(Closed) Taking your ring off to do things?

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@mhernandez5:  I take mine off when we are eating with our hands in restaurants just to mess with my Fiance. I really rarely wear it around the house. Mostly it stays in a ring box unless I’m out of the house.

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@mhernandez5:  I seriously ONLY wear my rings when I leave the house… Im scared to bump em against things and that’s why I rather dont wear them much.

I also bought some cheap copies of my rings, which I wear when Im alone somewhere… haha Im such a weirdo.

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TO @mhernandez5:  first off see that you are NEW to WBee, so a BIG Welcome to “the Hive”

Older Encore Bee here…

My first marriage (circa 1980) I had a very simple solitaire (not a huge stone) and wore my Rings 24/7×365 for 20+ years rarely taking them off… which was certainly “the way things were” for most women of the time.  And to be honest my rings were extremely durable… Diamonds can withstand a lot of punishment.  NOTHING bad ever happened to my rings or my stone.

Now the fashion is towards BIGGER Diamonds, and more elaborate rings (pave, channels, lots of little side stones etc) so with more at stake… this generation of Brides likes to do more to “safeguard” their Diamonds from general wear & tear, and exposure to things / situations which might endanger them.

This time round…

My rings definitely are more modern… I too have a lot of bling going on.  My ERing has a 0.80 Feature Diamond and then 46 other smaller Diamonds (almost 2.0 CTW) AND I have a Sparkly WBand that is 10 Diamonds, channel set 0.50 CTW

BUT I also have a plain WBand.

And although I truly believe that my Sparkly Diamond Rings could stand up to most things I could throw at them… there are occasions when I too don’t wear them (as is the fashion)… and wear just my plain WBand alone.

This is particularly true because they are worth a lot of money… and I don’t wish to put them at any sort of risk in a more prone / riskier situation where they might get damaged, lost or stolen


Off they come for… Home Renovations – Painting – Gardening – Deep Cleaning (caustic agents) – Going to the Gym – Cooking / Baking (messy stuff where you get in there with your hands) – Water Sports (Scuba & Snorkelling & such) – as well as when we are Travelling to more “sketchy” places… such as abroad to poorer countries*

* As a Tourist it isn’t smart to attract attention with a splash of cash… and with 2.5 CTW on my hand that definitely is a major trigger.  We leave my rings at home (in our Safety Deposit Box) and I wear just the plain WBand, OR if it is a cruise or other type of holiday whenever we are doing something riskier, we put them in the Hotel’s Room / Ship Cabin Safe.


As for day to day regular stuff.  The rings stay on.  Showers, Hair Washing, Dish Washing, Basic Household Chores, and I wear em to bed too.

Honestly Water & Soap isn’t going to harm your Diamonds.  Infact it will keep them clean & sparkling.

I clean mine with Gentle Jewellery Cleaner now and then (lol, less often as time goes on… down to about 1x per month now), and take them in for inspection and a Professional Cleaning at the Jewellery Store every 3 to 6 Months as well.

Last time in, the Jeweller / Goldsmith asked me if I was even wearing them, as they were so perfect.  I smiled and said yes… all the time.

Hope this helps,


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@mhernandez5:  Congrats!!

I only wear mine to leave the house. Otherwise it’s in my jewelry box safe and sound. 

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Mine comes off during dishes and deap cleaning.  And I also take them off while doing certain kind of cooking, like working dough with my hands or mizing meatloaf or something.

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@angeluscado:  I did aikido for a few years and can understand it would not work to wear an engagement ring during training! Lots of hand grabbing, and you would scratch your colleagues!

I keep my ring on all the time. I shower with it (makes it super sparkly) and sleep with it. I got used to wearing it. Also, since it’s tight over my knuckle, it’s not practical to take it on and off as I please. My ring is very secure on my finger once it’s on, so it’s safe even when it’s cold. I do wear gloves for any dishes or cleaning work. I would wear gloves even without a ring 😉 

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I only take mine off when I’m doing something really gross, like gardening or touching raw meat. I also take it off when I’m coloring my hair, because I don’t know if the dark dye would stain the stone or metal. I’m a mortician, which can get pretty grody, but I wear gloves for embalming, etc, so I don’t take it off then.

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@mhernandez5:  I take mine off all the time. Dishes, hand washing (I HATE wet hands with rings. HATE IT!), cleaning, laundry (it gets caught on the clothes), showering, sleeping, swimming, any kind of yardwork, applying lotion or perfume. A lot. I wear it at work, when I leave the house and when I’m sitting at home I’ll wear it if I’m thinking about it. I do have pave stones, but regarless I want the gold to stay nice and shiny for as long as possible. I didn’t even think about that with my first w-band/e-ring and it got all scratched up.


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same thing I say to all of theses threads

– the safest place for your ring to be is on your finger

– I’d rather pay for cleaning/repairs than have to replace a lost or stolen ring

– choose a ring that suits your lifestyle! 

my ring is 90 years old and looks as clear & sparkly as any new ring. I never take it off and keep a soft toothbrush in the shower and give it a lil’ scrub whenever I think of it. it always looks great! the only time I would consider taking it off is if I happened to be making bread that had to be kneaded by hand, because my ring has filigree on the sides and floury dough would be a bitch to get out. but you know, you can buy bread in shops, so… I don’t see that happening any time soon.


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Wow I didn’t realize so many women take their rings off so often. Thats interesting. I don’t have one yet, but I never imagined myself taking it off ever. Aren’t you afraid of losing it, or misplacing it, or what could happen to it when its not on your finger? Just wondering since I’m not familiar with this.

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I have been wearing at least one ring with stones in it for ten years(different rings, not Erings, but none the less) and I have a routine that I adhere to. When I get home from work, I immediately take my rings and other jewelry off simply because once I am home I cannot stand to be wearing jewelry of any kind. I put everything on again right before I leave the house. I have a little mirrored dish that I have had since I was a child that I keep all my rings in and they stay RIGHT THERE…unless the cats get on my desk and knock it over that is. I can’t imagine showering with jewelry on of any kind, but especially an ering. I’ve fallen asleep with rings on before too and man, when I wake up I regret it! I swear my fingers swell more when I leave rings on at night.

I think it is moreso a personal choice of where/when you take your jewelry off. Whatever works best for you as an individual – obviously, seeing everyone’s responses. Once I get my ring, I will follow the same guidelines I do with the ones that I wear now. The only exception will probably be that I won’t take it off to put lotion on because I have (temporarily) lost rings doing that and I don’t want to chance it!

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I take mine off ALL the time. I probably spend more time with it off than on 🙂 It comes off for: dishes, as soon as I get home, working out, using public restrooms, eating anything greasy or messy with my hands, swimming, etc.

It bothers me to think about all the germs and dirt that it could hold over time. It also has little pave diamonds that I worry about.

@Regina Phalange:  That necklace sounds like something I clearly need! Do you have a link you can share?

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@natissa:  No prob! Smile I wanted the Tiffany one that some Bees talked about on that thread but couldn’t justify the cost. My $18 Etsy one does the job just as well, lol!

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