(Closed) Tattoos…do you have ’em; want ’em, wish you didn’t have ’em???

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Both SO, and I are toying with the ideas of getting tattoos–he’s always wanted one, but I’m not sure I’ll ever go down that road, lol. My BFF has tried talking me into getting one for years now, but I just can’t think of anything I really want.. other than a little ∞ symbol. I know it sounds silly, but Dear Daughter (6-years-old), and I use the term a lot “I love you, ∞!”), and she brought up the idea of getting matching ones when she’s older! LOL!

As for SO, he’s always wanted a scorpion (he’s a Scorpio), and now he’s thinking about getting an ambigram of our DD’s name.

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My dad just got into tattooing and he said he would give me one… I am waiting a bit to actually get one though… I always said I didn’t want to but I think it would be cool to get one from my dad.

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I have 4. There’s only one that I only sometimes regret. More that I wish I had given it a bit more thought beforehand, and maybe slept on it instead of going into the parlor majorly sleep deprived. I have “Cellar Door” written on my inner left wrist.

Could be worse, though: my bf at the time got one at the same time I got that one, and since I was paying for both of them he let me choose whatever I wanted for his. I ended up going with clock set to the time we walked into the place. A big, colorful clock, right on his chest. I wonder what he tells people about it. 

(Still don’t know why I chose a clock. Seemed like the right thing at the time. Also, the first question the tattoo artist asked was if I wanted a rooster or a dick. He assumed I meant “cock”)

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I have two 🙂 I love them!!! One is on my foot, and one goes all the way down my side. I purposely placed my tattoos where they wouldn’t be noticed if necessary. I forget about my side tattoo a lot actually. I wanted one on my wrist for 4 years… but probably won’t get it! It’s just too noticeable for me.

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I’ve been wanting to get an old-fashioned compass rose tattooed on my left shoulderblade for years. Unfortunately up ’til now I either didn’t have the extra money to spend on a tat, or it would have been poor timing. Not to mention my anti-tattoo mother would have freaked if it showed at the wedding, and I had to endure enough drama from her as it was, lol.

I think I’m finally going to get it this year. It has no real sentimental value or symbolism to me, I’ve just always loved compass roses. Since I was a kid I was fascinated by old world maps with “Here be Monsters” written on them, and mermaids peeking out of the oceans, and the compass rose was always my favorite part. I used to draw them obsessively on any piece of paper I happened to have handy in school. I would draw them on my hands too.

So yeah, I can’t exactly explain why I want it so much, but I figure if my desire to have it inked on me hasn’t changed after over a decade, it’s still a good choice.

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Here’s mine (ironically the same as pec1216‘s avatar!). It’s on my right shoulder-blade.


The story behind it is that:
a) The “traditional” reason for a sparrow tattoo was sailors would get them after traveling so many miles, and them another one after traveling even more miles; I got mine to symbolize my life so far and everything that’s ahead.
b) I’m scared of needles and thought getting a tatoo would be a “face your fears” type of thing to help me get over it. It didn’t help with the fear of needles, but I do want to get another tattoo, just haven’t decided what to get yet.

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I have three tattoos:

The first I got when I was 18. It’s a snitch from Harry Potter on right hipbone. I am the biggest HP fanatic you will ever meet. I want to get it touched up and get some fairydust behind with the words “Believe in Magic”. It’s a long story why I picked a snitch, but a lot of thought went into it.

I waited another five years before I got this one:

I got it in honor of my brother who was serving in Iraq at the time. He really loved i, it, and I still love it because I’m a very peace loving person. 

I just got this last one in November:

It’s the Hebrew word for “God” (Yahweh). I am a born again Christian and I love the Hebrew language. I wanted a tattoo that glorified God, so this is what I picked 🙂 I love all of my tattoos and actually have a couple more that I want.


Sorry about the huge pictures! I really need to start resizing before I upload them!

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I have 2, little hearts on my right hip bone, and “Love and Reason keep little company together” wrapped around the back of my waist.  Its from 12th Night and its my favorite quote!  I’ll probably get more.  My brothers and I are competing in a Tough Mudder and if you finish, they give you a tattoo of their logo, and we all decided that we would get it.  I’d get mine very small and just below my calf. My favorite tattoo in the world is on my SO’s back, its a oak tree with our initials and a heart “carved” into the trunk. 

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I have two tattoos and wouldn’t be sad if they washed down the drain during my next shower.    A lot has changed since I got them 10 years ago, and I wish there was an easy (and cheap) way to get rid of them.

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@MapleBecky – If you don’t mind sharing, what are the tattoos?

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I have one on the back of my right hip (which is a nice way of saying lower back: tramp stamp). It’s in a place that I really never see and actually forget about it a lot. I really love my tattoo, but I think I’m going to get another one on my foot so that I can look at it too…not just the lucky person behind me at the beach.


PS it’s 2 spirals, intertwining so it makes a perfect circle…the next one will be a pink lotus on my left foot.

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@SoonToBeeMrsD: Your snitch tattoo officially makes you the coolest person ever.

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i have one. it’s on my left hip, looowwww on my left hip=) it’s a swallow. sailors used to get them because they said the swallows would come to the ships to bring them home after their tour. i got it to remind me that no matter how far i go, or where life takes me, i’ll always find my way home again.  fuzzy pic

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