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@Pinksapphire:   I dont think its appropriate to ask them to cover them with makeup. if you dont want them to show than require a shaw or bolero. You could just say that you want them to look more modest by covering their backs and shoulders…

I would be offended if a bride asked me to cover my tats with makeup

Good luck!

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Bumble bee

If It’s on her shoulder it shouldn’t be seen in front facing pictures and it can be edited out of photos if it does show. Otherwise you could hire someone to cover up everyone’s visible tattoos and just give everyone the same treatment.

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@Pinksapphire:  oh bugger. I have three visible tattoos – they are on my feet/ankle. If I was a bridesmaid I would NOT be offended if someone asked me to cover them up. They are there for me, others dont have to enjoy them and if they dont want to see my tattoos in their photos forever, its their wedding!

The only problem I foresee now that you have been truthful and told her you dont like them is she will know that you are wanting them covered up because you hate hers.

If I was bothered I would ask my Maid/Matron of Honor to cover them up, she wouldnt care less.

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I just want to put it out there I have a tattoo and I am going to be in a wedding this august! I know the groom does not like tattoos so I asked if mine needed to be covered I love my friend and if me covering up my tattoo on her wedding day is what she wanted I would do it! I am a bridesmaid because I love her not to show off my tattoos!

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I have 2 tattos a large rose on my foot and a key on my wrist but if I was asked to cover them as a bridesmaid for one day for a few hours a would not be offended. perhaps if you made peace with the flower one you could request just ones visible for front shots to be covered? Its really up to you. the worst possible thing that could happen is she could quit and then the tattoos are gone with the drama but hopefully she understands its not really about her. This also could be one of those memories you guys can laugh at years later, my moms famous story is her brother ran off early for a date the night of her wedding with her honeymoon suitcase that also had her going away shoes so in all her exit photos she is in a navy plaid suit with her white wedding pumps! (and her father had to stop by the hotel later that night to give her her suit case (talk about awkward). Good luck and keep us updated

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I’ve never really quite understood why they would get offended if asked to cover their tats to be in someone’s wedding. Then again, I don’t have any tattoos and they are very much not my thing. 2/3 of my BM’s had tattoos but they were in places that were easily hidden. If either of them had one on their back or somewhere else that would not be covered with their dress, I would have probably asked them to cover it or suggested that everyone wear a bolero or shrug. My friends would also have never been offended by that. I get that it’s their body but they’ve agreed to be in a wedding so I don’t see why there needs to be such a huge deal made out of covering up their not exactly formal wedding appropriate body art for a few hours. It seems to me like BM’s should be the ones to offer that option to the bride, not vice versa.

If the tattoos are really that bad and you don’t want them front and center on your wedding day then you are well within your rights to ask her to cover them. It’s silly that she would even be upset over it, especially considering she got them after agreeing to be in your wedding. Obviously people’s lives dont stop because they have to be a bridesmaid at some point but if there is a way to please the bride without too much hassle then it should be done.

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When I was Bridesmaid or Best Man I asked the bride if she wanted me to cover my tatt as she was having a pretty formal wedding and she said she didn’t want me to as she knew I had it and didn’t care… That said if she had said yes I would’ve covered with no issues. 

I am going to be Maid/Matron of Honor in the next 18 months and if she asked me to cover my tatt I would not be offended in the slightest as I am fully aware tatts are not everyone’s thing… But then I do know some people who prob would get offended so tread carefully.

I agree with PP thou you may have to get all girls covered so she doesn’t feel “victimised”

PS OP I love your wedding date ๐Ÿ™‚ Friday the 13th ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I asked my girls to cover up theirs – no regrets about that at all. They didn’t mind and my pictures look nice ๐Ÿ™‚

(You’ll do some weird things when you’re their Bridesmaid or Best Man, too… I once was in a wedding where all our arms were requested to be shaved, LOL)

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They’re your pictures, I think it would be pretty ridiculous for her to be offended if they were photoshopped out. I think that’s the perfect compromise.

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I just wanted to chime in and say I wouldn’t be offended if someone asked me to cover up my tattoo either! I would go ahead and ask them all to do it.

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One of my BMs has at least 7 visible tattoos (and a bunch of hidden ones), and some are huge.  She has one that goes across her entire chest and the dresses are strapless.  She has a massive one on her shin.

I don’t think she needs to cover them, but she said she might want to anyway.  If you two are good friends, the “to cover or not to cover” won’t be the thing that ends your friendship!  If you really don’t want to see it that day, just ask all your girls to cover so that it’s fair and not just hers because you don’t like it.

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@Pinksapphire:  I would like to come back and clarify something. I personally always cover my tattoos and am in the process of getting them removed so, for me, it would not be an issue. I am trying to think in the perspective of someone who is proud of their tattoos. Especially someone who JUST got them. I hope this helps. Maybe you could discuss it with your Maid/Matron of Honor and see what she thinks. Its really hard to tell what kind of personality this girl has but from what you have discribed in your post it seems she is the type that would get upset over this. I hope it works out! Its YOUR day after all ๐Ÿ˜€

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ooof. This is rough. I can’t believe your Bridesmaid or Best Man would be so “casual” about something as permanent as tattoos, especially when they are in such a visible place!

And I’m sure they’re not going to look great with her dress at your wedding, and some people will probably look at them and think, “WTF?” but that’s on her, not you. I don’t think people will judge you because of her crappy, “artistic” decisions.

Since the other BMs have tattoos that look better, I don’t think you should single her out. Maybe think of some sort of compromise — like ask them all to wear boleros or shawls or something to the ceremony so they’re covered up? Then at the reception they can take them off if they want.

Also, as far as pictures go, I’d say around 90% of them will be from the front, so you won’t even be able to see the tattoos then.

But I would try not to obsess over it. Sure, some people will notice her tats, but you and your SO will be the focus of the day, not her!

Good luck! 

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