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Some replies in this thread make me so sad. It’s your body, your choice. And for something like a memorial tattoo, it’s really gross that the people who should be supporting you the most are the ones most critical and frankly cruel about it. I think the tattoo is awesome. Even if they don’t like it, your husband and family should at least respect it and your choice to get it where you want. I have my own memorial tattoo that’s pretty large and prominent… my wife and family didn’t get an input. I got it for me and my healing, they respected that. I hope everything is okay between you two now.

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I’ve got ten tattoos. Each represent a significant life event. Most of them aren’t visible and can be easily hidden, but I have one on my shoulder that’s slightly visible. My fiancé isn’t tattooed and loves my body art. His grandma makes snide comments about the tattoos whenever we’re at family functions. She said they were trashy, and that she didn’t understand why people would get something permanent done. My fiancé said to her that  a person with class knows to ignore someone when that person is being less than gracious. He also said, well, you should be thankful that you weren’t the one who chose those amazing designs. I was relieved. I’ve gotten tattoo hate from my family but I learned to ignore it and do me. I plan on only getting one more, and I’ve discussed placement as well as the design. 


I think your husband’s comment was extremely insensitive. Would he rather have a well done tattoo that can be hidden with a tee shirt OR would he rather the tattoo get stretched when you decide to have children? I feel like the first option is more ideal. It doesn’t matter, but did you discuss the design with him prior to getting it? I ask because if he approved the design, how can he turn around and call it white trash?  It makes no sense to me. Plus it’s just mean because he knew how excited you were, and how important it was to you. When you came home to proudly show it off, he literally shat all over that moment for you. He could’ve bit his tongue and just supported you. The tattoo will grow on him, and he’ll get over it.


I think its a lovely gesture to remember your adorable and perfect pup! I love your tattoo and I think that your parents opinions about tattoos are outdated. Plenty of professionals have tattoos. I’m excited to be the most tatted up body modified generation in the nursing home. Try your best not to let their opinions affect you. You did this for you, and as a way to commemorate your fur child, and that’s beautiful. Fuck what they say, and wear that piece proudly! 


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I’m firmly in the camp of “your body, your choice”. I have several tattoos, including two on my wrists which can’t be covered up. After reading this, I asked my husband how he’d feel if I got more tattoos, and would he want me to discuss them with him. He laughed and said it was my body, why would I need his approval.

When I get more, I’ll certainly tell him what I’m planning, but that’ll be it. He has no tattoos and no plans to get any, but if he did want them that would be his choice. I wouldn’t care where they were, or what they were provided they weren’t offensive.

We’re not particularly young either, I’m 34 and he’s 48.

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