Teacher Bees~ When is your ideal time for baby?

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We’re not trying til next summer, but I think conceiving in July through early August is the ideal time.  Depending on how many sick days you have banked and want to use before Maternity Leave starts, you can have the baby in April and not have to go back til September.  That would be ideal for me. Least ideal would be having the baby in September and having to start 3 months after the school year has started. Uch. 

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Three women at my school got pregnant in Feb and early March….so they finish the year and use Mat leave for the next….(in Canada – 1 yr off)

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My coworkers have said that the best situation is having the baby at the end of the school year.  This way you have the whole summer.

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I am not TTC yet, but when I do I’m going to try to have the baby in April or May.  That way my maternity leave will cover the end of the school year. 

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We’re due in Jan. That seems to be around the time my coworkers plan. That way, you’re on maternity leave until March/April, come back for a few weeks, and then get the whole summer off with the baby! And when you go back to work…the baby is 9 monthsish and a little older.

I had thought being due Aprilish would be great but I like the idea of coming back for a few weeks with the end in sight!

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Ideally we would like to get pregnant in July; therefore, we would have the baby in April.  That would be ideal for me because then I would go on leave, and then have the whole summer immediately after!  It would be really great if everything worked out perfectly for us!!! 

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I think it depends on the District, its policies, and your financial situtation. I’m due at the end of September and I’m pretty thrilled about the timing!

1) My district starts in August, so I’ll have 4-5 weeks to get to know the kids/families and be miserably huge before I leave.

2) I’ll use up my leave days and then go on unpaid leave, but I’ll get 3+ “freebie” weeks of time off (my district doesn’t count any non-teacher days against my leave, including all the fall holidays, Thanksgiving, and Winter breaks). My district also allows up to a year of “parental leave”, so I could conceivably take the whole year off and still have my job, although it would be unpaid. We’ve saved money for some unpaid leave but not that much!

3) I won’t be coming back to work until January, which is I think nice for the students. They’ll have nearly a full semester with a quality sub and then a full semester with me.

4) I’ll only have around 5 months (we end school in May) until I’ll be back home with the baby.

5) I have all summer to work on my maternity leave plans (which will only consist of needing roughly 1-2 weeks of specific plans that I’ll make in the fall and then a packet of general info about my routines/responsibilities in the building).

With all that said, I don’t think I’d be as jazzed about my leave if we hadn’t saved up money for extended unpaid leave (or if the district counted holiday breaks “against” me) and had to come back to school before January. If we didn’t have the funds for that I would have tried for April/May for the “free” materinity leave [although that really would leave me with equivilent/slightly less time home with the baby]

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Had 1st child at the end of August (on the first day of school that year!).  Went back to work at the beginning of October (6 weeks later).  I was fine with leaving the baby with my babysitter (my mom) but it SUCKED coming into a classroom after a sub had screwed things up.  Starting the year off in your classroom, setting the tone, etc. is crucial!  

Had 2nd child in early June (actually the last day of school that year!).  That worked out great because the year was winding down as I was becoming less agile, and I had the whole summer with the new baby (and the toddler).  Plus, baby #2 was MUCH more difficult than baby #1 during the first three months and I don’t know how I would have dealt with that had I needed to go to work after 6 weeks.  

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Any time. 


Unless you’re ridiculously lucky & super fertile, your chances of conceiving exactly when you want are pretty slim. And, as someone who’s waited a bloody long time to conceive (who is also a teacher) I would take a baby at ANY TIME. 🙂

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In an ideal world, I think it would be awesome to have a baby in late March/early April (since our last day is the end of May).  This way, I’d be able to have the baby and not have to return to school until the beginning of the year (early August).  However, I must admit that I was pretty envious of one of my teammates that had her daughter in mid-October and didn’t come back until after winter break.  I think that bonus week with my baby would be quite nice! 

For me, I’m 6 months TTC and would be absolutely thrilled if we got pregnant this month or next…although anytime is a good time for a lil one! 

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In terms of money it would be ideal to have a baby born in January.  Our school year goes Feb-Dec so I would finish teaching in December and get that paid out until the next year started as I would have worked the whole school year and the maternity leave would start after that.

Having a baby born after April would be good too.  In NZ children start school on or as close to their 5th birthday as possible so children who start after April get the whole rest of that year as year 0 and then start the next year as year 1 so get more schooling.  

I honestly don’t mind tho, and the time that my Darling Husband and I have discussed that we will start TTC is no where near the times above so honestly does not matter to us at all 🙂

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@Mrs. Jaguar:  yes. this!

i’ve been trying to get pregnant for about 8 months now (I know that’s NOTHING compared to you Jag and others!), and used to count forward and say ‘ooh if it was this month it would be perfect for these holidays”… but I’ve given up now. to think last year I was stressing about my students going into exams without me around, and trying to find someone to cover me… and now best case scenario I’ll be 5 months…

now i don’t care what it means for holidays, for students, for anyone, but our family 🙂

having said all of that, this month would be pretty good for us – i’d be super huge over the (paid) summer holidays (here in Aus), and then maternity leave, parental leave and my long-service leave would kick in for most of the year, up until the quiet bit in december.

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In an ideal world, a Spring baby would be great because you could pair your maternity leave with your summer break.  August, September and October would be challenging because you’d miss the beginning of the school year to set norms and such.  Good luck to you!

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@Mrs. Jaguar:  Ditto! Spring would be great – but I’ll make any month work!  I’m due in jan and can potentially afford to take the rest of the year off which I’m seriouslycontemplating…

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