(Closed) Teachers, I have Wedding Date Question. Advice needed.

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I wouldn’t worry so much about this.  You are allowed “personal days.”  What is more valid than your wedding? 🙂

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Honey bee

Before you sign the contract, make sure that you will be allowed those days off. Every school board is different in regards to what sort of leave they offer. The first board I worked for had lots of different options, including the option to take unpaid leave if necessary. The one I work for now does NOT allow any unpaid leave, and besides sick/emergency days, I only get one day of discretionary leave.

I actually ran into some trouble with this last year- I was subbing in the beginning of the year, and had a vacation booked in the spring with plane tickets, hotels and hockey tickets purchased. I then got a contract the week before, and even though my boss knew about the trip well in advance, I suddenly was unable to go because they would not give me the time off. (I did manage to scramble, change tickets and use my one day of leave, but I had to cut my trip short and pay an extra $500). 

So, make sure you know exactly what you’re entitled to before you sign anything. 

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danaree:  your administration will understand that you planned your wedding before you had the commitment of a position, and at the time, June 6th worked best for your schedules. I’m sure you have sick days/personal days, so they’ll allow you the few days before or after to prepare I’m sure. I’m sue they will be understanding and accommodating! I’d maybe hold off on a honeymoon until there’s a break in the school schedule if you don’t want to ask your admin for too many days off.

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danaree:  Don’t worry about it too much. Near then end of the year is a good time to take some time off. Just make sure it’s after the annual testing season. Even if your grade isn’t in the testing cycle, you will be needed to relieve other teachers during your planning period.

Also, don’t make it too close to the end of the year because you will need to clean up and close out your classroom. 

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Is there a way that you can see your district’s academic calendar? If there is testing/finals or any other sort of mandatory teacher work days, their hands may be tied.

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The district that I worked for last year became very strict about people taking more days than they had and began disciplining those that tried to take days without pay. In my last district, I had 10 sick days and only 3 personal days that had to be preapproved and signed off by the principal. my new district is similar: 15 sick days, 3 personal days, and I’ve already been warned that the board will discipline if a teacher tries to exceed his/her days. They also don’t let you use personal days and sick days together. And sick days can only be used just for that.

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Haha I am a supply teacher (not eligible for contract yet) and my husband will be starting residency next July as well 🙂 I would be honest from the start. Maybe speak to others in your board.

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I just signed a contract myself a few days ago…  But, I did tell my contact person a long time ago I had a flight scheduled.  And I also told my contact person that I’d be happy to schedule the flight on the weekend if they provided me with the contract soon enough for me to consider the dates affected.  Well, the hiring process took forever.  So, I did have to buy the airline ticket about a month ago and can’t change it now.  The way I look at it is that it is a job and I would be willing to change my flight dates even though the airline will stick it to me for the date change.  But, my company said it was cool.  They were happy I was upfront with the flight dates from the beginning.  But, my company also asked me if I had any plans they needed to know about in the next 6 months.  When they asked is when I told them.  I don’t know if this helps you out or not.  But, this is my situation.

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Your district should have a calendar online for the school year by now.

If you live in a northern state, take into account possibly snow make-up days.

If your wedding conflicts, you should ask before you sign the contract.  June 6 is often that awkward weekend where half the schools just finished, and the other half are preparing for exam week, at least in my area.  It is highly forwned upon to miss exam week except in dire situations.

But policy varies district by district.  (There’s one school that gets out a week before Memorial Day.)

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danaree:  There are two dates so that isn’t horrible. I would tell them about the wedding date. Clearly you are gonig to need that off and just be up front with them and explain that you didnt know you were getting a job.

As for the graduation, as someone else said you can take a personal day. However, if there is testing then I dont know what your district will do and they might not be happy with you. If its just another school day, well then I dont really see the problem.

Be careful though, you don’t want to blow through all your sick time and personal time in one year. That speaks volumes, and not in good ways.

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dayl20:  My district sounds like yours.  They’re becoming much more strict on personal days.

I would definitely mention your wedding before you sign.

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I suggest you tell them before signing the contract, especially if they’re absolutely non-negotiable to you. They might be able to work something out with you. It might also look bad if they realize you’ve known for so long and didn’t disclose it. 

My district gives 10 sick days, 10 personal necessity days w/ approval needed and 10 personal days without prior approval. But other than that, they’re pretty strict about it. Sick days are just for sick days. And generally you can’t take unpaid days UNLESS you were sick and you’ve used up all of your sick days — and in that case you’d need a doctor’s note that you were. But sick leave carries over year to year so it’s usually not a problem. However when I started working for them, I was going to get married in 2 months and needed at least 2 wks because I had to fly overseas. I asked to speak to the people who would approve such a leave when I came in to sign the contract and I guess they wanted me enough so they approved it. It all had to be unpaid though because we weren’t allowed to use any paid days off, even sick leave, during the probationary period (6 months).


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