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RedHeadKel:  if youre going to do this make sure they use Infinitink. This brand of ink is most easily removed by laser. About 17% of people get tattoo regret make sure if youre one of them you can have it removed easily.

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RedHeadKel:  I have one on my toe, and it hurt about a 2-3 on a scale of 1-10. It felt like if you rubbed a ballpoing pen hard across your skin for a few mins. Very similar sensation as that. I wouldn’t say I have a very high pain tolerance either.

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What does it feel like? I think it feels very scratchy.

Are the hands and wrists painful spots? To be perfectly honest, I think my right wrist was the most painful tattoo I have ๐Ÿ™

Do they use new needles every time? A clean, licensed shop will use new needles every time. You can ask to watch them set everything up. They should not have any problems with you watching.

Do they throw away the unusued ink (that the bloody needle) was dipped into? Same answer as above. As long as it’s a clean, licensed, reputable shop Yes!

How do you find someone that for sure has straight lines? Ask to look at portfolios. Look at Instagram and Facebook too!


These are the tattoos I have on my wrists.



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I have about 6 tattoos on me and currently working on a half sleeve. The part that hurt by far the most was my foot, it was swollen for about 4 solid days it covers almost my whole top Though. Everything else I have gotten has been pretty easy after that! The ribs also hurt a lot!! 

 I think the wrist is pretty easy I think it feels like you’re being scratched over and over. It really depends on what you’re doing though the more color and stuff the worse it starts to feel after awhile! 

 Do you have friends with tattoos? I think the best way to find someone is through someone you know. Because there is so much risk involved! 

I started with a small one and now I have a bunch they are so addicTing! I don’t regret any of mine and I think as long as it means something to you, you will never regret it! Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I’m not sure if anyone’s already said this but be careful with hand/finger tattoos. Since they are so exposed and used the tattoos tend to fade and/or blur really fast. I have a friend with a heart on the back of her hand between her thumb and index finger and it looked really cute for a few months, now it just looks like a weird mole or something. 

i think wrists are good though because they’re not as roughly used. I think they look cute too- not sure about the pain of a wrist though.

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I don’t have one on my wrist, but I do have one down the top of my spine, which is one of the most painful areas. Ive always felt I have a low pain tolerance, so I was a nervous wreck, but it honestly wasn’t bad. There were a couple times I needed to grit my teeth for a few seconds to get through, but I joked and laughed with my friend through the whole thing! my advice would be to RELAX and breath! 

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I have a fairly large and colorful Zeus owl on my upper back which was also my first. it took 3.5 hours to finish, last 30-40 min being almost unbearable – the artist then worked with white ink which usually goes deeper into the skin and I have very low pain tolerance (still, 7 piercings and a tattoo – feel the fear and do it anyway is totally my thing). during the next 3-4 days it felt like an extreme version of a fresh sunburn.

make sure to follow all the aftercare instructions your artist will give you, healing process is extremely important!

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The wrist hurts like hell.

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I have one on the bony part of my hip. I selected my artist from reading lots of online reviews and then visiting him in his shop. They use new needles every time and fresh ink as well.

My tattoo hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable. I think getting my eyebrows threaded hurts way more.ย 

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Well, I have a few and they were all totally different experiences.

1. First one was an ankle bracelet of playing card suits. It was a long time ago now, but it wasn’t too painful and healed easily as I remember. That one gets a ton of compliments still haha.

2. I got the word ‘Reach’ on my ribs in an old school banner style. It was pretty painful but over in an hour. The meaning behind it had to do with my adoption.

3. I got ‘ London Calling’ tattoed really low on my hip in script because my friend and I were in London haha. Over in twenty minutes and barely hurt.

4. I got a tiny heart tattooed in my ear. That felt like a pen drawing on me, I didn’t even feel the needles. It healed easily but will need a touch up frequently.

5. Lastly, I covered my Reach tattoo with huge purple peonies. After meeting my biological family I found the tattoo pissing me off every time I saw it. Now it’s purple flowers and it makes me smile instead. It was brutal though. Ten or so hours plus a touch up spread over three sessions, and I openly wept through the last hour of each session. Healing was equally painful since it was such a huge area of skin right on a pretty mobile part of my torso. It’s also on the side I sleep on. But after all was said and done I love it and think it was worth it. Also, it totally goes with my dress haha, the tattoo just kind of flows with the dark grey floral applique.


So what you should take from my post is that every tattoo is different! Just be ready for it to hurt and if it’s not too bad, bonus!

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I have two lines of script going down my ribs (from bra strap to hip). I imagine it’s painful on the wrist/hand because of lack of cushion. It wasn’t so bad in my “meatier” areas but on my rib bones it was very painful, not going to lie. Mine is lettering so the swirly parts felt like being stabbed with a tiny knife then dragging that knife. The rest (coloring in etc) felt like taking the tip of a tiny knife and scratching back and forth like coloring something in with a pencil.

Make sure you read reviews on the place/person that they use clean/sterile equipment.

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Oh no it’s not numbing like you’d get for dental work or anything, I think it’s just a gel. It helps a little, but you definitely can still feel it as you get it. I have script for both of mine, but phrases that have a lot of meaning to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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RedHeadKel:  I have tattoos in various places and each person may vary but I found the one on my shoulder blade to be the least painful (I almost fell asleep) and the one on my stomach/hip area to be the most.  As for finding a tattoo shop, I’d go to various places and see if they have an album to look at and talk to them about the design you would like to get, just to get a feel for the place and the people.  There’s a shop near me, seen great work from there but had a weird vibe when I was there with a friend.  Since I had that feeling, knew that wasn’t a place I’d feel comfortable.

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I have six and they’ve never numbed anything. The spray and green soap they use to clean the ink residue and blood away in between tattooing feels pretty amazing, though. It’s painful, more or less depending where you get it, but it’s always worth it in my opinion.

A reputable artist likely will not do a finger tattoo for your first one. In fact, I would go as far to say not to let someone who would tattoo you. I’ve never known a good artist who would do that. 

I don’t have a wrist tattoo, but my sister (who is apprenticing now to be an artist) does, and she didn’t think it hurt much. It was one of her first ones when she was a teenager. My side next to my breast was the most painful one, as well as my forearm. My back tattoos weren’t that bad. My most recent one on my upper shoulder was a bit painful, particularly around the collarbone.

How well it heals depends on the aftercare, Aquaphor ointment is the absolute best, don’t soak in water or be out in the sun a lot for about two weeks, and wash it gently with warm water and unscented soap, keep it uncovered as much as possible. Good luck!

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playdohpants: “coloring […] felt like taking the tip of a tiny knife and scratching back and forth like coloring something in with a pencil.” – yes! 100% accurate. two hours of that felt pretty awful ๐Ÿ˜€


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