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Busy bee
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ditto everything you said!but simething I always try and remember when watching this is

1)Its a competition,each and every one of those brides wants to WIN and so knocking everybody elses wedding is their way of trying to make sure that things swing their way

2)In a good way it shows how everybody has such different perspectives of what they want/expect out of a wedding,and how varying everybodies ideas are.Eg what you think would make your perfect day, I might hate the ideas you come up with,and vice versa. I think it makes it interesting!

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Bumble bee

Do you know any place to watch it online ?

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Helper bee
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What they need to do is have 4 brides with a similar budget competing. It seems like, though not always, that the bride with the higher budget will win. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride with a low budget win. More traditional weddings also seem to win the most.

I do agree they can be very snarky with both big budget brides and low budget brides.

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Honey bee
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Like a certain craaazy celebrity out there, to these brides on this show it’s about …


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Bumble bee
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@noenyu: I’ve been watching the show and noticed that, too. It seems like in general, the brides don’t give a lot of credit for creativity and resourcefulness. Sometimes I’m like, give the girl a break! She’s serving 300 people dinner on $10,000!

I know the point of the show is that it’s a competition and I’m sure producers ask leading questions about what they didn’t like about the others’ weddings, but they do seem in general to prefer the traditional high budget weddings more.

I love the show, though, because in an hour you can get a lot of ideas from four entirely different weddings. Sometimes I like that it’s snarky because it makes you realize what kinds of things people might hate on that they wouldn’t mention to your face!

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Helper bee
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Four Weddings has made me realize that no matter what you wont please everyone (or possibly anyone lol) with your wedding.

There was one epsiode where a bride had a morning ceremony and breakfast reception -everyone hated it, but there was also a bride who did everything 100% the way you’d expect it -and everyone hated it. You just can’t win! Usually, the bride who wins has a pretty substantial budget (although not always the highest) and some swanky hall that is far more than Fiance and I were able to find/afford (or even desire honestly). The outdoor weddings are always too hot, too cold, or too windy. The indoor weddings are always too boring, plain, or just plain tacky. Sigh.

That show has actually allowed me to let go a little of what other people think and make my own decisions about what Fiance & I really want. We’ve pretty much thrown tradition out the window when it comes to the reception.


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Busy bee
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@bellenga: Have you been drinking Tiger’s Blood?  😉

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@futuremrskelsey: Don’t forget that a lot of reality shows push people to say things like this, or specifically pick people that will make these comments.  I know people that were on Rich Bride, Poor Bride, and Wedding SOS, and a lot of stuff for these shows is made up.  It’s all for entertainment purposes.  I agree though, some of the stuff said is hard to stomach, especially around the time you are planning your own wedding!

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Sugar bee
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I’ve only watched it once, and I would never watch it again. I thought it was ridiculous and snarky.  No thank you.  Weddings are stressful enough without a group of people there whose sole purpose is to judge you and make rude comments. 

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They are always so catty! “Barbecue? I HATE barbecue!”….compared to weddings where there was nothing to eat but saltine crackers, I would have scarfed down the barbecue in a heartbeat lol.


That show inspires me though, not to take my wedding over the top or to be drastically unprepared for the event. Learn from other’s mistakes!

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Helper bee
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My Fiance watches the show with me just to see the CRAZY come out! LOL he can’t believe the comments that come out of these women’s mouths!

You can def tell which Brides are sincere and genuine and which are downgrading on purpose! Makes me “keep it real” even more, lol

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Busy bee
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@futuremrskelsey:  LOVE this show and wish I could be on every episode, the honesty is refreshing



1) On several occassions I have seen brides with a lower budget win


2) traditional favoured? I don’t think so, God forbid the ceremony which is a sacrament not be over and done with in a flash. The brides bitch over ceremony length due to religion, ceremony in a different language due to religion and lack of “personal” touches in the ceremony


Last I enjoy the show “cattyness” and all because sorry not every idea is a good idea some are down right < insert the forbidden T word>. Some are just plain corny, ok I get it you hjave some singing ability but I don’t like that song, don’t want to hear it and am embarassed for you. Yes it is the bride’s day but give me permission to be honest in judging/providing feed back and will gladly do it. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like this or that b/c we all have different ideas and sugar coating only sets ppl up for disappointment. I would LOVE to be on this show over and over so I could ask questions like “did you get married or pay a lot of money to watch ppl get drunk?” “uh was it a wedding or a night at the club?” “let me guess that skirt comes off and that see through strapless top is your lingerie?” I’d also love to ask the guest bride’s questions “what part of COCKTAIL reception did you misunderstand it wasn’t meant to be a full meal”, “you understand we are in a house of worship and not every priest cares if it is decorated enough and the ceremony is the most important part”, “yes it is windy for an outdoor reception but did it occur to you to check the forcast before leaving the house and bitching about things beyond anyone’s control?”

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