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@cherryblossomlove:  Oh I love your stars!  I have some like that on my side, I’d post a modeling photo of me but it is not really appropriate.  LOL

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I just got my fifth πŸ™‚

I always knew from a little girl that I would end up with a lot of tattoos.

I find them beautiful and as an artist myself I’m really particular about what I get and who does it. I definitely do my research and take my time. As a result I love every single one and know I always will!

My first was the lotus on my back. It’s still my favourite! I got it for it’s meaning and it’s beauty. Hope my booty doesn’t offend anyone!

The second is a memorial for my Aunty Stella, I’m wearing her ring as my engagement ring right now. She adored gardening, especially roses.

My third is really simple and hidden 90% of the time by my hair. 

My fourth is a line of score from Fiance and I’s song. The band were stoked when I showed them!

And my newest addition is my Harry Potter tribute! I love HP but I also just loved the symbolism this had to me. I already have the keyhole and after some really tough times, I now have the key πŸ™‚ How’s that for cheesy! It’s on my forearm.

None will be intentionally covered up for my wedding. In fact my dress choices are based on what will accentuate them the most, especially the lotus. 

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im a tattooed bride and i plan to get more before my wedding.

majority of my bridesmaids are covered in sleeves and chest pieces. i love all their tattoos and think it adds character to our side of the bridal party.



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So, my mom wants me to cover ’em up πŸ™ Sorry for the half naked pic, I model a bit and it’s one of the only pics I have of it. The flowers on my side was my very first tat πŸ™‚ Oh and the geisha on my back and text on my wrist will be visible.

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So many beautiful tattoos and so much creativity! Rock it ladies!

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Speaking from my experience as a bridesmaid for my sister…

My sister made me wear a long sleeve satin bolero to her wedding and it was about 85 degrees outside in July. She didn’t want my tattoos to upstage her. Also because she didn’t want her fiancees family or our family to “judge me”. I’m sorry but that really really REALLY made me mad.

Brides who are so insecure to the point where you want people to cover a PART OF THEIR BODY have some serious issues.

I have sleeves, tattoos on my legs, feet, rib cage, finger…i’ve had tattoos since i was 16. It is a part of who I am regardless of what anyone else happens to think.


It is 100% unreasonable to ask people to cover their tattoos at your wedding.


As a bride I am wearing lace three quater sleeves but only because I like the vintage look. I do also like that my tattoos are not competing with the rest of me as well…but it has nothing to do with wanting to cover my tattoos for fear of judgement or anything like that.


Sorry for the rant haha.




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MY Bridesmaid or Best Man is covered in tattoos. Arms, legs, chest, hands. Covered. They are part of who she is and I would have no problem with them showing at the wedding. Unfortunately, my mother is a different story. And since my parents are paying for the wedding I didn’t feel I could fight her on this one. She said it is her one demand. She hates tattoos and while she has never met my Bridesmaid or Best Man she has seen pictures. She said she wants BM’s arms and legs covered (I was already thinking long dresses so the legs part wasn’t really a big deal). I told my mom dresses with jackets are hard to find and more expensive and she said she would pay to have jackets made to go with the dress we choose. So that’s where we are. Thankfully my Bridesmaid or Best Man is very understanding.

I am still waiting for my mother to realize that the tattoo on my left wrist is going to be showing the whole time and will be in all the ceremony pictures.

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I have 5 tattoos and 2 of mine will be showing..my back and my foot and im not covering because it’s part of me. 2 of my BMs have tattoos…One will have all 3 of hers  showing and the other will have i think 2 showing 

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I and 2 of my Bridesmaid or Best Man got last-minute, impulsive tats done in Miami (after a few beers) by one hot tattoo artist.  Mine is on my hip; the girls have theirs by the sides of their stomachs.  As far as anyone is concerned, we don’t have any πŸ˜‰

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Out of all my tattoos (13) only 2 can be seen in my wedding gown.  Tattoos are part of who I am, and they all have meaning to me.  I think my hair will cover them and if not thats Ok.  3 of my 5 Bridesmaid or Best Man have visible tattoos and I would never ask them to cover them, its part of them.  I was my friends Maid/Matron of Honor in July and a few months before the wedding she asked me to cover my back tattoos (hummingbird and the word soul in gaelic).  I was very offended, I never told her that but I was.  I had already spend several hundred dollars on her wedding and the stuff she wanted me to get at Macy’s was almost 100 and for one day I could not and would not justify it (plus I had the counter girl give my back the cover up demo and it didn’t make them  look like they disappeared it just looked like bruises on my back, my mom and aunt who I showed said it looked like I was beaten) I was with the bride when I had the demo and after I asked the price I politely said I’m sorry (I cried feeling like I was ruining her picture perfect wedding) but really at this point in time she truthfully had been acting like a bridezilla ( I do love her but her wedding didn’t bring out the best side of her) and I just didn’t want to spend that type of money for a 15 minute ceremony.  Sorry for the vent bees πŸ™‚

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