Teacher bees – Do you want to be armed?

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I find it actually pretty reassuring to see that so many of you can see that this is a terrible idea and would be strongly opposed to it. I can not get my head around how someone could think that this is the answer. I’m so sick of seeing people’s arguments “it’s not the guns fault” “I need it for protection” “They’ll just use something else” “it’s my right”

It terrifies me to think of how much could go wrong by arming teachers.

I 100% agree that there is an issue with mental health but why the hell make it so easy for people to get hold of deadly weapons. How can a man buy so many guns in one year and that just be ok? How can teenagers be allowed to buy guns? How is this logical to people?


Oh and as a UK citizen, I can hand on heart swear that I do not care in the slightest that I can’t carry a knife! What a completely weird thing to say.


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BalletParker :  As a mental health professional the psychology behind gun advocates in the USA’s thinking is scary as fuck. It is like they sit around thinking about killing or something. Ban guns and something else will take it’s place and rat poision in the food etc. 

Funny thing is I live in a country with strict gun control and none of these supposed new #1’s have been a problem. Must be the fake news media covering up all the school poisionings and such.

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This is what I think as well- UK bee here, we can’t have guns, and yet no one takes a pipe bomb into school, or stabs their entire class, or poisons the cafeteria. It just doesn’t happen.

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j_jaye :  “Ban guns and something else will take their place” is just an intellectually dishonest argument. I really wish people on the right would drop this argument. The minute someone uses this pathetic argument, the convo is basically done in my opinion because it shows that the other person has no use for logic.

Because let’s face it. If they actually believed semiautomatic rifles weren’t any more dangerous than knives or rat poison, they wouldn’t cling so desperately to their semiautomatic rifles. 

Another one of the stupidest arguments from gun lovers – and one of the most common – is that they need their guns for protection against the government. But according to these same people, guns are no more deadly than cars or knives or rat poison. So then by their own logic, they shouldn’t mind giving up their guns because as long as they have access to cars, knives, or rat poison, they’ll be just as well protected from the govt. 

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tiffanybruiser :  Girl, you are rocking this thread!!! 🙂 I am applauding everything you have said! I could give my own 2 cents on here but you did such a brilliant job at your argument that mine with pale in comparison…partially b/c i’m not that good of a writer.

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tiffanybruiser :  +1 to all you said here. Nothing more that I could add that could be explained any more thoroughly than you’ve done already.

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elderbee :  You don’t have to belittle my parent’s because they have a different beilf than you. And without giving a comprehensive list (for privacy sake), they teach courses in anatomy and physiology of a specfic area of the body. The one also worked for the public school system in the same field. They also have a private practice. So, no – they teach the “hard sciences.” The one also won numerous awards in teaching. So, before you aside to go attacking people – don’t.

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