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Sugar bee

It hurts but it isn’t an unbearable type of pain – more of a steady burning. You don’t feel like hey I’m getting a continuous stream of immunization shots or iv needles. After about 10 minutes, you tune out on the pain. The area you chose isn’t a very sensitive spot and I think you will be just fine. You may want to try it out with just a very very small something in a place that isn’t easily noticed.

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I have small tattoos on my arms and honestly it was more painful holding my arm in a certain position than actually getting the tattoo.  I think it might also help that tattoo guns don’t really look like needles, more like giant pens.

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hudderslad86:  I have one on my lower outer right arm. It hurt, I won’t lie… But it didn’t hurt as much as other spots (I have a small one on my ribs, and my ring finger). But yes, it’s a tattoo so it hurts… But how much depends on your pain tolerance. My husband has a full lower arm sleeve, and he said some parts were just more slightly uncomfortable, than painful (like the area you’re interested in) and other parts were so painful he was shaking (like in the inner elbow).

Depending on the size you want it, it doesn’t take that long. For example, Mine is 7 words, and runs from 2 inches from my elbow to 2 inches to the wrist (so a 2 inch buffer on each side), and The letters are probably 1/2 inch to 3/4 of an inch high. So its not a huge tattoo by any means… But it took about 15-20 minutes To do. because of the location and size of my tattoo I got to rest my arm pretty comfortably for that time frame. 

As far as your fear of needles goes, I think it depends on the level of your fear. If I was as afraid of needles as I am of spiders, I would never get anything tattoo’d or pierced. But if you think you can handle sitting for the tattoo, then go for it! 

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Those who say it doesn’t hurt are lying.  Plain and simple it DOES hurt.  But, it’s not an unbearable pain and it doesn’t last forever.  As soon as they’re done, so is the pain, the healing process feels similar to a bad sunburn. 

Some areas are more painful than others, for example places with thin skin like the inside underside of your arm, ribcage, tops of your feet, hands and wrists are all more painful than thicker and more fatty areas like the outside of your bicep, or legs.  In general, areas with a little fat on them are less painfull, and areas that go over nerves or bone are moreso.  

The most discomfort I’ve experienced is my rib cage and on top of my spine. 

For reference, I have most of my back tattooed, along with 3 on my feet. 


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juliette.eliza:  most of mine didn’t hurt at all (I have 6)  Four of them I couldn’t feel at all. No lie. Everyone is different. My friend cried when she had her ribs done and I didn’t feel it at all.  

op, everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I would say it feels like a cat scratching with a burning sensation. Nothing horrible. 

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I have one on my hip bone, which is meant to be one of sore spots for tattoos. I’d say it felt more like a scratching sensation, which was irritating rather than constant pain.

If you go for it – let us know how you get on.

Good luck!

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If you’re just getting a name, and it’s not huge, it probably won’t take more than 10 minutes.  I have a small foot tattoo (a little larger than 1 inch by 1 inch with kind of a lot of black) and it took less than 10.

It will hurt, but it won’t last forever.  And yeah, the “needles” look like pens.

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Additional point: the gauges of the needles aren’t likely to be the same. When I get a line in my arm to give blood, its a signifigantly different sized needle than when I go get a typical piercing or tattoo. From what i’ve seen online, tattoo guns are in the 20+ size while needles for giving blood are closer to a 16 gauge for most people. So, when you have an IV line in its a much bigger sized needle than what they’ll be using and it doesn’t even look like a needle. Plus they won’t be going down into your arm like an IV, they stick to certain layer of skin to deposit the ink into. TL:DR; its a much smaller needle going more shallow at a very quick pace. 

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Of course it hurts, it’s a tattoo. That being said, it’s not unbearable. It doesn’t look like a normal needle you would see at the doctor’s office or anything. I have tattoos on my inner and outer arms. Outer arm hurt less than the inner arm, but the itching was 10x worse on the outer arm. That’s truly what stops me from getting more tattoos: the unbearable itching! When it’s healing, the itching is totally normal, but I can’t stand it. I remember when the tattoo on my outer arm was healing and itching so intensely, I was just laying in bed tearing up because I couldn’t scratch it.

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Girl… you gave BIRTH to a BABY. A tattoo ain’t no thang.

(I’m making assumptions here. But the point is that I think you’ll be absolutely fine.)

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I have a tattoo an inch from my wrist joint and I’m actually going to get it redone next week! (changing the design/making it bigger).

I don’t know how else to describe it than say it feels like a needle going into your skin. Actually I remember saying it was like a long/drawn-out cat scratch. The closer it got to my wrist joint the more it hurt. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. If you do it higher up in the meatier part of your forearem, it probably will hurt even less. 

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I have a small tattoo and it didnt hurt at all. Just a name will be fine… if you said you wanted a mural on your entire back, that would be a different story. You’re freaking yourself out over nothing.

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