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  • poll: Cell phones, personal calls and work
    It is acceptable at all times to make personal calls during work hours (generalised chit-chat) : (14 votes)
    6 %
    It is only acceptable to make personal calls during work hours if it is an emergency : (44 votes)
    18 %
    It is never acceptable to make personal calls during work hours : (1 votes)
    0 %
    It is acceptable to receive (and continue) a generalised chit chat call during work hours : (10 votes)
    4 %
    It is only acceptable to receive personal calls if they have a purpose or emergency : (63 votes)
    26 %
    Any personal calls made during working hours will be ignored and returned during lunch : (10 votes)
    4 %
    I am allowed to use my phone at work : (61 votes)
    25 %
    I am allowed my phone on me but using it is discouraged : (25 votes)
    10 %
    I am not allowed my phone during work hours : (13 votes)
    5 %
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    even if it is permissable… I feel personal phone calls.. or at least multiple ones during the day while at work is unprofessional.

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    Sugar bee
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    Darling Husband and I both work retail.

    I do not have my cell phone with me on the sales floor but I will occasionally call Darling Husband on my work phone. Darling Husband very rarely calls me on my work phone- only if he needs something immediately.

    On the other hand, Darling Husband has his phone and Ipad with him at work. Usually if I want to talk to him I call his work phone first- and i generally do so about 5 times a day (when he is working and I am not). 

    I think it depends on your workload, your industry, and your specific company’s rules.

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    @FromA2B2013:  Depends on your field. I work in corporate and we all have our phones with us all the time (I carry two – work and personal). Personal calls are acceptable as long as they aren’t excessive, and many of us use our phones for work purposes. I don’t like personal calls at work anyway because I don’t want my colleagues hearing my business…it’s not frowned upon though.

    If I was out for dinner and my waitress was on her phone, or a customer service rep was, I don’t think that is appropriate. It depends on if you are client facing and what the norms are. 

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    My job (wildlife biologist) is pretty chill about this.  I’m either in my private office at my small, ~15-employee office, or I’m out doing field work.  Either way, I can make or receive calls without anyone raising an eyebrow.  I obviously try to limit them though.

    I didn’t vote because my feelings on it fall in-between “chit-chat” and “emergencies” being acceptable.  I’ll make or receive quick phone calls for appointments, talking w my fiance about plans, etc, but I’m not going to just chat for 10+ minutes for the fun of it.

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    If you aren’t working in customer service the whole time you’re at work (or say watching children or something else that requires full attention like driving), I don’t think it’s a problem. We aren’t monitored and are allowed to have our phones/can make calls whenever we want or need. We also have a lot of work to do, so while nothing is forbidden or written in stone, we also aren’t sitting around chatting on our phones all day (i’m a scientist, if that gives any insight)

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    It’s pretty simple for me – no calls except at lunchtime. I’m not allowed my phone on me. If it were an emergency, the caller would ring the front officer of my employer. 

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    @Woodstock:  This.

    I get really annoyed when my sales people take personal calls. I understand if it’s an emergency or something important, but when I have no one to give a sales call to because you’re on your phone talking to your wife, that’s a problem.

    I rarely, if ever, take personal calls, even though it’s fine.

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    I work on the road so I have my phone with me all the time and I’m expected to be reachable at all times for business.  But, I try to be very careful about seperating work calls and personal calls.  It is not acceptable to be receiving personal calls on company time unless it’s an emergency.  Certain purposeful calls (to places that are only open during work hours) can be made during lunch, IMO.  

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    Eh, in moderation.

    I work a lot of hours, so sometimes I need to take a call. I go outside if so though. That said, I’m also salary, so it’s not like I’m “on the clock” the same as an hourly employee.

    While having to orchestrate my surgery I had a few phone calls one day between the surgeon and the hospital, but I took them outside. Trying to do that after 5 or 6pm just isn’t going to happen lol

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    @lolot:  omg I want this job!


    I think it depends on what you do, and the circumstances. I don’t think that anyone customer facing job should be even carrying around their personal cell phones. Even if it buzzes’ it’s distracting and unprofessional. In an office environment, I find it extremely rude to even bring a personal cell phone to a meeting unless you have some sort of family emergency going on.

    In my particular job I have my phone on my desk with me, and I do make personal calls at times, but rarely if ever to just chit chat, it’s usually for a reason or to ask a question. I don’t just sit on my phone during the day chatting up my friends (I hvae gmail chat for that HAHA)

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    I think it really depends on the nature of the job and workplace. I work in a lab, and I can do literally whatever I want as long as I’m still getting my work done. It’s hurry-up-and-wait work, so without a doubt everyone has many small breaks built into their day. I could chit-chat if I wanted to (hell, could probably nap and no one would care), I simply don’t because I don’t want my phone calls to be public to anyone within earshot. BUT, if I’m actually in the middle of something, I won’t answer a call. 

    My Fiance is an engineer and his is mostly a desk job. He always answers his phone when I call him, but I only do that if I have a quick question that needs a quick answer or if the alternative would take like 12 text messages to accomplish the same goal. He has never expressed that anyone would care if he made personal calls, and I know he chit-chats with other coworkers over the phone. 

    However, when I’ve worked as a server or bartender, I would barely sneak a look at my phone every few hours. Making or answering a phone call would be ridiculous. Obviously it’s the same when I was teaching in the classroom. However, I did have a professor answer his phone during lecture once…

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    I’m an engineer in a corporate office. Cell phones… not a big deal. Although usually if I’m making a personal call I just use my office phone!

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    We’re permitted to have and use our phones, but I find it highly obnoxious and unprofessional when people take personal calls at work on a regular basis (I have a coworker who spends half her day on personal phone calls and I want to slap her).  It’s distracting, and I know all her personal business which I don’t want to know.  If I MUST take a personal call at work, I leave the office and go outside or wait until my lunch break and again, go outside.

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    I have my own office and keep the door closed so I do use my phone at work, but I’m not on it all the time. I know people who spend a good hour on the phone just to kill time, or go in the bathroom to do it so the boss doesn’t catch them (super annoying when you have to pee!). 

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