Taking care of new born puppy, HELP!!

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Wow, I don’t have any experience, but I think it is wonderful of you to care for poor little one. 

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I have no advice NC I’ve nvr had a young pup, but I think its great what you’ re doing.

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Definitly get him into a vet asap.  For the fleas, you can get a bottle of dawn dish soap, and give him a bath with warm water.  It will kil any adult fleas on him, and help with some of the eggs.  Make sure to dry him well, and keep him warm.  You should set up a bed with a heating pad under it, or heat lamp over it.  Make sure he can move away from the heat source if he gets to warm.  

It takes pups a few days to learn to bottle feed.  Make sure that the hole in the nipple of the bottle is big enough for small drips to from if you hold it upside down.  Keep offering the bottle and it may take a few days but eventually he should start to nurse. As for amount- puppies need 25-35miligrams of food for every 3.5oz of body weight.  See how much he weighs and divide his total food up into 6-8 feedings/day. 

The fleas are a big deal because on such a young puppy they can actually drink enough of the blood to make them anemic and eventually kill them.  You’ll need to stay on top of cleaning him until he is old enough to give a flea preventative.  

You also need to get him dewormed really soon.  Most puppies are born with internal parisites- they live in the digestive tract and steal nutrition from the puppy.  Depending on the kind they can be passed to humans.  You can get the dewormer from the vet or at a place like tractor supply co.  

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Well I used to have dogs that would have litters of puppies and none of the mother’s ever acted this way toward her babies.  I hate to say it but I wonder if there was something wrong with the litter which is why the mom pup doesn’t want anything to do with them.

I applaud your efforts to take care of this baby but I have never had to take care of one this young, the mom usually does that.  Did he open his eyes yet or are they still closed?  If so he is so very very young and he may not make it without his mom.

I found this link which may or may not be helpful : http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/dog-care-newborn-puppy-care.aspx

Aside from the vet I would see if you could contact a local animal rescue and see if they could provide you with any assistance and maybe you could foster one of their dogs for them in turn.  I know there is a guinea pig rescue here that helps owners all the time with situations like this.

Best of luck to you.  I hope it all works out and keep us updated on the little ones condition.

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@LadyX:  Definitely call a shelter, they might be able to put you in touch with an experienced puppy foster mom who could give you advice and maybe even meet up with you to look at the pup and show you how to bottle feed it. Thank you for helping the baby! Good luck!

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You can by a milk supplement for puppies. I had to bottle feed a litter of kittens once that the mother wouldn’t have anyhing to do with. We used a small syringe for a while beffore they got used to the bottle.

So, I would definitely look into the milk supplement, bathe him with the dawn but make sure he gets good and dry and stays warm. 

Other than that, talk to a vet.

But good for you for taking care of him.

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@SouthernGirl:  Oh a syringe is a good idea for now until he gets used to the bottle.  I agree about giving him baths and keeping his bedding clean to reduce the number of fleas.  It sounds like an inexperienced mother, they really aren’t supposed to have puppies that young which is probably why most of the litter didn’t make it.

He is so adorable by the way!  I hope you can find someone out there that has raised puppies before to help you out!

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@LadyX:  That is really odd behavior, well at least the last puppy is in your care now and it seems you’ve done a really good job so far. Smile  

I read somewhere that dogs can give birth after they are about 6 months old thats why they urge people to get the fixed as soon as possible.


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