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Helper bee
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I know what you mean. I have a fair few tattoos, and a lot of piercings too. When I tried on my dress, my mom (who doesn’t particularly care for the gigantic snake tattoo on my back) really took the wind out of my sails with her “oh great, everyone’s going to be looking at that stupid tattoo” comment. And the thing is, she’s probably right. It’s huge, and it stands in such stark contrast to my pretty-princess white dress that there’s a good chance people WILL stare at it.

I guess what you have to decide is … do I feel prettier knowing people are staring at my tattoo that I happen to love, or do I feel prettier wearing something over it/covering it up/doing something else so that I don’t quite get to look the way I want but I know people are looking at me and not my ink? In the end I decided I’m just gonna let it fly, because that’s how I feel best.

If your Fi isn’t a HUGE fan, and you’re getting married in a church, perhaps your idea of getting some cover for the ceremony itself isn’t a bad one. When I officiated my sister’s wedding a couple years ago, I wore a little bolero with my dress to keep the snake under wraps and I’m glad I did. After all, the ceremony’s supposed to be kinda classy, right? And a bolero can be taken off for the reception quite easily 🙂 Even a little lace one would cover the tatts enough that they’re not hanging out there for all to see, if that’s what you’re trying to avoid.

In the end, it’s all about what’s going to make you feel the prettiest! I have twelve million ear piercings and my mom suggested I take those out as well, but instead I went and bought new earrings for EVERY SINGLE HOLE that are pearls and rhinestones to match my outfit. Now the piercings will be part of the show, not a distraction from it 🙂 I even bought a pearl tongue stud, haha.

If you love your tattoos and to hell with what people think, then by all means let em fly! Or if you want to compromise and go for a more “elegant” look during the reception, bolero it up! I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful bride either way.

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Blushing bee
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I LOVE my tattoos, and it was well established before the wedding with my family that I would not be covering them regardless of who does or doesn’t like them. That said, I get that you want to make your Fiance happy, too–mine loves my tats and likes to brag mine are way more bad ass than his.  I like the suggestion of maybe covering them for church and then playing more with your options of letting them show and to what degree for the reception.  If they REALLY bother you, your makeup artist can cover them with airbrush (that’s what I usually do if asked to cover tats or heavy scarring, it works great and is very sweat proof).  If you don’t like strapless, there are still options to help minimize the visual.  

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I have a pretty big tattoo on my upper back & I will be covering it, hopefully with makeup..hiring a MUA to come to me at the hotel & she’s bringing her whole airbrush kit.

Although Fiance doesn’t mind it, I do.  Also, my parents don’t love it & his really don’t like it either but at the end of the day, I am doing what I want.

But becasue it’s your Fiance who feels strongly, it’s a little different than parents as it’s his day too. But the tat is part of you so…IDK

 In my case, the fact that a previous Boyfriend or Best Friend (now passed on) designed it doensn’t bother him at all, nor me. I just don’t think it suits me at all. But I’ve seen lots of girls rock their tattoos on  their big day.

I woyuld say listen to your head (intellect), heart (emotions, feelings) & gut (instinct) & do whatever comes closest to having all 3 match up.

Congrats & good luck!

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