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I have a lot of them.

This is going to sound masochistic, but I like the pain, well not like but there is something about it.

Someparts hurt like hell and others just felt like a scratch 

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delovely13:  I have 3 tattoos.  The first one I ever got was on my foot.  It hurt like a motha fuger.  My second tattoo I got it on my scapula.  It didn’t hurt that bad the only part that hurt the most is when the tattoo artist was getting closer to my shoulder.  The third tattoo I got was on my wrist and it didn’t hurt very much either.  Personally, I think it feels like when you scrape yourself really bad, but not that bad.

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delovely13:  I have one – a small Celtic knot on my inner left wrist (all in black). It honestly wasn’t too bad because it was small and one color. My first roommate in college (who I adore and who came with me to get my tattoo) had a bunch of tattoos and she said the worst was on top of her foot because there is no fat to help cushion the bone. So you should keep in mind that the more fat there is in an area the less it might hurt. 

The pain was more of a burning or itchy or something to be honest – I really can’t describe it. It wasn’t that bad after a while, more annoying than anything, and you get used to it. You said your’s would be small and one color, so that will definitely help.

The guys at the shop teased me a bit because I was nervous, but they were really nice and cool. I wouldn’t be too concerned about that part if I were you. Just look into shops with good reputations and you should be fine. 🙂

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I have loads of tattoos,most fairly smallish,2 bigger. The place that hurt the most on me was behind my ear,ouchhhhh,it felt like it was on fire! On my back however,it was absolutely fine. My hip one i almost fell asleep in places but there are always little spots that make you think sheeeeeettt!Just breathe through them and know that it will be over soon!

What i have found is that the more the tattoo artist talks to me,the less i feel it.Like if you sit in silence all you can concentrate on is the feeling whereas if they are telling you funny stories or making chit chat it takes the focus away a lot so tell your artist you are nervous and would like to chatter!

Also i learnt that the time of the month can make a difference too.If you are due your period your skin is more sensative so yeh avoid that time frame too.

Good luck!

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delovely13:  I got a small one like you’re considering about three years ago on my bikini line. I didn’t drink or anything before bc I too was nervous. It was over in 15 minutes and felt like a pencil scratching my skin. I imagined so much worse!! It didn’t bleed at all and was healed in four days. Do it!!! Good luck!

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Skittles131:  where’s the placement if the tattoo on your foot? My sister and I are planning on getting matching tattoos just below our right ankles. First tattoo for both of us.

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I have three currently, two on my thigh, and one on my side/ribs. The side one was definitely the most painful; the thighs really werent so bad. I would describe the feeling as “being cut” similar to a paper cut. It is a stinging sensation with some pain, but honestly, nothing I don’t think someone could bear. Charts online are pretty helpful on deciding painful spots. It is personal, but to a point, the meatier spots seem less painful than bonier spots.

I would definitely bring a friend for moral support and hand holding. I think tattoos are so common now that tattoo artists are used to everyday people coming in for their first tattoo and arent rude or mean to nervous people. Just tell them it’s your first, and I hope they would be nice. Going off reviews from friends is always best I find too.

Best of luck and I hope you go for it! It’s always great to be brave and do things for ourselves once in a while!

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I have two tattoos, the first experience was awful, it was on my wrist and I couldnt help myself shaking, so I was hard to tattoo..It felt like hundreds of little bee stings. but in saying that I love it, and I got another within six months so obviously it’s bearable!

<br /> My second one was between my back and it was ALOT better, painful in places but other places just annoying and vibrating. I had colour put in as well and same thing, just tickly and uncomfortable. My husband had a tattoo at the same time on his ribs and that was apparently awful. <br /><br />

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I have three tattoos. The first is a dragon tied in a Celtic love knot on my hip. It was done by a machine, as I’m sure yours will be (it’s the usual way of doing them). I would describe the pain as being like when someone pinches you with long nails. Not unbearably painful, but slightly sore. It’s a different pain from being pierced. Being pierced is short and sharp. This is dull but goes on for longer. It took about 45 minutes. Some people take an ibuprofen beforehand if they are worried about pain. Don’t take anything which will thin your blood beforehand (eg aspirin, alcohol). And don’t drink afterwards… I remember having my naval pierced after half a pint of beer. Afterwards, I went for another pint and suddenly realised I was spewing blood down my jeans. Not good.

