a super long amount of time, so your body still may be adjusting. 

If in doubt, ask your doctor. 🙂 

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If you read the insert that comes with your prescription, you’ll find a lot of good info. I’m assuming you’re taking a combined estrogen/ progesterone pill with 28 day cycles. Taking a pill late during the first 2 weeks of your cycle is probably not a big deal. Taking a pill late during your third week might be a bigger deal. If you miss a pill during the third week, you should use back up birth control (condoms, etc) for the rest of your cycle. Taking a pill late or missing a pill during the 4th week (placebo week) doesn’t matter at all. 

Since you took your pills late during the first 2 weeks, your chance of being pregnant is very small. 

Try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to take them on time!

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There’s always a chance you could be but there’s no way for anyone to know until you take a test. I definitely recommend getting an app that reminds you daily or simply setting a daily reminder on your phone. I’m usually pretty good about remembering to take it each night before bed without needing a reminder, but there have definitely been some nights where I was glad to have it. 

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Maybe look into an IUD or arm implant if setting a reminder on your phone doesn’t work, as suggested by PPs. That way you won’t have to stress.

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14-16 hours late is basically missing a pill. For the pill to be effective, you are usually advised to take it at the same time every day. I try to take mine at the exact same time every day, or at least within a 30 minute window. Occassionally I’m off by an hour or so.

In addition to setting yourself reminders, as PPs have recommended, have you considered changing the time you take it (at the start of your next pill pack)? Is the time you chose inconvenient or hard for you to remember? For example, I take mine at 11pm because I’m almost always home by then and getting into bed. So it’s part of my bedtime ritual, and it’s not a time of day when I’m usually busy with other stuff. On rare occassions when I know I’ll be out later than that, I pop my pack in my bag, but ordinarily I keep it in my bedside table so I always have it handy to take before bed. Taking it during the hours I’m normally out and about would be hard for me because I’d have to constantly transfer my pill pack between purses and bags, excuse myself to find water and take it if I were in a public place, and I might find myself caught on the phone or in the middle of a task and forget to take it, etc. 

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The first week after your period is your most likely to get pregnant, because you haven’t had the hormones for 7 days. The second week you’re less likely. Third you’re least likely. Note that this is virtually the opposite of a woman’s cycle when she’s not on the pill.

Take an early pregnancy test soon to reassure yourself. And Bee, if you aren’t going to be ok with a pregnancy, look into an IUD or other form of BC. It doesn’t sound like the pill is for you.

In the mean time, download a pill reminder app. And put your pill pack somewhere you will see it. Like next to your toothbrush. 

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I suggest an IUD. If you’re forgetful it’s a great alternative.

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Nuva Ring is also another great option that eliminates the need to remember a pill daily.

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I was going to suggest an IUD as well. I was REALLY bad with taking my pill and thankfully I never had an oopsie but it really isn’t a great solution. The IUD was the best (BC related) decision I’ve ever made. Depending on when you are looking at TTC (if ever) there are quite a few options. 

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I don’t think any of us can tell you whether or not you are preggers, but I’m with the other bees on trying an IUD out. I was really bad with forgetting and/or taking them very late and to be honest, switching to Kyleena is the best thing since sliced bread! For me, anyway. They don’t work for everyone, but I’d def talk to your OB about other options.

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Just my personal experience, I was on BCP for a long time and I would occasionally miss a pill or take it late.  somestimes I had to double up and take two.  I never had an issue or oopsie over 10 years.  Not good practice obviously but it happened.  The most likely time to become pregnant by missing pills is in the first week of the pack (esp first few days) because you haven’t had any hormones in your system the prior 7 days.  I got pregnant super easy 2x (not on BCP) so mine still did their job even though I sometimes took them late.  Read your packet of instructions.  Often if you miss 1 day (depends on the week) you should double up the next and you are still fully covered.

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I would look into getting an IUD so the worry about taking the pill late is removed.  Especially if this becomes a common occurance.

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lioness21 :  Read the info packet on your pill. It depends on the dosage and a few other factors to how big a deal a late pill or two is. I know mine basically said NBD if you take one late as long as you don’t miss more than one. But I know others have a much smaller window for error.

But the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. If you’re worried, buy a few and test first thing tomorrow morning and again if your period does not show up on time.

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