(Closed) Teachers: What is your favorite moment in the classroom this week?

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I’m a speech pathologist in a school and one of my students who has very unintelligible speech came up to me today and said, ” I got an Easssssster bunny ring”.. We have been working on all of his fricative sounds for MONTHS and he said a great /s/ in conversation today!! (all month he has been calling the holiday Ea-ter)

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Aw, love this thread! One of my kiddos who used to scream/throw himself on the ground when it was time for PE earned a sticker from the PE coach for sitting and listening so nicely. I almost cried.

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I covered a Pre-K group for a teacher for a few minutes this week and they were working with these colored blocks that click together. One of the kids told me he was going to sing a song to help him remember the pattern he was making, and started singing “black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.” I had to laugh–it was really cute!

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I recently changed jobs and began working in a 3-year-old preschool class. For the last few weeks I have been missing my old class, but one of my students turned to me during snack and said “Miss Jamie…” I automatically assumed a tattle-tale was coming, since that happens quite often in a 3’s class. Instead, when I asked “What’s up?” he responded with “I love you!” That is just one of those rewarding moments in teaching that get you through your week. 

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Fun Post!!!!!

I teach first grade in FL.  Today was week one of our standardized testing (ugh!).  I over heard some little kiddos talking about the F word!  After listening a little closer I come to find out the F word was indeed FCAT!  LOL… I love how innocent they are right now πŸ™‚ 

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I teach at the college level. I had a student make an appointment to meet with me in office hours – I thought to complain about a grade he got on a paper.  Instead, he said that he understood why he got he grade he did, appreciated the criticism, wanted to talk about how he could do better the next time, and spontaneously started talking about how much he loves that this class isn’t an easy A, and that he feels like he’s learning a ton every week.


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I teach college too.  Today is the first “work from home” day that I’ve had since the whole wedding saga began, and the first one that I’ve had since the wedding/honeymoon (which I returned from on Sunday night.  The highlight of my week has been looking forward to this day to catch up and goof off some too without the pressure of a thousand deadlines closing in.

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I just love everyone’s stories!  YAY for fabulous educators and for the awesome students we strive to teach and reach socially/emotionally!  Smile

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist that works with elementary students.  I have been working with a 3rd grade student for a couple of weeks on his /r/ sound.  He came into my room on Wednesday and asked if I could help him say his character’s name for Immigration Day.  “Oliver” is a tough word for many kids to say because of the vowel-influence at the end (-er).  But, amazingly, he was able to say it within a few attempts with a special strategy I recently learned.  I was soooooo excited for him, I said, “If I could do a cartwheel I would!” and he quickly replied, “What about a somersault?” with a perfect -er- sound in the middle of the word! I got up out of my chair and attempted one!  It was definitely a sight to see!  lol Wink

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This didn’t happen today, it was actually a few years ago but I will never forget! I was helping out in a Kindergarten classroom and one of the little boys in there told me, “you are the dreams of my woman”. LOL it was so cute I could hardly keep my laughter in! If only grown men could be that sweet Wink

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@melisslp: Do share your strategy! I’m wrapping up my last semester of grad school for speech pathology & have been doing my full time school placement all semester… and can I just say I hate teaching /r/ with a passion? Haha, it frustrates me so much! I’d love to hear this new strategy of yours.. anything to help with /r/! πŸ™‚

My most exciting moments of the week:

*Kindergartener with serious language delays.. we have been working on categories for a little while.  The latest one we were working on was vehicles, and for 2 weeks she kept calling things unicycles.  On Tuesday I pulled out a car, bus, and truck & before I could finish saying “These are all….” she blurted out “VEHICLES!” with a HUGE grin on her face.  The one we were working on before that was “school supplies” (or school pupplies, as she said it :)) and she did the same thing.. I told her I wanted her to really try really hard to remember it for next session, and she came in & was just beaming when I asked her about paper, scissors, pencils, etc… & she knew what category they belonged to!

*Nonverbal very low functioning kid with Autism at the middle school.. verbalized “no” and “more” (well, more like nuh and muh) paired with signs this week! We have also been working on putting 2 pics together on his voice output device, and he’s needed max cues every session to do “more + object icon”.. This week, after only a verbal cue (i.e. I said “Do you want more?” and he pushed “ball + more”… I was THRILLED!!

I have a few funnies of the week:

*a 1st grader telling us about his 2yr old sis: “I tried to teach her how to play games but she keeps CHEATING! I keep telling her you can’t DO that but she won’t LISTEN to me! πŸ™‚

*a 4th grader with a cognitive disability.. “I can’t give this ring to a girl, so I’ll give it to my mom. You never give a ring to a girl bc it’ll mean you’re getting married. It’s not good when you’re my size bc you might have a baby. That’s not good.”

*preschooler 1: “Why is it going to rain?” preschooler 2: “Because God wants us to get soaking wet!!”

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I teach at the college level, and my students have been working on a role-playing exercise in groups about the groundwater contamination issues associated with hydraulic fracturing.  On Tuesday I polled the class to see which groups “allowed” fracking and which did not allow it.  After seeing the results (~50-50 split), many students were like “What the f–?  How could you allow/disallow it?!?”  It was nice to see these non-majors getting “fired up” about the subject!  Yay they are learning!

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@MM423: That made me LMAO for real!LOL

I teach Pre-K. Mine was when a student was running to me to give me a hug. I told her to stop (I’m pregnant) and another student said “Don’t do that! She has a baby in her belly!” (She’s really protective of me lately. πŸ™‚

Oh, one student, T, said D was staring at her. I told her he was just looking in her direction. She said “Yeah, the wrong direction!” LOL

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I’m a speech-language pathologist too, so I can definitely appreciate the carryover of his correct sound usage into his conversational speech! It’s these little things that make you happy!

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I teach year ones and absolutely love going to work each day.

It has been a really wet week so a lot of inside play at morning tea and lunchtime.  My kids were constantly jumping out from behind their tables when I came back from the staff room after lunch and shouting “surprise” it took me a week to figure out that one day I told them I would like a lovely surprise when I get back and have a nice clean class.

I had to explain to them that the surprise I meant was a clean class but I told them I loved their surprises πŸ™‚  I love how they take everything so literally at this age (5 and 6)

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