(Closed) Team Green question (I'm not pregnant, just curious!)

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FoolsintheRain: agree.  people say that to me all the time.  they are like, i’m such a planner, i need to know.

our nursery theme is primary colors and it would be this way for boy or girl.  so i buy a couple of layette basics to get me through the first week or 2, then i can all the clothes i want for whatever we have.

i am 29w so soon enough we will know what the baby is going to be.

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We are almost 30 weeks pregnant, and team green.  As far as ultrasounds, it’s really not that easy to figure it out.  I have to have regular ultrasounds due to some potential problems.  The tech lets us know when she’s looking down there and we close our eyes or turn away.  I’ve had four ultrasounds so far, three being when I was 20 weeks pregnant or more, and we are still in the clear. 

As far as planning, I have most of my nursery done.  So I never got the whole “I could never do that, I am such a planner’ response you will get so frequently when you tell people that you are waiting to find out.  Everything is very gender neutral, which I prefer.  The items will be useful for all future children, girl or boy.  Also, my child will have it’s whole life to be gender stereotyped.  And even when it’s still in my womb I already feel the pressure some people put on s/he to be gender stereotyped.  I can give this child 9 months without that, and that’s a powerful thing.  

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Following this for the responses, but I just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on the ‘I need to plan’ comments…I don’t understand that at all. But I’m glad that the majority of actual team greeners is that it is pretty do-able. 

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It is absolutely possible to be team green. Even looking at US scans, I can never tell, but if you tell your Dr. and the tech that you don’t want to know, they won’t give you pictures that give anything away. And there are plenty of gender-neutral themes for nurseries, too. Just keep in mind that, typically, after a baby is born people tend to assume that a baby in yellow is a girl and a baby in green is a boy. In that regard, you just can’t win.

However, I have to say that with all three of my pregnancies, both Darling Husband and I had VERY strong feelings about the sex of the baby. We both always thought the same, and we were both correct all three times. Not much you can do or be surprised about when you already know!

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25 weeks & a proud Team Green dropout 🙂 Mr. Boa was never 100% on board with being TG, so when he made a good argument for finding out at our anatomy scan I gave in on the condition that we keep it a secret. We found out 5 weeks ago and haven’t told a soul! By 20 weeks, everyone had already asked if it was a Boy or Girl, so we don’t get asked anymore (and the rare occasions I do get asked my answer is “It’ll be a surprise”- so not a straight lie) 

Nothing really changed for me when I found out but my husband feels much more bonded with the baby and loves calling it’s name. Clothing we’ve bought has all been gender neutral and nursery was already planned/halfway when we found out. 

Rrecently, we’ve been considering surprising our families with a gender reveal at our SKYPE baby shower (our families are in PR and we are in OH) 

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howdoyoudo:  oh goodness. The “how can you do that, MrsEvergreen!? You’re such a planner!” comments are never ending. Uh, how would knowing the baby’s sex make anything easier to plan for? The nursery is gray, white and yellow. All the swings, car seats, pack n plays, etc that we’ve picked out are neutral. We’re still getting neutral clothing gifted to us here and there. And we have a boy name and a girl name picked out. There.  Everythings planned, but we get to be surprised at birth.  And really hoping that people will gift off the registry (the stuff we actually NEED) instead of gifting tons of outfits.

I’m 22 weeks with Baby #1 and the tech asked if I wanted to know sex at the anatomy scan before we had even started so she was great about turning the monitor away when she was in that general region. And I’ve seen the radiology report and the sex is not listed so I doubt my midwife could let anything slip. 


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We are 23 weeks into our first pregnancy and are team green!! It is super easy to avoid finding out the gender..we have told our OB upfront that we don’t want to know. Working in the medical field, I can pretty much look at an ultrasound and tell. None of our ultrasounds reveal anything and the tech had us cover our eyes when she checked the anatomy. 17 weeks until we know!!

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We were team green with both our daughters! No regrets! So few surprises in life, we really wanted to find out, ” in the moment!” I totally thought my second was a boy and it was a shock when she was born!!! Like PP mentioned, we just told our ultrasound tech and Doctor, we didn’t want to find out, and I certainly couldn’t tell anything from looking the ultrasound picture! 

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howdoyoudo:  Yes, it’s very realistic. We were team green-ish (I wanted to wait for the birth; Darling Husband didn’t; we compromised by cutting a gender-reveal cake at the baby shower), and in my case, I never really had to explain to my OB or anyone on his staff that I didn’t want to know; they all very consciously referred to the baby as “baby” (no pronouns). Sometimes they would ask, and then they would nod and continue. If you’re worried, you can always remind the staff and your OB that you don’t want to know. They will also ask you at the body scan whether you want to find out the sex, and they will even write it down on a slip of paper for you to open later if you want to find out in private. So yes, very doable. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no possiblity of human error and someone slipping up, but on the whole, very doable!


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I opted to find out, but even looking at the US picture with an arrow pointing and a caption saying “It’s a girl!” it’s not really obvious what you are looking at- with a 2D US at least. I did notice when the nurse was confirming my allergies there was a little tab on the top of the computer charting that had my OB’s name, my flu and DTap vaccination status and the fact that I am carrying a female fetus. I don’t know if every charting system has this or not, but if you are determined to keep sex a secret don’t peek at your chart!

As far as gifts for baby, I declined a shower, and 90% of the gifts people have bought independently have been clothes. This is just my personal preference, but I’d rather people buy what they wanted for my child, than feeling obligated to pick something off the registry- and it seems like people enjoy buying little outfits for babies. FWIW, I bought items in a color blind fashion- I got a newborn sleeper that is blue striped and says “Mommy’s handsome prince” on it- she’ll never know or care 🙂

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I’m 31 weeks pregnant and proud to be team green. Everytime I go in for a check up I remind them I don’t want to know just to be sure. They checked everything and I didn’t even have to look away, I just don’t see it. But every u/s pic I got, they made sure the privates weren’t visible. As for clothes and nursery, gender neutral is so beautiful, serene and calm, I wouldn’t change anything even if I knew. And not knowing keeps me from going overboard with all the cute gender specific outfits. 

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We were Team Green the first pregnancy. We told the ultrasound tech ahead of time that we were not finding out the sex, so when the time came to look in that area she had us close our eyes. She also didn’t print any pictures that would possibly give it away. It was really hard to do, especially right around the time of the anatomy scan. I’m so glad we did it though. Finding out that we had a daughter after a long painful birth was worth the wait. This time I wanted to find out so I could mentally prepare myself for the possibility of having 2 girls and maybe considering having a third child if that was the case. We’re having a boy in March though and couldn’t be happier. It’s been fun both knowing and not knowing.

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ajillity81:  I had a few friends who weren’t necessarily team green, but who also had uncooperative babies in the sense that they kept their genders a secret from the midwives, doctors and techs throughout 😀

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We were team green with Dear Daughter, who is now 18 months old. At the shower, people got us stuff from the registry (that was all gender neutral!). It was great! Then when Dd was born and people came to visit, they all brought cute girly clothes. 

Plus, if you are planning to have more than one child, you want the big stuff (stroller, car seat, pack n play, swing, etc) to be neutral so you can use it again. I’m 16 weeks along and we are having a boy this time so it’s great that everything is already neutral. 

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