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delovely13:  I have one tattoo on the back of my shoulder.  Its a cancer ribbon with the year my dad died on it.  I got it as part of a fundraiser at a local tattoo place. It didn’t hurt too bad. Uncomfortable yes but not too bad.

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delovely13:  i only have one, but not for lack of wanting more. i was much like you – always wanted want but never following through. i waited until i was 28 to get one, and mine is on my upper right back/shoulder area and is about the size of a hand maybe? i sat about 3 hours total – it was free handed and so detailed. it didn’t hurt at all…but i’m not so sure that any other part of the body would be the same. it really was just annoying more than anything!

just do it. you’ll be so glad you did ๐Ÿ™‚

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delovely13:  I have a tattoo on my lower back. It hurt but it was not unbearable and it was not as bad as I thought. You’re right though, certain places on your body will hurt more than others. I actually have a ticklish spot on my right side of my back but not on the left so it is really weird. While I was getting my tattoo, he got close to the spot a few times and I kinda jumped lol

It was funny but I was also worried that I would move and he would mess up. It turned out great in the end and I do not regretting it at all! I got it when I was 16 or 17 and I am now 25.

Tonight I am going to get my belly button pierced and I am freaking out about that! lol

As far as the tattoo goes though, for the little pain it causes, it is so worth it! I remember I was trying to read a magazine while I was getting it done and at the end of it, the magazine was all crinkled lol But trust me, you’re building it up in your mind to be worse than it actually will be!

Do it!!

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I’ve only had the one, it’s about 3in x 3in on my inner wrist. I did have numbing cream which I would reccomend if it’s offered. It won’t last through the whole tattoo though. Mine took 20 mins or so to do and 10 mins in the numbing stuff wore off but it was a good way to ease into the pain! When it did wear of it just felt like pins and needles or something, more annoying that anything.

Tattoo artist was super nice, he understood that I was terrified and started by doing a dot, then a line until I was happy for him to carry on as normal.

Also, take sweets to suck while you have it, if you are like me they take your mind of whats happening. And have a decent meal before you go too, don’t want to get light headed!

Will be having more at some point! Started planning my next one as I left the shop with my first!

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MrsRevolutionize:  Thank you so much! Not creepy at all. TBH I spend most of my life feeling like a huge wierdo, LOL.

I used to live on an anarcho-feminist compound, but I am also religious… I’m covered in piercings and tats, but I married a policeman… I guess I’m a pretty strange bird!

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I like the endorphins.  I mean, I really like the endorphins.  I fells asleep during my first tattoo, it was so relaxing.

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delovely13:  I have 10 tattoos. 1 on each shoulder, 1 on the back of my neck, 1 on my right wrist, 2 on the other, 1 on each inside ankle, 1 on my foot, and I just got one on the back of my leg/ankle. The shoulders were probably the least painful, followed by my neck. Ankles and wrists weren’t too bad either. My foot was by far the most painful, and the one I just got was pretty bad too (it went right across the achilles tendon).

All of mine are fairly small, taking less than 30 minutes (some were as short as 15 mins). The pain is kind of like a cat scratching repeatedly, and then when it’s done it feels like a sunburn for a couple days. After the sunburn phase it switches over to a “it won’t stop itching phase”, which I think is worse. lol. You’ll notice when it’s healing that it’ll scab up a little and then flake off (normal, but I wish someone had told me that my first time…). When I got my foot tattooed, it was swollen for about a week, so depending where you get it you may want to keep the weather in mind.

In my experience some tattoo artists are kind of jerks. They get frustrated when people cry and squirm (or pass out), but if you just concentrate on your breathing it will be fine! And they’re addicting, so be prepared!

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I have a bunch. 10 total. 2 on my wrists, ankles calves and shoulders/bicep. I would say that it feels like hot scratching mostly. Thinner skin (inner wrists) feel more like stinging, near the bone vibrates and feels SO weird, but after the first minute your body really does adjust.  If you are planning to get it OVER scar tissue, beware. Ink can bleed/spread into scars and it can be a tad more painful! (do-able though! I’ve had it done and it didn’t bleed too bad over my small scar). Best of luck, and congrats to getting through tough times! Happy Early birthday!

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Technically I have 6 but I sat for 11 different sessions. My favorite 2 are pictured below. The back one was done in 2 sessions totaling 8 hours (first session 5 1/2 hrs until I tapped out and I waited a couple of months until it fully healed before finishing the rest). The arm tat is the most recent one which I got in February, it was a redo of a stupid one I got when I was 17. That session took 8 1/2 hrs and both were totally worth it!

If you get a chance, look up Dr. Numb. I used that for the second session of my most recent tattoo and it lasted about 2-3 hours. Slather on a good amount of the cream and then cover the area with saran wrap for at least an hour before the session begins. It really worked well as he was concentrating in super sensitive areas. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so using when I used the Dr. Numb cream, I didnt feel a thing for the first 2 1/2 hrs but after that a completely different story!

Here is when the outline was completed:

Finished redo:

Back tat:

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I have 3 small tattoos.  One is on my foot, and that “hurt” the most.  It was kind of like an annoying irritation more than pain if that makes sense?  I alternated between clenching my teeth and laughing with my friend while getting it done.  Truly, it was not at all unbearable. 

I say stop thinking about it too much.  You have decided you really want it so just go for it!  You will be glad you did.

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I have two tattoos – be warned, it’s addicting ๐Ÿ˜‰ For me I didn’t find them to be overly painful – if you’ve ever had any type of bikini wax, I honestly think that is more painful… then again, everyone has a different level of pain tolerance – so there isn’t a rule…

One thing that I think made a difference for me is that my tattoo artist has a very gentle touch.  She told me that in her experience men tend to be more heavy handed which can mean that it hurts a bit more than it could… I have never been tattooed by a man, so I can’t comment as to whether that’s true or not – but something to think about ๐Ÿ™‚

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delovely13:  I have 3 tattoos, one on my inner foot near my heel a rose with some writing and color, it hurt not horribly, but it hurt. One on my ribs – words just black, easy peasy, didnt hurt much. And a rosary on my foot and around my ankle, it did hurt but only in two specific spots. The roasary it self is black, I orginally wanted some blue in the beads but after getting some shading down I counldn’t take the pain. I have a fairly high pain tolerance but after sitting there for 3 hours I was tired and it it was really painful. My sister has I think 6 tattoos in all different places on her body and she said the one that hurt the most was her ribs. But like I said my ribs didn’t hurt anything near my foot. It all depends on your body and pain tolerance. 

My first tattoo I was so scared but my sister said it is just like being scratched by a cat. 

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I have something like 23 tattoos and yes, some of them were just terrible. Mine are all over, my whole right arm, left arm, thigh, stomach, spine, shoulder blade, hips, sides…The worst for me were my thigh and the inside of my upper arm. Very tolerable places for me are the forearm (inside and outside), back, outside of the upper arm, and sides. I have some small ones and some huge ones, so it could also be the thigh hurt so much just because it’s so darn big. I would definitely avoid the ribs or feet for your first one.

Ok, here’s some of my badass ink ๐Ÿ™‚

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