My second tattoo is a traditional, hand tapped tattoo on my foot. It took over four hours and required two men to sit on me and stretch the skin. Not because I was moving deliberately… but because after a while you start to shiver and shake because of the pain. Because getting tattoos done in this way is supposed to be a sign of your spiritual strength, you are not allowed to complain or to make any signs of discomfort. I was OK, but compared to a machine tattoo, hand tap hurts a lot more, and I bled like a *****.

My third was a hand tap behind my ear. This one hurt much less than the one on my foot and only took about 45 minutes. I must confess that I may or may not have been drunk at the time. DO NOT follow my example. I was VERY BAD. Never drink and tattoo!

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delovely13:  Oh and dont worry, a professional tattoo artist wont laugh at you! With my wrist I was shaking like a leaf and she was just stern with me. With my back I read a book the whole time and found the distraction worked well.

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I have one tattoo- and for someone who is scared of needles it was a big deal for me to do!

I got it as a ‘Congratulations! You’ve just finished 1st year university!’ I slept for about 2 hours the night before studying for a Chem exam. I fell asleep on the lounge chair for the 2 hours it took. I didn’t feel a thing.

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I only have one tattoo (so far, there are plans for more)- it’s a 9 inch piece on my hip/rear. I was very worried too and waited 2 years to get it. The benefits of waiting- I haven’t regretted it at all and I found an amazing artist to do it for me. Her color work is great and she made sure I was comfortable the whole time. The pain wasn’t unbearable by any means, more annoying than actually painful. It became easier to handle when I actively thought about it… counterintuitive for me, but true. The more I thought, “This hurts, but I can deal…” the less I felt. Also, I was lying on my side and could see the machine, so I was also watching the speed she was using. Having something to look at definitely helped!

Is there a small part of yours that would look good on its own? If you’re really worried about handling it, maybe just having a small part done first will let you know if you can handle more?

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Rachel631: Off-topic, but you are like, the most interesting person ever. You seem like you’d have amazing stories to share! Sorry if this is creepy hahah!

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I have three tattoos- the first one is on the inside ridge of my foot (“All was Well” the last word’s from the Harry Potter books!), the second one is a tree on my other foot that took over the whole top of it (my dad painted the tree), and the third is a key at the nape of my neck (my fiance has a lock- we got them together for our engage-iversary).


Out of the three tattoos, the worst one was definitely the tree. I knew going in that it was going to hurt, but it wasn’t so much the actual tattooing part that sucked, but the aftermath. My foot swelled up for about 4 weeks afterwards, so badly that I couldn’t wear shoes. It was a total pain in the ass to keep it clean because of the placement. 

I would say go for it, it hurts, but only for a while, and if it means so much to you- it’s totally worth it! Good luck!

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delovely13:  I have 2 one on my hip and that was a cake walk. I also have a flower on my foot and so does my BFF they were doing tattooing for japan after the tsunami as a fundraiser so we decided to do it! So let me share this silly story. My BFF has 6 Tattoos this was her 7th my 2nd. she had just gotten foot surgery and was still in a good amount of pain from it and on crutches. so i went first. I was laughing SO HARD because it hurt SO BAD my toes were moving but there is just nothing but bone and tendons so I was expecting it. My BFF is sitting watching and making fun of me telling me to suck it up. Her turn comes first thing out of her mouth is F**********K!!! hahaha she continued to apologize to me the whole time! 

Even after that I plan on getting more. You can do it! Also don’t be afraid to get a tattoo drawn up but if you don’t have a good vibe or you don’t mesh well with your artist you can walk away. The parlor that my family uses (yea it’s a family thing lol) actually does pre-tattoo interviews. 

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