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@VossinatorsButterfly:  I will second the UV lights being a treatment for issues with depression and eczema. I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and sh*t gets serious in the winter……seriously….I am not a happy person without my “happy” lights… It does’t take much to make a huge difference in my skin and mood, plus vit D levels. Like 5 minutes a few times per week a few months out of the year, and that is probably not going to give me skin cancer, especially when I use SPF. The risk is worth my happiness and the happiness of those around me. Everything in moderation, small amounts of time, limit as much as possible, etc.

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I wouldn’t spray tan before my wedding, i would be afraid the spray tan would rub off on my white dress

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@VossinatorsButterfly:  your doctor is a horrible practitioner. I work at a cancer hospital and it is nauseating to hear that a medical professional suggested you go tannih. Get a SAD lamp if you suffer from depression. 

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I don’t like the risk of tanning beds and I am weary of the sun.I use tanning lotion and it works beautifully for me, but I am naturally quite olive. 

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@ChuckNorris:  Ditto. I have SAD and use a UV lamp by SunBox every morning (I am supposed to use it for 20ish minutes from 15 inches away so I use it while applying my makeup, which works out because it is SO bright and really ensures perfect application) but if I’m getting effects anyway, a tanning bed will give me a boost. Like I said earlier, I would absolutely maximum use it ten times a year for a max of a few minutes. I may get skin cancer, and there’s a small chance I could even die from it, but I won’t commit suicide. That’s a tradeoff I’m totally okay with.

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@mamadingdong:  I have a number of SAD lamps and honestly the boost from a tanning bed is TOTALLY different. It makes it feel like summer. I dunno. I am lily-white so it’s not even like I associate summer with tanning, but it’s more a certain mood of not all-pervasive depression. Very little seems to be known about SAD from what I’ve read and I think it’s judgmental of you to throw out an entire potential treatment because of side-effects. Some of us are okay with the probabilities of getting those side effects if the treatment is more effective, just like with ANY OTHER treatment that comes with side effects (last I checked, pretty much all of them). I am not unaware of the risk as my mom was an avid tanner and got skin cancer. But I do everything I can to minimize it while simultaneously keeping myself not depressed and/or suicidal (I’d much rather have skin cancer removal scars than wrist slitting scars, if it comes down to that).

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Your mom had skin cancer & you haven’t learned. Amazing. And those scars are just the tip of the iceberg. The 5 year survival rate is very grim. I work with the people who cut off the tips of people’s fingers, remove dozens of lymph nodes, cut huge chunks of flesh out of necks and faces and remove toes. So fuck tanning beds. Yes, I am judging you. 

My father was a smoker for 53 years. He quit 3 years ago using a lamp and his mood changed dramatically during that time. Just saying, they can work. 

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@missashley884:  no, but 84% of people with lung cancer are smokers..


Why would you say being cautious is not knowing the real facts??  UV exposure is proven to cause skin damage.  We obviously cannot avoid it, and we obviously wouldnt be able to trace the exact moment of UV exposure that causes cancer.  I think the point people are making is that if we know UV exposure can cause cancer, and tanning beds have high UV exposure, they dont want to take the preventable risk. 

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun causes damage to DNA by direct absorption and can cause skin cell death. UV also causes production of reactive oxygen species that may interact with DNA to indirectly cause oxidative DNA damage. UV increases accumulation of p53 in skin cells, which upregulates repair genes but promotes death of irreparably damaged cells. 

In cases of seasonal depression, some doctors determine tanning booths benefit outweighs long term risk, and is determined by individual factors

Basically each person may personally determine if they think the benefit outweighs the risk.

I dont think its fair to say people are overreacting when they say tanning is bad for you.  The “real facts” are out there


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@alikat2014:  fine you want to pick apart studies. Go look at all the links and stories people have posted on here about the people who have died from that .47% chance.

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No one is denying that people die from skin cancer. What people are saying is yes there is a risk of developing skin cancer if you tan indoors, there is also a chance if you have multiple moles or if your fair skined. 

Is there a “grim” chance you will survive melanoma? Of course! but the chance of getting that type of cancer is also very low.

Everyone keeps saying there is medication for this and that… These medicatons include steriods and biologicasl. These medications are used for many different things one being skin disorders. For a patient taking these there is a 46% chance that they will developing some form of cancer. So these patients are diagnosed with crohns disease, arthritis, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, lupus, ASTHMA and allergies.

Ok, so my point is… people are saying that a dr that recommends tanning is an idiot or a moron. I see tanning prescribed every other month, I would even go as far as saying one patient a month.  I also see DOCTORS in general (there are 7 in the practice I work for) prescribe medicaton these steriods and biological medications multiple times a day, hundreds of times a month that give the patient alomst a 50/50 chance of developing cancer…

oh those poor poor people who are ordered to tan and have a 1% chance of cancer, what a horrible horrible prescription! 

