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I’m a teacher too, and the whole time I was planning my wedding (March to July), I was SO GLAD that I had the summer off for all the little errands I had to run….and to be honest, my mom really did most of the work. It was way easier to be able to schedule all of my fittings on weekdays instead of Saturdays when everyone else in the world is running their own errands. 

I’m not religious, so I don’t understand why pre-Easter would be bad. Do they just not want it during Lent?

Is your school’s spring break before Easter? Will you be able to squeeze in a honeymoon with your personal days, or will you wait until summer break?

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I couldn’t have done everything (and stayed as relaxed as I did) during the school year. But then again, I teach a high-stakes tested subject, so I feel like I can’t do ANYTHING during the school year. 🙁

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No – I’m a teacher and I had a summer wedding 3 weeks after school finished.   Also don’t want to be a debbie downer, but there was no way I would have wanted to have my wedding and be teaching before or after.  It was pretty busy those last 3 weeks before the wedding (because I am a procrastinator by nature) and I really loved that we took off the monday after for our honeymoon.

Also, depedning on how religious his family is, you might have people at your reception not drinking/eating chocolate/etc because they gave it up for lent.

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I work for a school district as an SLP, not a classroom teacher, so I am a little more flexible, but I am having a destination wedding during the school year. It will be in May, the week before the last week of the year and I am using all of my personal days. I might even have to take one or two unpaid days. I think it is doable, especially if testing is completed for the year and you feel that you can get report cards and things like that completed while taking a week off. 

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Well, I’d like to give you some advice from the *other side*.  Now, all people are different, and I think much of this issue was this particular person.  But my vote would be to do this taking as few days off school as possible, not update your students/parents and try to work with your school to have a consistent sub for days you are gone.


My daughter’s 1st grade techer got married in the spring, and had I known what that was going to be like I would have done anything possible to get her in another class.  She had her wedding where she grew up, so she made 3 or 4 trips “back home” during the fall.  These were usually 1/2 a week off, but quite disruptive as the kids had a different sub EACH DAY.  yes, they are supposed to have a lesson plan for absences…. she didn’t.

After Christmas she left early several days and had 2 more “trips” where she was gone either Mon/Tues or Thurs/Fri – long weekends for showers, planning etc.  THEN she was gone the entire week BEFORE the wedding and then the ENTIRE WEEK after the wedding for the honeymoon.

NONE of these trips corresponded with holidays or teacher days off – they are all teaching days that she missed.  She didn’t even coordinate anything with springbreak – so a couple weeks AFTER the honeymoon she had an entire week off for spring break.

Now, the biggest problem was that she TOLD everyone what she was doing each time.  So, in addition to the time off it seemed like she was constantly focused on her wedding.  It was horrible. 

Just wanted to share that perspective.


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One tiny thing in the first grade teacher’s defense (although it doesn’t REALLY sound like she deserves it): I have had subs planned for MONTHS for workshops and then the morning they are supposed to show up, they just don’t! This was a ridiculous problem at my campus last year. And sometimes when the office calls in a random sub, they don’t follow your plans at all. I usually spend a couple of hours when I know I’m going to be out, making the plans easy to follow and understand, and the sub decides to let the kids freaking text each other during 5th period. Ugh. Sorry.

We’ve had a few teachers get married during the school year at my school, and you can tell that they really lost focus on the kids immediately before they took off for the wedding. 

On a personal level, I wanted to be able to enjoy all my festivities and not worry about testing or grading or parents either right before I left or  as soon as I got back to school. I also wanted the freedom to take an anniversary trip every year if we want without having to worry about the school calendar. 

Plus, can I get an amen for not having to change my name in the middle of the year?! I can’t change my outgoing email name at work without copies of my new SS card and license. 

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I only skimmed the other posts, but I’m not sure a Catholic Church will even marry you during lent? I’m Orthodox, and we aren’t even allowed to schedule a wedding during any parts of our lenten season. So before Easter definitely would have been out. Not sure if the Catholic Church is the same way.

Looks like Easter in 2014 is April 20th…so you could still do a Spring wedding…just do it after that date. If you do it later in May, you might be able to be close enough to the end of the school year that you could postpone your honeymoon for a month until you’re out of school…

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  • Wedding: July 2012

Getting married in the summer was the right choice for me.  I could write my thank you notes, have my showers, go on a honeymoon without taking any days off work, change my name, and set up our new house.  I didn’t have to worry about what my students were missing not having me at school or how much work I had to do when I returned.  Only you can decide what is right for you, but I wanted to hold on to my personal days and be as stress-free as possible.

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I’m a teacher, and will be getting married the last weekend in September of 2013.  I have to say that I will be extremely organized with school, first, and the wedding, second.  I will only be taking two days off, at the most.  Possibly the Thurs and Friday before OR the Friday before and Monday after.   I ALWAYS have sub plans, and if subs don’t show up, my staff is amazing and always covers each other.

I basically will have the entire summer to do “all the little things” so I don’t need to worry about them in September.  I am also lucky because my parents are retired and they offered to come up a few weeks ahead of time so they can take over the “little things” in the beginning of September so I can focus on my job.  My honeymoon will be planned around planned breaks of the school as to not disrupt my life, my students’ lives, and being able to be stress free while I’m gone.

Another little tidbit, I am also going to school full-time for myself. You need to be organized, uses your time management skills, and ask for help. (Not all teachers are like the 1st grade teacher).

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  • Wedding: August 2013

Fiance and I are both teachers and while our contracts allow 7 calendar days off for a wedding, we’re just getting married in August and saving ourselves the stress… It might be worth it to you to do the same.

After all, that way you can take a vacation for your anniversaries!

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Plenty of other professions have people that rely on them, work that piles up if they aren’t there, and limited days off. If you want to get married in the spring – go for it! Of course it is NICE to have lots of time off around your wedding, but you don’t need it. Most people don’t have it.

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