Tattoo wedding bands. Thoughts?

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Blushing bee

kiram :  It’s funny you should post this because this weekend SO and I were talking about ring tattoos. I would love to get one, I’ve actually had an idea for one for a while  

I have a few different sets that I switch out (inherited) and I thought it would be nice to always have my special permanent ring hiding underneath whichever set I wear. 

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Busy bee
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I don’t mind the idea of something small, like a symbol or initials. I don’t think I would like the look, personally, of a partial tattoo peaking out from under my wedding set though, so I would want it to be tiny and fully hidden when I had my rings on. If someone never wanted to wear a ring that would be different of course. 

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Worker bee

No. Just no. 


(No judgment if that is what other’s like, but I personally would prefer no ring than a tattoo.)

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Bumble bee
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Not me, I have zero interest in tattoos (or the pain of getting one) but good friends of ours have tatoo-rings and they suit them and their lifestyle perfectly.

They do a lot of adventure traveling/expat living in very underdeveloped regions of the world so jewellry wasn’t really a good option for them. They designed the rings together – his has a water theme and hers a fire theme to reflect their personalities and how they balance each other in the relationship.

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Busy bee
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While I love the idea, I’ve heard that finger tattoos fade really easily because of how much we use our hands. I think it makes sense! And I’d hate having a tattoo that means so much fade or stop looking as nice more quickly than it should.

My husband and I do have matching tattoos though (“binding” symbols from a tv show we both love, as a geeky way of showing we are ‘bound’ to each other!) but his is on his arm and mine is on my wrist.

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Busy bee
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I’ve seen some that look cute, but I’d never get one. I’m not a tattoo person, so I definitely wouldn’t want my one and only tattoo to be tied to someone else. That being said, I know they fit some and their lifestyles a lot more. We’re friends with a professional football player, and his wedding ring is tattooed on since he can’t wear it at practice or games.

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Buzzing bee
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kiram :  I like tattoos (have one) but it isn’t for me. I see the appeal. My ring is always being taken off, I don’t wear it for cleaning, working out, walking, if my fingers are swollen. My wedding and engagement ring also don’t fit. But I don’t like the idea of ring tattoos. Some of it is because you don’t know what will happen. I’m not saying we will get divorced, but it does happen. If the worst happened and I was widowed but wanted to remarry, I’d feel weird removing that tattoo but also wearing a new ring over it. 

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Sugar bee
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I wouldn’t. My coworker has one and it is so faded you can’t even tell what the design is supposed to be. I have no issues with tattoos overall though. I’ve got one and Dh has 3.

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Honey bee

I’ve never seen a finger tattoo that didn’t eventually just look like faded smudged poo within a very short amount of time.  I know of several tattoo artists who won’t even do finger tattoos because they usually just end up being an ugly disappointment.

Not necessarily opposed to other tattoos.  Just not a fan of the finger.  I’d rather have nothing, not even a ring, than a finger tattoo.

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Busy bee
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I am a tattoo lover and have multiple. So does my husband (he’s still moaning that he can’t get a sleeve due to his job). We also have a couple’s tattoo (I have his heartbeat he has mine) but I’d never ever consider a ring tattoo. I do not enjoy the look of tattooed hands (or feet or faces) and ring tattoos mostly look hideous after a relatively short while. I only know one person who had it done. He’s divorced now. Tattoo is still there. Must be odd for his new girlfriend. Plus I like my bling bling 😜 

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Bumble bee
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Aside from the idea that nothing is permanent in life so I wouldn’t tattoo anything related to my spouse…… finger tattoos look terrible after a couple of years.

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Busy bee

kiram :  I know a couple of people who have them. I think they’re cool on their own, but they take away from the beauty of the wedding set, when worn over the tattoo, and if the tattoo shows through the set. 

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Helper bee

I love tattoos and have several, but I would never do a finger tattoo for several reasons (not including fears of divorce/being widowed/etc.)

The first being, as PPs have mentioned, they do not last. They fade and look awful much faster than other types of tattoos. Unless you’re committed to getting regular touch ups, you will end up with a faded half-tattoo in a few years. Not worth it. If you want to get matching tattoos, it’s better to get them somewhere that will last a lifetime.

The second being, hand tattoos cannot be covered up by normal clothing/work attire. Hands, face, and neck tattoos are what are called “jobstoppers.” Even though they can look very cute and dainty, tattoos can carry certain stigmas especially among older generations. I would not want my career to be limited by someone in a managerial or hiring role getting the wrong impression of me because of my tattoos. Although I think this is changing, and rightfully so, it’s still something that I would realistically consider.

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