FYI: I am neither pro or anti tanning, Honestly in my everyday life I don’t think about tannign and could really careless if someone is pale or tan. I think it’s the persons choice. I will never try to convince any one to tan or not tan. I have my personal opinions on everything including medications and immunizations. Patients ask me all of the time what I would do and I have to tell them I am the wrong person to ask (because I personally won’t do either). I tell them to pros and cons and leave it up to them. I am just pointing out to people that if you tan you are not necessarily going to develope cancer and die on the spot. I am not saying cancer isn’t horribele.. I am not saying people don’t die from cancer. I am educating people on the truth. I understand a lot of you are anit-tanning and either can’t or choose not to comprehend the actual break down of these studies. 

I grew up with a mother who made me look up everything. When I was little and asked what a word meant, she would sit next to me with a dictionary and have me look it up. I was then told to use it as often as I could that day. I think I was the only 5 year old walking around telling people that their arguments were trivial. So tend to read into things instead of taking them at face value 


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I prefer tanning beds, I find its a great way to get rid of stress, all by myself, for 20 minutes.

I used to tan about 3 times a week, 20 minute intervals [and I prefer tan lines, so it was always in my panties & with flip flops!

I used tan accelerator, it makes your skin HOT though, but you tan so much faster.

I haven’t tanned in a long time, though, and will take it up again about 6 months before my wedding. .

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I can see this is a touchy subject for people! From personal experience, I have done both though I do not use tanning beds anymore (but fake tanners and spray ons work for me). YES, tanning beds can be bad for you. BUT if you really can’t find a fake tan that you like and are willing to take the risk, then go for it (but only long enough to get a good color for the wedding).

My advice would be to find a great spa that uses quality spray/airbrush tanners (test it out a while before the wedding) then do it about 3 days before the wedding. Exfoliate well before or pay extra for the spa to exfoliate you (some places have this option). That will be long enough for the excess to wash away in the shower (to avoid staining your dress & get rid of any streakiness) while keeping a good color. GOOD spray tans work well. Cheap ones may be a problem.

If you decide to do a tanning bed just be sure to start off slow and gradually increase the time and do it a month-1.5 months before (if you don’t burn easily, otherwise increase this time), but be sure to moisturize so you don’t peel and don’t tan if a part of you gets burned. Use aloe vera all over to prevent/treat minor sunburns and moisturizer to keep skin hydrated. If you get to the tan/color you like faster than expected then only go 2xs a week or so to maintain it until the big day. 

Just do your research and weigh your options. Some people are against tanning beds/real tannings because of skin cancer risk, while others obviously disagree or don’t care/worry about it. But there are also some people advocate against fake tans because of the chemicals in them. Everyone has a different opinion, so read the facts and decide for yourself! Good luck!

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I have done every kind of tanning.  Here’s a before for reference:

-Bed: Works the best, wear goggles and buy some lotion (it’s $20 off Amazon and $120 in stores!) I am always second from the lightest color in makeup and it makes a big difference.  My regime: 10 minutes (in low/med bed,) 3-4 times a week for 2 weeks and I am usually wear a I want to be.  I have never burned or had any issues.

Cost: $25/monthly fee

Time: 10-20 minutes at most

Lasts: Fades away rather than peels, 2 weeks+

-Lotions: The Jergan’s stuff for me takes forever to work; rub on after a shower and although it looks natural- it takes a few weeks to see a difference.  I have also used the Clinque self-taner and another brand of lotion/tanner with little success.  I find it takes more time and since I can’t reach my back it looks streaky.

Cost: $7-25/bottle

Time: 5-10 minutes

Lasts: Starts to come off in blotches or peels 1-2 weeks

Spray Tan (machine/booth): I liked this method a lot and have done “Mystic tanning” before with success.   There are 2 kinds of machines; eiher your turn twice or three times.  My thighs touch and I am on the curvy/chubby side so the better one was the 3 turn one.  Turning twice left me with weird looking white inner thights.

Cost: $30-40/each tan

Time: 10 minutes

Lasts: Comes off in blotches lasts 1 week

Spray Tan (individual): So yes you stand almost naked while someone with a spray machine coats you.  It dries fast and looked great

Cost: Normally $40, had Groupon for either $20 or $25

Time: 10-15 minutes

Lasts: Comes off a little blotchy but more gradual than the booth tan

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@mamadingdong:  Thank you for the link you posted. I use sunbeds (tanning beds) usually before a big night out a few times a week and for a month or 2 before I go on holiday because I dont want to look white on the beach. Seeing Chelsea’s blog is a wake up call to me. I said to my OH I’m not going to use a sunbed again and he said he loves my natural skintone and doesn’t know why I do anyway.

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